Facial Care, Best Tips And Applications

The face is the first part of the body that we notice when we meet a person: it is our calling card. So to always be beautiful and young, the fundamental key is to be careful with your face . Acquiring this habit early is essential to prevent accelerated aging.

Stress, poor diet, excessive sun, smoking, hormonal changes and pollution are some of the factors that negatively interfere with the cell renewal process . They generate the production of free radicals and compromise the hydration of the skin, which affects its appearance.

A basic skincare routine is necessary to minimize negative effects , and should be part of our daily hygiene. To do this, it is necessary to adopt measures and try to include them in your day-to-day life. At first, it may seem boring or tedious, but over time you will see results and it will become a common routine.

Types of facial cleansers

Cleansing the skin is critical to removing dead cells, sweat, natural secretions, pollution, and makeup residue. Cleaning must be done with specific products, and by removing blackheads and pimples . This reduces the bacterial flora and impurities of the skin, essential for the maintenance of all skin types to remove impurities from the pores and also helps facial treatments, so that cosmetics penetrate the skin.


The scrub is ideal for a deeper cleansing of the skin, removing impurities and dead cells effectively. The exfoliation also stimulates the natural renewal of skin cells and helps in the treatment of pimples . In addition, it prepares the skin to receive additional treatment, since, for example, it improves the absorption of moisturizing lotions.

Facial mask

The mask is excellent for closing pores.

Some ingredients are widely used in the face masks such as seaweed, they are nutritious and detoxify the skin; the clay , when used in conjunction with the seaweed, remove impurities and clean the skin depth. So this is the ideal mix for those who want to get clean and healthy skin.

If your skin is dry , it is recommended that you use a moisturizer before applying the facial mask.

Facial tonic

The facial toner is used for additional cleansing of the skin. It has the role of protecting it from the action of free radicals , helping to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and standardizing the texture of the skin. This lotion also has the function of maintaining the natural moisture of the skin, in addition to providing more elasticity and benefiting muscle tone.

Whitening creams

The spots on the skin are a torment for women looking for a healthy and homogeneous skin. The causes of these spots can be the most varied, such as a change in melanin production, infections, hormonal disorders, sun exposure and acne scars. Whatever the type of stain, the most important thing is to consult your doctor so that he can diagnose the type of stain and recommend the best whitening cream treatment for your case.

Facial hydration

After the cleansing ritual, the skin is ready to receive adequate hydration.

Proper use of moisturizer replenishes skin moisture, eliminating tension and smoothing wrinkles . During the application, it is recommended that you do some specific movements to further improve the result.

Hydration is indicated for dry skin , naturally or due to excessive exposure to the sun. In addition, the immediate result is that it is a great method of preventing aging, because it creates a protective film on the skin.


We are often unaware of the sun’s rays, but they are there, steady and strong. So it’s time to apply protector all over your face. Remember that even if there is no sun, you also burn! In the summer , we cannot lower our guard and we have to redouble our skin care, especially on the face , which is more sensitive and exposed throughout the day.

The use of sunscreen is essential to protect the skin from the action of sunlight , which is one of the greatest villains of aging. It should be used daily, whether you are at the beach or not. Sunscreen helps protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, reducing sunburn and other skin lesions. In addition to these benefits, its use is also linked to a lower risk of skin cancer.

Creams for the eye contour

This area deserves special attention, since it is the most sensitive part of the face . It is the place where the first wrinkles appear. Specific cosmetics are made with special formulas to avoid damaging the eyes.

It is important to use specific creams in the area around the eyes , to keep the site properly hydrated, improve skin texture and promote surface cell renewal. With daily and continuous use, it is possible to avoid the appearance of unwanted lines.

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Creams for mature skin

In the adult phase, the concern about premature aging begins , since over the years, the natural aging of the natural skin intensifies. Environmental factors, lifestyle and psychological factors influence our well-being and the health of our skin. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to take special care with your skin.

Cosmetics for mature skin should contain properties to counteract sagging and stimulate muscle tone. It should also contain doses of acetylcholine to increase skin tone and minimize fine lines. The use of an intensive anti-wrinkle system is important to reduce the expression signals of fine superficial wrinkles.

