Foot Fungus: How To Detect And Treat Them

Our feet are always subjected to a lot of load pressure, enclosed with socks or stockings, closed shoes and often tight. In addition, during the summer the feet are a very vulnerable area to suffer infections . All this set of factors means that our body can also sweat and cause foot fungus .

The so-called athlete’s foot is a disease caused by a fungus that is spread mainly in humid environments where people walk barefoot: in showers, changing rooms or swimming pools, for example. Likewise, the fungal infection can be transmitted in direct contact with the affected area of ​​a person , or with contact with surfaces, contaminated objects such as shoes, towels or floors.

What are the main detection symptoms?

The foot fungus is highly contagious, hence the importance of treating them as soon as possible once detected to avoid worsening the state of our foot. These are the main signs and symptoms caused by fungi.

  • Reddish scaly eruptions in the region of the toes.
  • Itching, especially after removing footwear.
  • In some types of fungi or in more advanced stages, when the fungus has not been adequately treated, there is an appearance of blisters and ulcers on the toes, added to a dryness and peeling of the soles.
  • They can cause chronic flaking on the soles of the feet .
  • They can cause disproportionate damage to other parts of the body, such as onychomycosis (nail fungus) or jock itch, in the groin.

Treatment of fungi

Once we are certain of the presence of foot fungus, it is time to treat them and prevent them from continuing to proliferate .

The treatments that are most indicated to eliminate foot fungus are drugs with an antifungal effect . These kill fungi or lower the pH of the skin in the growth zone to prevent further growth. This is the case with products such as Scholl’s foot fungus treatment , whose main active ingredient is terbinafine, which fights fungal infection in the feet in just 7 days, helping to regenerate and protect the skin to reduce risk. reinfection

Either with this medicine or with others on the market, it is good to bear in mind that to achieve results it is not only important to follow the instructions in the package insert, but also to apply it as indicated and for the necessary period of time, since fungi they reappear easily .

Consult your pharmacist about the different antifungal options that exist and leave the care of your feet in the hands of an expert.

Athlete’s foot prevention

After a bad experience and the discomfort caused by foot fungus, there are a series of recommendations that are very easy to apply in our routine to prevent a reinfection of foot fungus :

  • Do not walk barefoot in the communal wet areas (swimming pools or wet floors).
  • Use of flip flops , since they act as a barrier against contagion. Its use should be limited to the beach, swimming pools or public showers, to avoid dermatological affections. But it should not be used as usual footwear, since they can cause other types of problems in our feet.
  • At no time should you share shoes, socks or towels. Change socks daily and wash flip-flops after each use in communal areas, to prevent microorganisms from proliferating.
  • Wear open shoes as much as possible to avoid having the foot enclosed and more prone to suffering from diseases of all kinds.
  • The hygiene of our feet is important to prevent microorganisms from causing skin and nail infections.
  • After each shower or bath, the feet should be dried, insisting between the toes, since the humidity and heat facilitate the proliferation of fungi.
  • For athletes, the use of cotton socks is recommended , as they absorb sweat much better inside the shoe.
  • Drying powder can be used to prevent perspiration and keep feet dry. Antifungal creams are great for keeping your foot cool and preventing athlete’s foot.
  • The hydration of the feet is one of the important aspects to take into account. It is better to apply it at night, to avoid sweating during the day.

Follow these tips and you will be safe from suffering from the dreaded athlete’s foot, a really uncomfortable infection that can be avoided with some ease.

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