How To Strengthen The Immune System: Tips And Food

The immune system is a set of structures responsible for ensuring defense and keeping the body functioning free of diseases . It is understood as all the mechanisms with which our body defends itself against internal invaders, such as bacteria, viruses and parasites.

The immune system is also responsible for cleaning the body , that is, the elimination of dead cells, the renewal of certain structures, rejection of grafts and immune memory. It is also activated against abnormal cells that arise daily in the body as a result of abnormal mitosis: these cells, if not destroyed, can lead to tumors.

How to strengthen the Immune System?

  • Eat well. The best way to strengthen our body’s immune system is through proper and healthy eating .
  • Exercise. The exercise should be done four times a week, 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Always keep your hands clean .
  • Cultivate your oral hygiene habits , like brushing your teeth after meals and always floss.
  • Avoid putting your hand in your mouth.
  • Keep your house clean and well lit.

Foods to strengthen the immune system

Foods to strengthen the immune system

Did your immunity stop working? Or, simply, do you want to strengthen it so as not to give your body a chance for any disease? Bet on a well-balanced diet, especially with the right foods. Food is rich in vitamins, minerals and other substances that help in the maintenance of the immune system. According to nutritionists, achieving the recommended daily consumption of fruits and vegetables already guarantees a better defense. Consumption should be five servings a day: three of fruits and two of vegetables. Take a look at the list of “protective champions” below and learn why these foods are powerful allies of the body.

  • Garlic and onion . Beneficial for the immune system. Its enzymes contain substances that stimulate and inhibit bacterial growth.
  • Tomato . Rich in lycopene, the tomato is a strong ally to fight cardiovascular diseases by eliminating free radicals from the body.
  • Carrot and broccoli . They contain vitamin A . The deficiency of this nutrient is a cause of the reduction of lymphocytes, which increases the probability of bacterial, viral or parasitic infections.
  • Orange, mango, strawberry and pepper. Rich in vitamin C , they increase the production of white blood cells, the immune cells that stimulate resistance.
  • Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts and green leaves . They contain selenium, vitamins and act as antioxidants. They protect cell membranes from toxic substances, radiation, and free radicals, which are released in the body’s natural chemical reactions.
  • Meat, milk, fish, chicken, beans, and whole grains . These foods contain zinc and selenium, the deficiency of which can cause various immune disorders.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids ( olive oil and salmon) . It helps the arteries stay free of inflammation, helping the body’s immunity.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate , red wine and flaxseed . They contain antioxidants and properties that defend the body.

Drinks to improve the Immune System

Drinks to improve the Immune System

  • Water . Drink at least half a liter of water a day to keep your body hydrated and your airways moist.
  • Green juice . It contains chlorophyll and is rich in zinc, iron and vitamin C .
  • Fruit juice . Nutritious and full of vitamins. ( Benefits of fruit juices )
  • Ginger tea . Strengthens the body’s defense system and has a bactericidal action. Excellent in the digestive process. More information on ginger .
  • Green tea . Detoxifies and accelerates metabolism, improves immunity and enhances the fight against free radicals.
  • Anise tea . Anise is great for improving immunity against viruses, especially colds.

Foods to Avoid to Strengthen the Immune System

diets high in sugars interfere

Studies show that diets high in sugars interfere with the ability of white blood cells to destroy invaders. Better check out our 19 tips for a Healthy Eating .

The excessive intake of fat also reduces the activity of killer cells and impairs the immune response.

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