Imitation Wood Tiles For Exterior: Benefits And Installation

Do you want an outdoor terrace that appears to be of high quality, but easy to maintain? Opt for  wood-effect exterior tiles . This unique solution allows you to create the illusion of a wooden deck, but without the many maintenance limitations of this material. Do you have questions about the features or the  price of an imitation wood tile ? In this article we tell you everything there is to know about this fairly cheap but quality outdoor floor.

Imitation outdoor tiles

Wood is an excellent material both indoors and outdoors, but it is not without its flaws. The most marked is, of course, the need to maintain the wood on a regular basis .

If you are looking to enjoy an outdoor floor that looks like wood, but without its maintenance, why not think about buying imitation wood tiles?

Basic information on faux tiles

In recent years, there are more and more sandstone tiles designed to imitate other surfaces: wood, cement, stone, concrete …

You guessed it,  faux wood tile is a tile that benefits from the look of a natural wood floor .

  • Outdoors, this type of flooring provides a warm and natural look.
  • Inside, faux tiles are compatible with all types of underfloor heating and offer a more pleasant touch than wood.

The effect of imitation wood tiles is truly amazing, as this material perfectly reproduces the effect of a wooden floor, but without the disadvantages of this material.

Note:  the popularity of this product is such that manufacturers offer more and more varieties. Today, you will find tiles that reproduce species of wood as diverse as oak, beech or wenge, for a unique decoration that adapts to your wishes. Check the wide variety of possibilities they have on the Livingo website .

Advantages of imitation wood

If you still doubt between a wooden terrace and the mosaic solution that imitates it, I will tell you the advantages of this second solution.

Placing this type of flooring, both outdoors and indoors, allows you to enjoy its many advantages:

  • It is hygienic.
  • It allows you to walk barefoot on a terrace without eventually breaking down and sticking a splinter.
  • Sandstone slabs are very weather resistant and will never sag.
  • Maintenance and cleaning is very simple.
  • The exterior tiles are designed to prevent slipping, so outdoors with swimming pools they are perfect.
  • Unlike natural wood, this floor does not lose its shine with age or with the sun.
  • A tile deck is less expensive than a real wood deck.

In the end, this type of outdoor floor is ideal for all your projects, whether it is to cover the contours of a swimming pool, a terrace or even a balcony!

Price of imitation wood tiles

What are the prices that interest you? Good news:  most faux tiles are cheaper than natural wood .

If prices may vary from construction site to construction site, however, we’ve put together a few pointers to guide you:

Purchase price of your outdoor tile

The imitation of the wooden floor is considered to  cost between 18 and 35 euros per square meter , not counting the installation.

The price depends on the pattern, finishes and characteristics of the mosaic. Ideally, therefore, compare the different mosaic images that are offered to you, to enjoy the best value for money.

Note:   Faux tiles are often a bit cheaper than tiles designed for outdoor use. 

Installation price

In addition to the cost of buying outdoor flooring, it is good to also think about what they will charge us for its installation. It is strongly recommended that it be performed by a specialized tiler.

On average,  the prices of a tiler are between 20 and 40 euros per square meter  for the installation of an external tiling. Adding in the price of the tile itself, you still get a great coating at a reasonable price.

How to install imitation wood tiles?

If you want to lay the floor yourself, it is better to do a little research on its installation. The laying of this type of flooring is similar to any other tile, except if the tiles are rectangular and not square.

Installation methods

Faux wood tiles are usually in the form of strips, which are designed to reproduce the shape of a wooden floor. There are different installation methods:

  • The placement of these blades is usually done in English, that is, placing the blades in parallel, a row of two.
  • It is also possible to lay the tiles adopting an offset between the rows, to give a more imitation of a real parquet.

It is up to you to see how you prefer to place them!


Here are some recommendations to guarantee a perfectly installed mosaic:

  • Indoors,  try to lay your tile parallel to the light if possible . In fact, it will give an impression of greatness. This precaution, of course, will be unnecessary outside!
  • Keep in mind that for laying faux tiles indoors, it is important to think about the impression you want to cast:
    • In the sense of the longest wall, the tiles will give an impression of length.
    • In the opposite direction, it will mitigate this impression.
  • As always with exterior work,  installing a faux wood deck requires a perfectly flat and totally clean support .
  • Always check the weather before starting your work, to make sure you don’t have bad weather. This will be even more important when applying the joints.

If you’ve never tileed or worked on a deck before, consider asking professional tilers for prices.

In fact, it is better to turn to a professional craftsman, even to spend a little more, rather than damaging your new tile or getting an imperfect result!

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