Facial Microdermabrasion: Risks, Benefits, Frequency And Devices

The world of aesthetics is truly wide and more currently when there are many advances in the area of ​​medicine and technology. Many of the aesthetic procedures that were previously developed were aggressive for the skin, despite seeking a benefit or an improvement in a certain area, so new techniques emerged in the area of ​​aesthetics and one of them was microdermabrasion , specifically the facial microdermabrasion, which originated to enhance and improve the appearance of the face.

For some years now, the rise in the world of beauty and aesthetics has had a marked impact on the development of techniques, materials and devices designed to delay the signs of aging and at the same time improve the areas that require it and this is one of the purposes of developing instruments to perform facial microdermabrasion.

Our skin gives way over the years

As time passes (days, months and years), the body loses collagen, elastin and glycosaminaglycans , and more and more rapidly and it is there when we notice that the undesirable wrinkles begin to appear (as in the case of the “legs of rooster ”) spots and progressively decreases the firmness of the skin, so the earlier the application of treatments begins, the better for our skin, being able to avoid or delay the signs of aging or simply the consequences of neglect.

What is facial microdermabrasion ?

Microdermabrasion or facial renewal is a technique highly requested by people of different ages. In turn, this is a non-invasive action, performed by a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor. It is very similar to peeling, but mechanically and without the direct application of chemicals.

Although much less aggressive and abrasive, but with the same penetrating effect on the skin and fulfilling its function in the superficial and middle layers (epidermis and dermis).

This facial microdermabrasion is also known as a corrective technique performed in the face area with the help of a very fine wheel or metal brush. This is done by means of a projection of the microcrystals to exfoliate the skin, including in this process a certain apparatus that includes a diamond tip or by means of aluminum dioxide microcrystals (sea salts).

What is the function of facial microdermabrasion?

The main function of facial microdermabrasion is to remove dead cells located in the most superficial layer of the skin and give way to cell regeneration , this “new” skin being a skin with shine, vitality and a very soft touch, that is, it is a technique used to exfoliate.

In turn, it is widely used to act on wrinkles and skin blemishes, as well as to recover its elasticity and firmness, always with the purpose of maintaining the beauty and youth of our skin.

This aesthetic treatment is highly sought after by thousands of women around the world and incredibly by men as well, although to a lesser extent since regardless of the way it is performed, microdermabrasion offers extraordinary results in a relatively short period or, in other words way, in the short term.

Benefits of Facial Microdermabrasion

Facial microdermabrasion is a technique that provides multiple benefits for the skin and among them are: improving the luminosity of the face, improves sun spots, helps reduce wrinkles, improves scars, the skin becomes smoother and can be performed any age for both women and men .

It is important to note that one of the things that has attracted the most attention is the power of microdermabrasion in cases of keloids and scars on the face, which in the case of the latter manages to hide them almost immediately, being one of the methods less aggressive for these cases.

This technique is also very helpful in eliminating unwanted blackheads, making stretch marks and melasmas less visible, as well as increasing circulation in blood capillaries, favoring the skin’s oxygenation process.

Recommendations prior to Facial Microdermabrasion

Before performing an easy microdermabrasion, you should wash your face with clean water at room temperature, to eliminate toxins, as well as remove traces of makeup or some type of cream that you wear in the facial area.

It is common that you hear from the dermatologist that prior to the session you must use certain creams that prepare the skin, thus enhancing the effects of facial microdermabrasion but you should only use them up to 48 hours before the treatment.

At the same time, it is recommended that you perform this procedure when you know that you are not going to stay in the sun for a long time or have any activity such as a visit to the beach, pool, mountain, park, among others . And if you have to expose yourself to the sun (inevitably) you must use sunscreen with the highest possible degree of protection against Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

The duration of the treatment is relatively short, so it is advisable that you have between 30 and 45 minutes to dedicate them to the corrective technique .

If you feel itchy when performing facial microdermabrasion, you should not be scared, it is normal in this type of treatment. While if you feel pain, burning or a burning sensation, you should notify the specialist to suspend the treatment and then wash your face with cold and clean water.

Facial microdermabrasion: an alternative for blemishes

The spots are alterations in the uniformity of the skin color. These generally appear on the face, but they could also appear on the neck, hands and arms and are often products of impact or excess exposure to sunlight, specifically UV rays.

There are other cases where the spots are generated by a bite, traces of acne, pinches, injuries, among others, generating in the same way an over-coloring in a certain place on the face.

These spots can become very annoying at an aesthetic level, which is why many times there are people desperate to lighten their skin and that is where the application of facial microdermabrasion is ideal since, as mentioned above, it is a fairly safe and painless technique.