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More tips for beautiful skin

  • Plan to do your daily skin care . A few minutes, twice a day, can make your skin reborn;
  • Drink plenty of water , essential for the proper functioning of the entire body;
  • Try to maintain a balanced diet , based on vegetables, fruits and foods rich in fiber;
  • It seeks to create the conditions to have a quality sleep and with the appropriate duration;
  • Do physical activities regularly;
  • Get a facial massage with a beautician you trust to improve blood circulation and muscle tone.
  • Do facial gymnastics to strengthen your muscles, which will make it harder for fine lines and superficial lines to appear, and will stimulate muscle tone around the eyes.

What should I not do?

  • Exposing yourself to the sun without adequate protection , especially between 10 and 15 hours;
  • Sleeping without completely removing makeup ;
  • Consume fatty foods, fried foods and red meat in excess;
  • Consume cigarettes, alcohol, or other drugs;
  • Exposing yourself to pollution and free radicals.

Delay professional skin cleansing with these daily cares

Sooner or later, the dreaded skin cleansing day arrives. Anyone who has undergone the procedure knows that, despite the good results, it is usually quite painful. To remove blackheads and whiteheads , there is no other solution than to squeeze them out. What not everyone knows is that it is possible to reduce suffering and even space the interval between professional cleaning and home cleaning with small daily actions . “Washing your face with a special soap, for example, prevents the accumulation of impurities on the skin, which would lead you to need a deeper cleaning,” recommends the director of the Society of Dermatology.

The expert recalls that professional cleaning should only be done with specific hygiene conditions and by qualified professionals. Next, see what habits can help you defer professional cleaning:

Wash your face

Wash your face about twice a day. This helps remove impurities such as pollution and sebum produced by the skin, preventing clogging of the pores. Dermatologists recommend washing with a special soap that does not harm the skin. “Choose products with a similar pH to your skin, which is around 5.5,” he suggests.

Check that the water temperature is natural. Very hot water removes the natural protective layer of the skin, promoting the production of oil and, consequently, the formation of acne. Finish the process by pressing a towel or paper against your face, without rubbing, to avoid injury.

We explain some Tips and products to wash your face and look PERFECT , do not miss them !!!

Perform an exfoliation

The scrub can be an ally, but care should be taken especially if the person is doing a dermatological treatment that sensitizes the skin. The procedure must be carried out according to each product, respecting the time and manner of application.

But, in general, the use of exfoliating should not be daily, the ideal is that the application is weekly or every two weeks . Avoid homemade scrubs, as they can cause irritations and allergies. Ideally, you should consult a dermatologist who can give you the best product for your skin type or explain the type of homemade scrub you are going to apply.

Use a moisturizer

Both dry skin and oily skin need to hydrate . It is a common misconception to imagine that the product only serves to increase sebum production. The use of moisturizers on oily skin requires specific recommendations that only a good professional will know how to provide the patient. We must also apply a sunscreen before makeup.

Although if you use a serum it is better than a moisturizer, here you can check the best creams with hyaluronic acid.

Put on sunscreen

After hydration, protect the skin with a thin layer of sun protection. “This helps prevent blemishes and premature aging , which can cause the skin to look bad, even after cleansing the skin,” explain dermatologists.

To renew the skin, in this case, a more aggressive treatment can be applied, so prevention is the best measure. With direct exposure to the sun, you should reapply the product every two hours . During the day, always apply it after washing your face.

If you need information on sunscreen , we make it easy for you, enter our article, you will even see information on sunscreen for oily skin and hair.

Bet on drying masks

“The drying mask is a type of facial mask with astringent properties that promotes the closure of pores”, dermatologists explain. This prevents impurities from entering the skin that can clog pores and cause blackheads and pimples. Product selection should be done with the help of a professional to avoid flaking and other injuries.

Always remove your makeup

As big as your laziness is when you finally get home, be sure to remove your makeup. Foundation, concealer, and blemish-concealing powders can all contribute to making these problems worse if you don’t remove them. “Use a facial makeup remover and another specific for the eye area “ , advise dermatologists. To complete the process, wash your face with a soap ideal for your skin.

Try night creams

Even during sleep it is possible to enhance pore cleansing and closing treatments. How? With night creams. Those that contain retinoic acid , for example, help in the treatment of acne , but they make the skin more sensitive to light. Therefore, nothing better than applying them before bedtime. Talk to a professional beforehand to find out the strength of the acid and find out which type is best for your skin.

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