Fibromyalgia Treatment With Preventive Medicine

Fibromyalgia is a disease that has been acquiring a certain notoriety and social repercussion. For many people it is still a great unknown; for others it is a “modern” disease; and for some, fortunately less and less, it is a way to get attention.

Of course, fibromyalgia is a disease that needs to be studied even more, but today we already have enough information to face it and rule out social prejudices about it and those affected by it. One of the certainties we have is that we can treat fibromyalgia with food.

Difficulties in diagnosing fibromyalgia

Difficulties in diagnosing fibromyalgia

This pathology is characterized by a series of symptoms that may coincide with other diseases . The pain and mobility difficulties associated with fibromyalgia can be very similar to those suffered by those affected by chronic fatigue or rheumatoid arthritis , as well as the pain of those suffering from certain types of osteoarthritis or osteoporosis .

In addition, other symptoms may be related to some food intolerances, insomnia or yeast infection. Or even with certain pictures of anxiety and depression or post-traumatic stress. As if the complexity of the diagnosis were not enough, it must be taken into account that all these pathologies can coincide with the presence of fibromyalgia and be reinforced by it.

Dangers of a misdiagnosis

The moment it is misdiagnosed , the treatment will be wrong. This not only will not cure our ailment but it can aggravate it or cause other imbalances , especially if the treatment includes the administration of medications.

In addition to the worsening of the pathology, a feeling of frustration is generated in the patient . This will aggravate the risk of depressive symptoms , which in turn will aggravate the original pathologies. They will also weaken the patient’s willingness to follow new treatments and trust doctors.

At worst, many patients fall for self-medication or even scams that masquerade as “alternative” therapies and have no empirical basis.

Preventive and reactive medicine in the treatment of fibromyalgia

As a general rule, medicine tends to be reactive: we go to it when something is wrong. But more and more emphasis is being placed on preventive medicine, that which is committed to healthy habits as a source of health and an impediment to the appearance of the disease.

Both facets of medicine are not only at odds, but complement each other and need to be used at the same time . For example, when we suffer from a disease we will not only want to cure it but also eliminate the factors that triggered it to avoid relapses. This involves a necessary investigation into the immediate and distant past of the patient, their risk factors (both genetic and environmental), their habits and their tastes.

Today no one doubts about the importance of habits in our daily health. And few habits are as relevant as our diet.

Treat fibromyalgia with diet

Treat fibromyalgia with diet

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to treating fibromyalgia is to focus exclusively on pain and its elimination . The pain is usually what most worries the patient and what most attracts the attention of the doctor. In addition, it is the pain that most affects the quality of life of the patient. Of course we have to try to reduce and eliminate these pains. But resorting to painkillers without finding out the cause of the pain is not a real treatment but a patch .

Routine medication is not a solution

Routine medication is not a solution

Our body is designed to adapt, and that includes the medicines that we can administer. Therefore, if we only fight pain with analgesics, our body will need higher doses and increasingly powerful types of analgesics to achieve the same effects. This, in addition, will harm our digestive system . It will also harm other parts of our body and although we are achieving temporary pain relief, therefore, we will not be solving the problem.

Treating fibromyalgia with food is our best alternative . Not only because we will reduce the amount of medicines necessary for our treatment, but because we will attack the root of the problem.

But convincing the patient that it is necessary to treat fibromyalgia with food is not easy. Modifying eating habits is often a very tough test for many people. In addition, it must be borne in mind that it is not about prescribing a general diet, but that the ideal diet will always be individualized , since each person is different. This is where the specialist has to be empathetic with the patient and explain why it is so necessary to make our food our best medicine and make our best medicine our food.

A correct individualized diet the best treatment against the disease

It will be essential to individualize the necessary diet , for this, the patient’s tastes must also be taken into account . Even if you ask for some sacrifices, you have to try to be flexible in those matters that are feasible. Little by little the patient will notice a clear improvement and it is at that moment when he will be more willing to continue improving his diet.

Radical changes often achieve low fidelity and poor follow-up. The gradual are more successful . And although the elimination of some harmful foods is necessary from the beginning, it must be understood that the patient will collaborate better if acceptable sacrifices are demanded.

When his health improves, he often asks for advice himself to continue improving his diet. In the end, our health is a long-distance race, not a sprint. You have to be aware that you will not go on an occasional diet, but that you will change your diet for the better. Not for a season, but for a healthier life. Treating fibromyalgia with food will change your life, forever, learning more about what you need and being more aware of how your body works.

A better life deserves the effort to eat better since good health is the great prize that awaits us.

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