Evening Primrose Oil In Pregnancy And For Fertility

First of all, it is necessary to specify that evening primrose oil and that its properties are beneficial for a number of aspects that are related to the body of human beings, and it is that among them I want to mention that it helps to effectively control acne, and any kind of stain or mark that our skin has for various reasons.

To this must be added or added that it clearly controls all the symptoms of menopause that can generate major mood swings and other problems, however, many specialists call the evening primrose plant as something specially provided for nature for the continuous and constant use by all women .

In the same way, a large number of studies have managed to demonstrate and fully verify that evening primrose oil has natural properties to provide all women with high levels of fertility , this implies that through the treatment carried out by patients, women can achieve conceiving a quick and easy way.

Obviously, evening primrose oil has the function of creating all the necessary mechanisms for women to conceive, due to a very particular and special characteristic, since it helps and reduces in large proportions all premenstrual symptoms, and with this the flow will be increased. cervical, which will affect and facilitate all the mobility of the sperm .

What is the oil of evening primrose?

It should be noted that evening primrose oil in some cases is also known or called primrose oil that is extracted from some small seeds that were used in previous times by millions of indigenous groups that lived in America, they used it commonly infused in hot water for constant daily use.

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In this way, since ancient times, evening primrose oil has been used by the American aborigines, so its use is not something new, but is millions of years old, many of the aborigines used it and used it to cure various types of wounds, or any type of skin problem or also used to control asthma.

It should be noted that the oil extracted from the evening primrose plant contains essentially large and high amounts of fatty acids that are essential and polyunsaturated, which contain omega 6 and other important ones, and through them a valuable and important function related to metabolism will be exerted, which they are necessary for the production of prostaglandins.

For this reason, it is necessary for the metabolism of the human body, that prostaglandins are produced correctly , which are the type of hormones that are essential to maintain the health of the human being, and that are capable of regulating various and varied functions of the body, and therefore the body needs them immediately.

Because the body cannot produce them on its own, which is why it is necessary to ingest them through the use of evening primrose oil , it should be noted that this product of natural origin has no side effects on the human body, so its use is fully guaranteed and free of contraindications, and effects that cause problems to the body.

What are the properties of Evening Primrose Oil?

There are really countless properties that evening primrose oil possesses, however we can mention the most important ones that you should know to start using it as soon as possible, therefore specialists recommend it to regulate everything related to the menstrual cycle, and it also improves all symptoms come for premenstrual syndrome .

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Likewise, it calms and controls the pain that is generated by the rule, or also called dysmenorrhea, and reduces the reference to endometrial colic, therefore, it will be necessary for women who suffer from these strong pains during the development of the menstrual cycle together to this, it greatly improves the quality of the ovules on the fertile days.

For this and for many reasons , evening primrose oil is the best friend of women in these difficult days, in addition to that, it will be important to carry out the process of reducing cysts that the ovaries have, it helps sperm on the path they take, because they provide the properties that can greatly increase cervical discharge.

It should be considered that it will reduce all inflammation of the breasts and this will avoid great pain in women, and with this it will also improve circulation in both men and women, for this purpose it is also used to treat and improve all cases of impotence sex in men, therefore the male sex can enjoy its use.

In this sense, it is guaranteed that with the consumption of evening primrose oil it is possible to control and provide an alternative to treat cases of diabetes, coupled with this it protects the entire digestive system, and thereby protects our liver against all negative effects and that are generated by the consumption of alcohol, also serves to treat hangovers.

Evening primrose oil for pregnancy

By virtue of this, evening primrose oil is not recommended to consume during pregnancy, since it can produce and generate many stomach problems, in this way it is contraindicated for use after having become pregnant because it can produce contractions and in larger cases lead to abortion immediately and quickly.

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Now, if it is not taken in a unique sense in which you want to prepare the body for ovulation and therefore achieve a desired pregnancy, its use can be beneficial, however once this objective is met, its use should be suspended because its consumption can cause strong contractions and abortions, its use is also not recommended for epileptics.

When can I take evening primrose oil to get pregnant

In the first place, evening primrose oil has great properties to make you get pregnant, but its treatment must be applied with care without exceeding the recommended doses, much less ingesting high amounts of the product , since its treatment must start at the same time that it is starting the first day of menstruation.

