Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly: Contraindications, Benefits And Dosage To Take.

A quality and pure product represents freeze-dried royal jelly, a natural food processed to offer you all its properties of the most concentrated jelly.

Royal jelly is processed to obtain freeze-dried jelly that facilitates its storage for a longer time, which is not possible with fresh jelly. Freeze-drying allowing us to have it more concentrated, occupying less space and with greater durability without the need to keep it refrigerated.

Still not try it? Integrate it into your healthy diet to help keep your body revitalized. You can take honey pure or with your food, it is easy to add a little to the salad, juice or diluted in water, in this way it complements your diet.

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What is lyophilized royal jelly?

It has always been interesting to get to know natural foods that make great contributions to our health, one of them is royal jelly, food produced by bees for their own consumption. With extensive healthy properties and health benefits, it has been extensively studied, to the point of finding what we know today as lyophilized royal jelly, a more concentrated and long-lasting version.

Its improvement is based on a simple process in which its properties are not altered, the nutrients are maintained and only the water it contains is eliminated. Royal jelly can contain almost 60% water, therefore, when eliminated, the jelly obtained has three times higher concentration than the same amount of fresh royal jelly.

The process used to obtain freeze-dried royal jelly occurs through the reduction of water, knowing that honey contains at least 30% water. Ideally, this version of honey should not add chemicals that alter its composition.

One of the main advantages of freeze-dried royal jelly is that it does not require cold storage to keep it in good condition. In addition, a type of concentrated royal jelly reduces the space it occupies by being in greater concentration.

Properties of lyophilized royal jelly

Each process that occurs in our body can be improved if we provide it with the nutrients it needs, as well as enough fiber, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins to facilitate the processes. All these properties and more contains freeze-dried royal jelly, I say more, because it is in a concentrated form that exceeds about 3 times that of fresh royal jelly.

Without a doubt, it is an exceptional food that cannot go unnoticed by those who want to stay healthy. That is why we present the properties of freeze-dried royal jelly.

The royal jelly lyophilized exceeds three times around the fresh jelly, ie 3g of lyophilised equivalent to 1 g of fresh royal jelly. This advantage is maintained in each of its properties, despite the fact that after the lyophilization process some of its properties decrease a little.

Its extensive properties can be summarized in the following list:

  • Food that provides energy and revitalizes your body. It reduces stress and keeps you active during the day. It is also used to reduce fatigue and the state of tiredness in those people who demand themselves doing sports and physical activities.
  • It helps fight common illnesses such as colds, flu and viruses, which, thanks to its antimicrobial power, can prevent and combat viral diseases by strengthening the body’s defense system.

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  • Strengthens the immune system in charge of red blood cells, promoting the formation of antibodies that will keep your body free of diseases. Honey has petroylglutamic acid in its composition that contributes to its vasodilator action, very useful for people suffering from anemia.
  • It is an excellent nutritional support in those elderly people who need to have all the sources of energy, vitamins and minerals available. Its concentration means that including a little in your daily diet increases its health benefits.
  • A food with a high load of nutrients improves and modifies in part the metabolism, promoting the production of proteins.
  • It contains royalactin, a glycoprotein that is believed to maintain youth. It is even responsible for the fact that a queen bee lives longer than the rest just by consuming royal jelly. This component will totally change your metabolism, activating your body from its physiology.

Benefits of lyophilized royal jelly

An energetic food with large amounts of nutrients works as a restorative in case of improvements during diseases, treatments or natural wear of the body. Freeze-dried royal jelly offers those energetic benefits, being an exclusive food for active or weak people who seek to overcome diseases.

The main benefits of freeze-dried royal jelly focus on the increase in red blood cells, an important characteristic to fight diseases such as anemia. Improves oxygenation that results in the formation of enzymes that take care of the functioning of the liver.

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In general, it will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, restore the energy you lose in your daily routines, overcome fatigue and stress states, including also the weakness caused by some diseases. It brings direct benefits to the body, giving the feeling of general improvement to the body.

One benefit that lyophilized royal jelly offers is its degree of sterility, that is, it is free of external organisms or agents that can alter the nutritional mixture. It is vacuum packed and is durable.

