Daeses Sesderma Firming Gel Cream, Analysis And Alternative

A cream specially formulated for combination skin that incorporates the star ingredient DMAE (dimethylamino ethanol or deanol), present in free form and encapsulated in liposomes, to achieve two benefits.

The free active has an immediate firming effect on the epidermis, while the liposome active has a more progressive release and its firming effects continue over time.

It is possible to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, so the skin is firmer and more elastic, there are fewer wrinkles and less likely that new lines appear.

This compound also manages to increase the release of acetylcholine, the component that is responsible for sending signals from the nerves to the muscles and from nerve to nerve, achieving an improvement in muscle tone.

This is what the brand tells us about the product, but since we are not satisfied with what they tell us, we are going to analyze the INCI to verify it ourselves.

We have done the same with all the products that you will find in this Analysis of the Best Firming Creams for the Face , and that is why we only recommend the best ones for your skin and your health.

Analysis Daeses Sesderma Firming Gel Cream

Summary analysis of Sesderma Daeses Firming Gel Cream

Propylene glycol is not the best ingredient to start a formula, as it is a conditioner that is irritating in some cases. It could have been avoided, as could alcohol, an ingredient that is drying and irritating to dry skin.

In the first positions it has some ingredients that are good, such as aloe vera (good moisturizer and healing), hyaluronic acid, lactic acid AHA, and Dimethyl MEA, which is the star ingredient DMAE (dimethylamino ethanol or deanol).

As the brand advertises in the description, it is an ingredient that promotes collagen synthesis. However, on closer inspection, research shows that this compound needs a fairly high pH in the formula to be effective, and in case you don’t know, a high pH does not benefit skin at all.

Only lysine is saved from the lower half of the list, an amino acid that also creates more collagen and elastin, and also acts as a barrier on the skin. And the vitamin C derivative retinyl palmitate, although this compound has some not very pleasant side effects.

Unfortunately, it is full of parabens (I have counted 5), it has perfume and Phenoxyethanol, a toxic preservative; which makes me reject this cream.


If you don’t like putting parabens, harmful ingredients, alcohol or irritants on your face, then I recommend Nezeni Cosmetics Antiage cream.

It is composed of hyaluronic acid, peptides and botanical ingredients that help to firm the skin from the inside. A much healthier option for your skin.

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