Filorga Nutri-Modeling Nutri-Reducing Balm, Analysis And Alternative

Nutrition and reshaping go hand in hand in this Filorga balm, an option with three clear objectives: reducing orange peel skin, fighting extra inches, and firming sagging skin.

To treat these problems, the cream uses soluble collagen and toning action polysaccharides that will stimulate the skin and improve its support; caffeine and plant extracts to reduce contour by mobilizing fat and improving skin firmness; and babassu oil plus ivy to smooth skin .

Its melting texture is derived from shea and murumuru butters that intensely nourish the skin, leaving it softened and protected.

A great option to burn off those stubborn inches that don’t go on a diet. But beware! This balm is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Its INCI has surprised us a lot, so we are going to explain each and every one of the ingredients it contains, so as not to stay with only those that the brand wants to tell us.

After the analysis I will tell you what I think of the cream, whether it works or not, and I give you an alternative in case you are not convinced by Filorga’s option.

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Analysis Nutri-reducing Balm Nutri-Modeling by Filorga

Summary analysis of Filorga Nutri-Modeling Nutri-Reducer Balm

There is no doubt that the cream attracts attention due to the amount of ingredients it contains, something that the brand is accustomed to. But are all these ingredients good for anything?

After analyzing the INCI we can say no. It is clear that all of them have their function, but not all of them benefit the skin, and especially if we focus on useful assets to firm it.

Shea butter, babassu oil and caffeine are the only ingredients that have a high concentration in the cream to be able to make a difference in the cream, since starting from the 5th or 6th ingredient, the concentration drops down.

Functional assets such as those that increase collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, all the amino acids it includes or those that help improve the structure of the skin and restore its flexibility are at the bottom of the list.

It is a shame, as it includes very successful compounds to treat flaccidity and restore part of its flexibility and strength, such as vitamin B1 or retinoid.

This means that the cream will nourish and hydrate the skin (thanks to its high concentration of shea butter and babassu oil), and it will also improve circulation in the area thanks to the caffeine. But apart from that, few firming effects are going to notice.

In addition to this flaw in concentrations, we have found that they have included some very unsavory ingredients for continued use.

There are irritants, and neurotoxins that have been shown to cause the development of tumors (proven in mice) and mutations.

They have been included because although the proportion in the cream is very low, when using it every day, morning and night, these residues accumulate, and over the years they can cause problems. This is what is called the combined effect of cosmetics.

In short, it is not a cream that I would recommend.


If you prefer something safer for your skin and health, we are going to give you a better alternative, the Firming Anti-Stretch Mark cream from Akento Cosmetics, with which you will achieve a reduction in sagging and firmer skin in a very short time.

The brand has made sure to include only natural ingredients that respect the skin and do not attack it. Without any irritant, and with a very low level of preservatives.

Preservatives are the main ingredients that are harmful to the skin, so with this we make sure to keep the combined effect at bay. So you can apply the cream with complete confidence that it will only contribute positive things. I stay calmer.

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