Feg Eyelash Enhancer Serum, Analysis And Alternative

FEG’s serum is one of the cheapest Chinese options on the market, which is surprising, even more so after seeing its competitors.

If your lashes need a little push to shine with their own light, the function of this serum is to give it to them, creating longer, thicker, darker and fuller lashes.

The mark indicates that the lashes will grow 1-3 mm after 7 days, and from the 20th you will see an incredible difference. How are you going to do it? This is what we are going to see in the analysis of your INCI.

The product comes in a 3 gram container so it won’t last long.

You have this and other analyzes in this article with the Best Eyelash Serums on the market. But do not stay alone in the reviews, as below there is a lot of useful information about these controversial serums.

FEG Eyelash Enhancer Serum Analysis

FEG Eyelash Enhancer Serum Analysis Summary

The analysis is quite short, since the FEG serum has very few ingredients. But the worst thing is that the ingredients it includes do not add anything to the eyelashes.

It does not have peptides, vitamins, prostaglandin analogs, moisturizers, or any botanical extract to take advantage of, just a couple of thickeners, a couple of preservatives, and a buffer.

In addition, one of the preservatives is irritant, so not only will it not benefit us at all, but it will harm our eyes.

Okay, cheap, but at least you expect it to do something for your lashes, even if it’s just hydrate them. A highly discouraged option that is not worth trying.


I believe that any serum on this list with the Best Eyelash Serums on the market can do more and better than the FEG serum.

But if I have to choose only one, I will tell you that the Nezeni Cosmetics eyelash and eyebrow extender is the best, the one that I would choose, both for its natural ingredients and for its results.

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