If you maintain a good diet, you will stay healthy, in good physical and mental condition. Using royal jelly as a food supplement, you will find to take advantage of all the benefits and contributions to health of this magnificent food.

Main uses of lyophilized royal jelly

Royal jelly is used mainly as a natural revitalizer, a food with extensive healthy and nutritional properties that allows its use as a dietary supplement. Its broad properties have led it to be applied to specific cases of medicine, to help reduce symptoms or fight diseases.

Although royal jelly is a healthy food, it is widely used to fight some diseases and other conditions. Its uses are very wide and can regulate different internal processes of the body, such as endocrines, the nervous system and the circulatory system.

On the outside of the body, it helps to cope with skin conditions, some of them simple like fighting acne and others more complicated like burns or superficial wound healing.

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Freeze-dried royal jelly for cholesterol

Cholesterol alters your health, the fat that accumulates in your body passes into the bloodstream, ending in the clogging of arteries and preventing blood circulation. The lyophilized royal jelly is the food that controls blood fat, reducing levels of bad cholesterol to prevent heart disease from developing.

High blood pressure is linked to cholesterol, which also implies that the consumption of royal jelly favors the control of blood pressure.

Freeze-dried royal jelly for stress

Jelly is a healthy food that helps control many factors in the body that affect the mood of people who consume it. Stress is reduced in a healthy body and as a result of the control of blood pressure, the supply of energy available to the body, stimulation of the nervous system that directly affect stress reduction. These results are permanent if you keep consuming jelly on a regular basis.

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Freeze Dried Royal Jelly for Fatigue

Freeze-dried royal jelly, a high-energy food that works as an energizer, helps reduce fatigue. It allows you to stay active during the day if you have a continuous consumption and a healthy diet. It has been shown in different experiments that it increases the vitality of those who consume it, changing their mood and keeping them active.

There is no better excuse to consume this food and recommend it as the best food to start your mornings on an empty stomach, for high-performance athletes or high physical demands and for those elderly and sick people who require high doses of energy.

Freeze-dried royal jelly for heart problems

In the same way that it controls blood cholesterol, it is also capable of protecting the heart against the risk of suffering from diseases that can become chronic or very sensitive. The circulatory system is accelerated, until it resumes its natural state due to its vasodilator effect, this causes two effects: it reduces the risks of suffering from cardiovascular diseases and regulates blood pressure.

Freeze-dried royal jelly to improve defenses

The body’s defenses correspond to the immune system, which will cope with diseases. Jelly strengthens the immune system with its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. These properties can also be used at the skin level, as it can be spread in the form of a cream to treat burns, allergies and wounds, preventing them from becoming infected, while promoting rapid healing.

Freeze-dried royal jelly for the nervous system

It stimulates the nervous system, increasing the efficiency of brain function. It works by improving the brain’s oxygenation capacity, which keeps the neurotransmitters used for these functions in good condition.

Freeze-dried royal jelly for diabetes

It may be strange that a sweet food does not affect people with diabetes, but jelly has been shown to work to lower blood glucose levels in diabetic patients, while reducing insulin resistance. After constant consumption, blood glucose is regulated, making it impossible for a person to develop diabetes or already suffer from it, it avoids becoming a problem.

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Freeze-dried royal jelly for hypertension

Freeze-dried royal jelly supports blood circulation by reducing bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This is an indirect way of controlling blood pressure, regulating it to its normal functioning levels of a healthy person.

Freeze Dried Royal Jelly For Depression

No one is exempt from suffering from depression at some stage in their life, a disorder that could be aggravated if it is not treated in time. A person who regularly consumes small amounts of freeze-dried royal jelly benefits from its properties to reduce or prevent symptoms of depression.

Mainly vitamin B and some amino acids contained in royal jelly, positively affect the nervous system that regulates emotions and provides antidepressant actions.

Freeze-dried royal jelly for metabolism

Athletes benefit from the increased cellular metabolism promoted by the B group vitamins contained in lyophilized royal jelly. The metabolism is improved at all levels, since they also involve the necessary enzymes for each process to occur.

