Facial Hydration: Benefits, Tips And Homemade Recipes

Our face is the first letter of introduction that we have before society, having a beautiful complexion is not a matter of divine miracle, we just have to pay attention to the care we give to our skin and that way we will surely have a beautiful complexion to show off. to the world.

There are many tricks and therapeutic remedies to keep the skin hydrated and free of dirt, you have to be cautious and not invent strange recipes or unfamiliar products with the skin of your skin, the first step is to document yourself about facial hygiene and if you see it necessary do not It is unnecessary to seek the help of an expert to take note of all those infallible tricks that will make us have a radiant face.

What is facial hydration?

The skin by nature in its dermis has a percentage of 10 or 20% of water , this water is what helps the skin to maintain its elasticity and that hydration creates a protective layer as a protective barrier. If the water percentage drops (less than 10%) the skin becomes dry and rough. The body is very wise and this water that the skin needs comes from an organic process (glycosaminoglycans) also the sweat glands release sweat and help the surface of the skin to remain turgid.

Although the body is wise, it does not hurt to give it a helping hand, we can help the skin to hydrate by smearing moisturizing substances (based on lipids) to make sure that the skin does not lose water so quickly and remains hydrated.

Entering the subject, we will define facial hydration as the procedures that are performed to make the skin of the complexion stay clean and hydrated . Below we will explain in detail how to do a professional facial cleansing:

  • As step number one for a good hydration, the first thing to do is have a good cleaning , this can be done easily with warm soapy water or it can also be used with steam only with the intention that the pores of the skin open and all impurities come out, it is also valid to use exfoliating creams .
  • Secondly, if necessary , all impurities (black dots) must be extracted, cleaning templates or small sharp tweezers can be used. All clogged pores should be free.
  • Third, fat-free moisturizing cream should be placed , remember to place the creams in a circular way with the tips of the fingers from the bottom up, it is also valid to use moisturizing masks.
  • Finally, you should always put facial sunscreen .

Note : if necessary, use an assistant never put the well-being of your facial skin at risk, be careful.

Benefits of Facial Hydration

Having a perfect complexion is the desire of every woman and in many cases it is also the desire of men, there is no reason to make sexual distinctions, we all want to always look good, in general, easy hydrations are recommended for people with very dry skin but all people who want to can spend time on their facial hygiene. The benefits of performing a routine facial cleansing are many and we will detail them below:

  1. The facial skin will always be smooth and soft.
  2. Wrinkles are diminished with elasticity, well-hydrated skin lacks wrinkles
  3. The pores or blackheads decrease and often disappear by winning uniformity skin hydration.

Each person has a different need, not all skins are the same that is why each facial problem must be attended to according to their insufficiencies, so below we will detail the main facial problems (dryness, sensitivity, fat) with the purpose that you take the precautions for each particular case.

Benefits of a facial hydration for dry skin

It is characterized by being flaky, rough, full of pores and spots, mostly these are consequences of the passage of time, which is why it is common in people over 30 years of age. One of the general symptoms is itching and the excessive amount of wrinkles, the ideal with this type of skin is to give the greatest possible hydration, in addition, products that regenerate the vitality of the skin and remove that dull appearance that characterizes it should be used.

Benefits of a facial hydration for oily skin

It is characterized by always having a shiny and unctuous appearance, the main symptoms are acne and dilated pores. This type of skin should be hydrated with caution, do not be excessive since an exorbitant use of moisturizers could worsen the situation, the ideal is to do a good cleaning and exfoliation with a touch of hydration.

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Benefits of a facial hydration for sensitive skin

This is characterized by not withstanding external agents such as heat, sun or smoke, that is, any exposure damages it. This particular case is recognized by the redness of the skin, for these cases the ideal is to give hydration but concentrate on the protection and regeneration of the skin.

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Best products for facial hydration

In the market there are multiple brands and products for the hydration of the skin of the skin, although the cosmetic world is immense, the main thing is to use fat-free products with bases of natural extracts, then we will indicate the best options.

Facial moisturizers

The cream is a pasty composition that must be used topically , these creams can be made at home or purchased in a commercial store. The most recommended brands are the following from Nezeni Cosmetics:

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An aerosol is only a liquid but it is stored under pressure, when this liquid is expelled it comes out in millions of particles, it must be used topically, but you have to be careful with the aspiration of the product and you have to cover your eyes to avoid damage to the view.