In this case, it must start at the time the period begins until the moment in which the body is ovulating, but many women do not know specifically which is the precise day of ovulation, but I want to emphasize that these days are the corresponding from day 14 or even until day 15 corresponding to the menstrual cycle.

We must not forget these days as the most important to get pregnant, however you must take into consideration that evening primrose oil and pregnancy are incompatible in every sense, because its use during pregnancy can generate contractions that can trigger in an unwanted abortion and its consequences.

Therefore, the moment you start taking evening primrose oil your body will feel the benefits gradually or progressively, its daily consumption will be essential to ingest its vitamins and nutrients, but at the time you are pregnant you must suspend its use immediately to avoid possible future complications.

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In other words, it must be used continuously without any interruption, since if the consumption is carried out in an inappropriate way you will not feel any benefit, in this sense you must be patient so that the body gradually assimilate the components of the evening primrose, it should be taken for fertility months in advance.

Of course, to start taking evening primrose oil you must take several things into consideration, and one of the first is the opinion of a specialist , because their professional assessment is necessary to show you how to ingest it and the time in which you must prolong its consumption so that you do not exceed the period corresponding to the treatment.

What are the doses of Evening Primrose Oil to take when seeking pregnancy

For many specialists this is difficult to determine, since in some circumstances it will depend on the person who is consuming the treatment, but in most cases the doses to be consumed of evening primrose oil range from 500 milligrams to approximately 1500 , this for performed at the beginning of the natural treatment.

And it is that consumption and doses can increase but with the express recommendation of the specialist, remember to avoid self-medication , as we have mentioned these doses can be increased progressively and slowly, otherwise the effects that are being sought with the use of evening primrose are achieved, This must be under medical and specialist supervision.

Therefore, as we have seen, the doses can vary depending on the person and specifically with the effects that it can generate, since when the person assimilates them in the appropriate way the treatment can increase their doses to achieve that the properties of the Evening primrose are fully acquired, this is done under the approval of a doctor.

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On the other hand, I express that evening primrose oil is extracted from all the seeds contained within the evening primrose plant, which is from and native to North America, and its history in terms of use dates back millions of years, by Native Americans, in order to treat numerous diseases that have historically affected humans.

Without a doubt, evening primrose oil contains high doses of vitamin E which implies an excellent rejuvenation of our skin, which will make you always look completely young even with the passing of the years, this is essential for many women today day they always want to be the most beautiful with a lot of vitality on their skin and on their face.

However, some experts and specialists have come to affirm that evening primrose oil offers you the possibility of getting pregnant in a large percentage of cases, and that when it is combined with the correct ovulation calendar, it will ensure up to almost 80% the chances of getting pregnant, this represents something very positive for all couples.

Benefits of evening primrose oil for fertility

As a complement, evening primrose oil is an ingredient with special characteristics to carry out a pregnancy, and I want to mention what are its main benefits to increase fertility and with this to be able to achieve the goal that all couples who have been struggling are looking forward to. be able to fulfill the dream of having a child today.

In principle, it will function as a regulator of the hormones produced by the women’s body , this regulator will maintain the levels of hormones necessary to complete this process, and in most cases, it will be recommended for all women. who have menstrual cycles that usually have irregularities months after months.

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At the same time it will carry out the wonderful function of reducing all those cysts in the ovaries that prevent the conception of a pregnancy, because these cysts prevent the body from conceiving, therefore the use of evening primrose eliminates them and improves fertility, it is used to treat the syndrome called polycystic ovaries.

Such is the case, that with the improvement of the cysts that women have in their ovaries, it will also improve things related to perfect blood circulation and because of this, it is commonly used to treat infertility in men, and help improve this, it is used to combat the lack of irrigation that is generated in the reproductive organs.

It is well known that the consumption of evening primrose pills is used to alleviate the pains that are generated when the period arrives, but it must be added that it is used even for those premenstrual symptoms, calming and relieving dysmenorrhea and all kinds of colic that are encouraged and caused by endometriosis.

In any case, the use of evening primrose oil will mean that people can improve various functionalities of their body, and it is also that it will help to produce a type of cervical mucus that has the important characteristic of being very fertile, and this can. generate positive effects on the process or goal of achieving pregnancy.

