Flax Seed: Consumption, Advantages and Disadvantages

Flax seeds have been considered one of the most complete and powerful foods that exist on planet earth. Its benefits are really innumerable, thanks to the fact that they contain Vitamins E and B1, large amounts of Omega 3 and a lot of fiber, in addition to the minerals it has we can mention iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chromium, magnesium, among others.

They are really small seeds that have a somewhat shiny golden color and with a flattened shape, hence it is also known as golden linseed, by the way its small size does not manage to decipher all the positive properties that it can give to the body.

Health benefits of flax seeds

It contains very important diuretic properties to help those who suffer from any abnormality, on the other hand its benefits for constipation are really very important, because it contains digestive enzymes and those who suffer from this disease cannot lose sight of it.

Its high fiber content helps to regulate intestinal traffic, let’s not forget that having a good digestion will help us to better absorb the nutrients that food contains, in addition to giving us a necessary peace of mind.

Due to the large amount of fiber that flax seeds contain, they help reduce body fat and therefore reduce weight . These same fibers are the ones that help eliminate constipation and their constant consumption allows us to purify the body.

Due to their high content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, these seeds play a significant role in achieving cholesterol control in humans, they contain a type of fiber that adheres to it, which prevents it from being processed by the body.

An active, passionate and energetic body

Those who want to give additional vigor to their body , who feel down or with little desire to work, should take into account that the constant consumption of these flax seeds contributes to the increase of vitality and energy, especially if we incorporate their intake at breakfast, there are some people who even prefer to consume them on an empty stomach.

Passion seems to be part of the conditions that this seed returns, its consumption can influence our body as a natural aphrodisiac , by virtue of its contribution to blood circulation. Perhaps it is not the solution at all for impotence, but in some way it contributes to combat it, it also has an impact on the frigidity of women.

Some studies show that its 30 compounds contribute significantly to blocking malignant tumors , which are identified as anticancer, although this property is not considered 100% proven.

Flax seeds to improve cardiovascular functions

Flax seeds contain a characteristic that resembles them with something called prostaglandin, which naturally regulates pressure, helping to prevent blood clots from forming in our body and also regulating arterial functions.

The presence of antioxidants in its compounds helps to reduce this natural aging process in human beings.

Additional benefits for women

The lignans present in the seeds, which by the way have estrogenic properties , contribute to significantly reduce the risk that some people have of osteoporosis and additionally help women to have their menstrual cycle on a regular basis.

By having a kind of rejuvenating antioxidants, they can have a positive impact on hydrating the skin, but they can also help lighten those skin blemishes both on the face and anywhere on the body.

To achieve an ideal mixture that helps us with spots, wrinkles or hydrate our skin, just heat a half cup of natural water, wait for it to boil to add two large tablespoons of our seed and always cook it over low heat until we have a paste thick. After all this process we let it rest and cool, to place it on the face as a mask for about 30 minutes.

By the way, a small combination of water with these seeds gives us what we call flaxseed water, which thanks to its antibacterial action can help us control and eliminate acne.

Benefits for patients with diabetes

Its properties help to improve sugar control in humans, reducing not only cholesterol but also helping to control diabetes.
Flax seeds are incredibly rich in ligans, which provide important anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection. The gastritis, colitis and even arthritis are diseases that can be combated with the use of flax seeds for the properties already described.

Helps us fall asleep, good for curing insomnia

With these flax seeds we can prepare infusions, which if consumed a few hours before sleeping can act in our body as stress and tension reducers, achieving a feeling of calm in our body.

How to consume flax seeds?

There are many ways to consume flax seeds, the most common being the incorporation of them in breads, cookies or any product that is made with homemade dough .

Additionally, we can consume it with yogurt, fruits or even cereal bars can be made by incorporating the seeds into the mixture, another idea that we like a lot is to place it in the mixture that is used to make meatballs, lasagna or pasta.

Unlike other nutrients, flax seeds, despite being baked, do not lose their potential or their properties. What we do have to take into consideration is that our body is not capable of destroying the whole seed, therefore it is mandatory to grind them before using them in recipes or consuming them.

Importance of eating fresh flax seeds

Some people consider that the most practical method is to buy the seeds that they already sell ground, but they run the risk that if they do not use it immediately they may spoil.

In order to obtain all the benefits that flax seeds offer us, it is important to consume at least one or two tablespoons every day , without forgetting to take them with a good amount of water to facilitate their ingestion.

What you did not know about this seed

Some studies reveal that when placing the flour of these seeds in the feed of cows, chickens or other animals, the result indicates that beef, chicken or the same eggs present an increase in their content of Omega-3. In this sense, there are already animals that are certified for their consumption of flaxseed, so that the consumer understands the additional benefits that the product brings.

This seed has great importance in the history of the world, not only is it recognized as a great food that provides benefits to human beings since ancient times, but it has also served as a source of fibers to make clothes and although it may seem a lie, too to create bulletproof vests and large ship sails.

By adding two tablespoons of flax seeds to our daily diet you can perceive healthier nails, skin and hair, in fact it is scientifically proven its benefits in hair loss.

Consuming three tablespoons of flaxseed and three tablespoons of water represents a way to substitute the consumption of an egg, in addition, the consumption of this seed during pregnancy will favor the early development of the fetal nervous system.

As we discussed previously, some doctors assure that the ideal to obtain the greatest of the benefits is to try to consume two tablespoons of flaxseed on an empty stomach, although the perfect combination is derived from combining this product with oats , which in itself have many properties healing, apart from vitamins and minerals, achieving together with flax a powerful mixture for the benefit of our body.

Possible disadvantages of consuming Flax Seeds

Generally, flax seeds do not cause any unfavorable reactions for those who consume them, unless people report an allergic reaction to some of the natural components of the seed.

Therefore, in these cases, it is suggested that you suspend the total consumption of flax seeds and see your family doctor immediately.

What you should know before buying flax seeds

Keep in mind that the packaging must be well protected, preferably at room temperature, its exposure to the sun can lead to getting rancid .

How to take flax seeds?

Because they are such small seeds, it is important to grind them first , but in addition to this we must say that it is uncomfortable to swallow them and keep them in the mouth, therefore it would be easier for us to combine this seed with a liquid such as milk, fruit juice or in its water defect. The ideal proportion would be 250 grams of the seed, liquefying it with one liter of water. Flaxseed can also be found in oil form  or in liquid with flaxseed water .

The consumption of the product is not recommended for those who have irritable bowel syndrome or for those who suffer from seizures. It is also important to inform yourself before consuming it in pregnant women .

It is incredible to know all the benefits that this tiny seed has for the human being, its consumption should be regular, get energy at once, a good amount of fiber and achieve so many benefits for the whole body that cannot be overlooked.

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