The most used moisturizing sprays for easy hydration are the following:

  • Avene Spring Thermal Water
  • Clarins Fix Make-Up

These products are ideal for the facial cleansing routine, in addition to being quick to apply, they give the skin a refreshing hydration.


The gel, like the cream, is a pasty composition but it is more gelatinous, it is for topical use and is used in order to give hydration and vitality to the skin of the face . Below we point out one of the best-selling brands:

  • Moisture Surge ™ Intensive Hydrating Gel

These moisturizing gels are an ally for oily skin , thanks to its gelatinous composition it is usually less greasy than creams, with them the ideal level of hydration is achieved.

Facial blisters

The facial blisters are a liquid treatment , in this case topical used as a type of flash lifting effect to give vitality to the skin of the skin, then recommend two brands:

  • GERMINAL, Germinal Immediate Action Ampoules
  • Martiderm Proteoglycans vials

These ampoules are the ideal allies to give an intensive regeneration to the skin.


The injectable beauty ampoule in general is composed of hyaluronic acid , this component is naturally in the body and is responsible for the recovery of the dermis, the only treatment you are looking for is to give a helping hand to the cartilage cells , to have a rejuvenated skin. We recommend a recognized brand below:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules Shock Shield Hydration

Natural ingredients that can be used for facial hydration

As a general rule, the ingredients that should be used to hydrate the skin are those with a high percentage of water, what the skin needs is water so natural fats are not recommended, it is best to avoid them, although many recipes recommend the use of olive oil, you should only use a few drops.

Next we will mention the most recommended ingredients to make homemade moisturizing masks:

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How to prepare a homemade facial hydration?

Nature is always our best friend, there is nothing healthier than consuming fresh and tasty producers, having healthy skin can be the combination of a balanced diet and ideal care, but in addition to consuming natural ingredients we can also turn them into creams to spread on the skin of the face, the masks made at home with natural ingredients are always a perfect combination to have porcelain skin.

Here are some great homemade moisturizing mask recipes for skin care.

Banana mask

The banana has a high percentage of water, that is why it is one of the most ideal fruits to use in moisturizing masks . Preparing these masks is very easy, you just have to take a ripe banana and crush it with a cutlery, add a few drops of olive oil to gain body in the mixture and that’s it, put it on your face in the facial cleansing and hydration process.

Cucumber mask

Like the banana, the cucumber has a large amount of water that is very beneficial for the skin and the body. Preparing the mask is only a matter of minutes, take a cucumber, crush it in the blender (keep two slices for the eyes), place the mixture on your face, the slices on your eyes and that’s it. It is the best step you can take in the facial hydration process.

Facial mayonnaise

This preparation consists of olive oil, white vinegar and an egg, you just have to mix these ingredients in a blender and that’s it.

We can use the preparation, as we see are the ingredients of a homemade mayonnaise, but this time we will not season anything, instead we will put the mixture on the skin of the face. The combination of these ingredients is very flattering for the skin due to its moisturizing liquid bases .

Can men get a facial hydration?

Facial hydration is needed by all human beings, as the years go by, the skin loses its elasticity there are many factors that affect it such as the sun, dust and polluting fumes. There is no distinction of sex or race, time and life affect us all and it would be unfair to make aesthetic treatments only for women.

The social stigmas are a bit sharp and for many it can be rare to see a man in a spa or a beauty salon undergoing easy hydration, but these reasonings are not very rational and it is something that should be overlooked without giving much importance. The only thing to keep in mind is that a man is free to take care of the skin on his face.

Steps for a correct facial hydration

There are three fundamental steps to make an effective facial hydration and they are the following:

  1. Cleaning: if you do not clean your skin properly, the moisturizing products you use will be of no use, since the dirt on the skin will not allow it to absorb the nutrients from the creams you apply.
  2. Hydration: look for products rich in water and free in oil, remember your skin needs to use a good percentage of water and the oil will only make your pores fill with impurities.
  3. Protection: if you complete the first two steps but do not use protection, you will be losing everything, the sun will absorb all the nutrients that the skin of your skin can absorb in hydration, so never forget the sunscreen.

These are the essential steps to perform an easy hydration correctly if you follow them constantly, it is very likely that you do not need to go to a spa or beauty salon to get a porcelain complexion.

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