You have to be very careful in the case of home microdermabrasion since lemon or lime is used for this and this despite being very good at lightening spots if it is not removed well and is in contact with sunlight it can generate stains and perhaps even more evident than the stain for which the client or patient resorted.

Whenever you are doing a facial microdermabrasion and especially to treat spots, you have to take into account the use of sunscreen or sunscreen every time you expose yourself to the sun.

Dermabrasion Vs. Facial Microdermabrasion Is there a difference between them?

Yes, it seems that we are talking about the same dermabrasion is a process that must be performed by a surgeon and in turn deserves the application of anesthesia. The effect is much deeper and requires a greater amount of post-treatment care, while in the case of facial microdermabrasion it is much more superficial, it is softer, and with fewer risks of side effects and contraindications.

It is important to mention that Microdermabrasion can be done at home either with or without appliances, while dermabrasion does not allow this type of flexibility.

Cost of Facial Microdermabrasion

The Facial Microdermabrasion treatment of course has a cost, but this will always depend on the client’s skin, since if it is mature skin it will entail a higher cost than that of young skin, as well as the type of skin damage. .

The costs of the therapy will vary according to the place and region in which you are as well as the number of sessions applied.

Obviously, facial microdermabrasion is one of the most economically accessible facial renewal techniques, despite the fact that its positive effects or benefits are enormous since the changes can be observed at the end of the session and are enhanced two days after it has been carried out.

Risks of Facial Microdermabrasion

One of the benefits of this technique is that it has no side effects on patients / clients, it is a safe and non-surgical procedure. This microdermabrasion uses hypoallergenic crystals which is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

The greatest risk that can occur in a Facial Microdermabrasion is the redness of the area where the treatment has been carried out, but for this, a refreshing gel can be placed.

Is There a Homemade Facial Microdermabrasion? And does it really work?

Yes, home microdermabrasion also has an exfoliating effect and depending on what it is combined with, it can be lightening, revitalizing and / or stimulating the production of collagen and elastin . This homemade technique can be done with ingredients that are very likely to be at home, such as: baking soda, olive oil, honey, lemon, among others.

In the case of bicarbonate with olive oil, you must prepare a pasty mixture with both ingredients (neither so liquid nor so dry) and place it on the face with the help of cottons (if it is more comfortable you can also use your fingers) by means of movements circularly exerting a medium pressure, for an approximate time of seven (7) minutes and proceed to remove with plenty of fresh water. This procedure is recommended to be done every 15 days and especially at night, so you will allow your skin to rest and enhance the effects of the ingredients that were mentioned before.

In the same way, you can make the mixture by substituting the olive oil for honey or lemon but always guaranteeing that it is completely removed and a moisturizing cream is placed to finish the process.

Frequency of Facial Microdermabrasion treatments

The frequency or repetition of this treatment will depend on the face and the injury or pathology that it presents, but in general a facial microdermabrasion could be performed every fifteen (15) days with a total of at least 10-12 sessions.

It is very common to hear people who claim to see the changes already in the first session (and it is true) but for the work to be truly effective it must have a frequency, be repetitive, to guarantee the renewal of tissues and the production of collagen and elastin that translates as a facial rejuvenation.

Most Used Microdermabrasion Equipment and Devices

In the market there are many models of devices used for facial microdermabrasion, but they vary in scope, price and of course the brand to which they belong. Some of the most used and most purchased are:

  1. Express Panda® Vacuum Suction Treatment and Diamond Dermabrasion Pen with digital LCD display.
  2. Beurer FC-100 – Professional microdermabrasion facial scrub, 5 intensity levels, Beurer.
  3. Denshine Mini diamond aesthetic equipment for microdermabrasion and Peeling dermabrasion Skin Care Spa Beauty at home, Denshine.
  4. Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine by Seabang Anti Aging Beauty Device, Seabang .
  5. Microdermabrasion device with diamond tips F-319A, Weelko.
  6. Beurer FC-76 – Professional microdermabrasion exfoliator, 2 intensity levels, Beurer.
  7. Silk’n ReVit microdermobrasion.

Each of the equipment mentioned above stands out in functions, some more than others, everything will depend on the brand and the quality and manufacturing standards carried out.

It is important to note that facial microdermabrasion is a widely used and truly effective technique within the field of aesthetics , which allows you to have positive results without the need to enter an operating room.

It is not aggressive, does not have significant side effects for our skin and does not cause pain. At the same time, it is important to note that when performing this facial microdermabrasion you do not need a rest or waiting time to join your activities, so it is common to hear that this technique is also known as a “lunchtime facial” since it is very practical and requires a few minutes, which is interesting for some people with a busy schedule.

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