With the production of this cervical mucus that is fertile to a great extent, it will help the sperm to swim more easily on their long path that will take them to the ovule and then fertilize it and that the baby will be formed. the family has been searching so desperately for some time without being able to quickly achieve it

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At the moment in which the sperm are swimming to the ovule, the cervical mucus will function as a kind of liquid that will improve the path through which they will travel, in addition to that, it will provide an extra life because they can stay in the tubes for up to a time that can take up to five days to conceive.

As you can see, evening primrose oil with the production of this highly fertile liquid will perform the excellent function of providing the necessary nutrients for the sperm to survive for some time, and this is necessary to maintain the greatest number of conceiving options, they are maintained by 5 days inside the fallopian tubes.

When should evening primrose oil be taken?

In the most general perspective, evening primrose oil should be taken only in the period that corresponds to menstruation and therefore ovulation, and that is because many women who are trying to get pregnant require evening primrose to be able to increase their chances. and with this fulfill the dream of having a home but above all a family.

In relation to the doses that women can consume to increase their fertility, initially around 500 milligrams can be taken that will be ingested three times a day during each meal, which will make a total of 1500 milligrams daily, this will increase the cervical mucosa which is highly fertile and helps sperm to reach the egg.

It should be considered that if couples maintaining this initial dose of 1500 milligrams per day do not achieve pregnancy, they can increase to a maximum of 3000 milligrams per day, which will be used and consumed from the next or next menstrual cycle, you should not exceed this dose that we have recommended to you to avoid possible problems.

Now, as we are talking about a product of natural origin, you should consider that there is the possibility that you should take it for a few months before so that the results you are waiting for can be evidenced, because its action is not immediate, Rather, it is a gradual process that develops slowly.

At the same time, specialists recommend taking evening primrose oil when you have a full stomach, that is, you have eaten recently, because if you do it without having eaten anything, this can generate some reactions due to the excipients that some preparations commonly contain. , do not forget to make your three daily meals.

Its consumption may vary depending on the presentation you have of evening primrose oil, however this can be obtained in evening primrose oil pearls, which have divided doses and this guarantees that you can take what is indicated, each pill of these contains 500 milligrams, so at the beginning you should only take three of these evening primrose capsules.

I want to suggest that the oil that is extracted from the evening primrose plant and fertility go hand in hand or together, because this plant has various properties in its composition that are basic for the reproductive apparatus in both men and women. women, this helps to solve some problems that limit all fertility of both.

In addition to this, as it contains omega 6 among its main ingredients and some other fatty acids that are very important for the body, such as the so-called linoleic acid and also the gamma linolenic acid, this will provide the help that our body can maintain itself completely. healthy having the necessary vitamins.

In other words, these fatty acids that we have mentioned are essential for the body and also to achieve fertility, since the latter with evening primrose oil will improve because hormones will be needed to carry out ovulation. are produced regularly, and with evening primrose this process will be completed quickly.

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It is necessary that each woman can nourish her body with all those substances that are essential to maintain our good health, because evening primrose contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, without forgetting that it has fatty acids and also amino acids that carry out a task. essential to achieve optimal fertility.

Since they will help that at the moment in which the process called oogenesis is occurring, the generation of the so-called ovum, your body can have all the organic levels in an optimal and ideal way to carry out the fertility process, so that you can always stay strong, and be someone full of a lot of vitality.

It is essential that your body works properly to carry out the pregnancy, and you must provide everything that is necessary to be able to produce a type of egg that becomes very strong and also robust, that has full health, and that can be fully transformed by this fertilization process.

It should be noted that the change we are talking about is very important for the development that takes place in the female body, both in the oocyte and the zygote, as well as in all the cells that are involved in the transfer of all those cell divisions that happen continuously or even successively and constantly in the body.

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In this way, it is guaranteed that your body is receiving what it needs to successfully complete this process, because evening primrose oil will provide a large amount of nutrients that are completely useful at the time when your body and your reproductive system is about to enter a new cycle or ovulation process.

To finish the evening primrose oil will provide all those nutrients necessary for the fertility process to increase in large proportions in your body, and best of all, its use does not carry side effects that can be regretted, for this it is earning millions of followers around the world who day by day acquire its benefits.

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