Royal jelly also favors the growth of children, making it a good option to supplement their diet during the development and growth phase.

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Freeze-dried royal jelly for bones

This food is vital for bone structure, directly fortifying bones with its nutrients, while improving the structure of cartilage and connective tissue. Royal jelly can be the solution to avoid and improve symptoms caused by bone diseases.

Anywhere you can find freeze-dried royal jelly for you to use. We recommend acquiring the appropriate form that suits your needs, that is, as a cream to spread on the skin, capsules to take daily or bottles in their original version to use as ingredients to prepare food.

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Is fresh royal jelly better or freeze-dried royal jelly?

Directly comparing the properties of fresh royal jelly with freeze-dried royal jelly is not the best way to see its properties and benefits. While fresh royal jelly remains in its mostly natural state, it also has its drawbacks, such as its cold storage limit, which concentrated jelly does not require.

While lyophilized royal jelly, when treated, loses a little of its properties, because the natural water that composes it is not present, its structure is altered in some way, as well as it can lose some nutrients. This can be solved by its concentration, which is three times that of royal jelly in its natural state.

Both options are good for your health, they maintain their properties of nutrients and vitamins, as well as their use can be the same in each of their versions. In the end, what changes is your concentration.

How to take freeze-dried royal jelly correctly?

It is such a concentrated food that you will find it in small packages, from a few grams, to freeze-dried royal jelly tablets, which can also be reinforced by adding some specific vitamins and minerals.

Its intake or consumption is done to take advantage of its available energy that revitalizes our body. A food with a high energy load is advisable to consume during the first hours of the morning, even better if you do it on an empty stomach. That way they take better advantage and you prepare to face the tasks of each day.

In its pure state, its flavor is very intense, which some people cannot bear, especially on an empty stomach in the morning, so it is best to use it as a sweetener in your meals, be it a glass of milk, a glass of juice or whatever. go for breakfast on the spot.

If you do a routine consumption, choose cycles of weeks, fulfilling a maximum of one month of regular intake of royal jelly, enough time for your body’s defenses to recover and feel its effects. If we talk about doses, I recommend consuming between 50 and 100mg every day

The benefits of lyophilized royal jelly are not only obtained by consuming it, but it is possible to use it topically, either for cosmetic use when trying to rejuvenate the skin or to spread on areas of damaged skin or inflamed areas. Many of the nutrients they contain are absorbed through the skin and promote tissue repair, while also hydrating it.

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Recommended dosage of lyophilized royal jelly

A high-quality natural product like royal jelly practically does not go through very complex digestibility processes as other foods would. When consuming royal jelly, its components pass into the body, being easily assimilated. In a short time the blood will have the nutrients of the jelly and will be ready to distribute it throughout your body.

You will have no problems consuming it in any of the presentations that you find. Lyophilized royal jelly is usually stored in small jars because of its high concentration. You can also find it in tablets and as an ingredient in other compounds prepared for cosmetic uses, soaps, soaps and creams.

Studies on the properties of royal jelly indicate that its consumption should not exceed 1000mg per day, this referring to fresh royal jelly, now, lyophilized royal jelly is recommended a normal consumption of 100mg per day. Exceeding these recommended doses does not imply severe damage, it is simply what is believed to be healthier and get the most out of it.

Being more concentrated, the amount of nutrients that are taken is greater. Although it is possible to exceed this limit, it must be done at your own responsibility, knowing your physical condition, suffering from allergies and diagnosed diseases. Not all people have the same characteristics or want to achieve the same goals.

Someone whose primary objective is to gain muscle mass and obtain more energy, may try to exceed its consumption, but his physical demand will make it assimilate quickly, minimizing health risks. Unlike someone sedentary who consumes too much freeze-dried royal jelly just for fun, their health and well-being will undoubtedly be affected.

As for children, the consumption of honey in a third of the adult dose is recommended and as a maximum limit it is recommended not to exceed half the recommended dose for adults.

Its consumption is recommended in monthly batches to obtain rest periods, however, some recent studies reveal that the consumption of freeze-dried royal jelly causes visible effects when reaching about six months after its consumption. Experiencing the benefits in mental health and blood glucose regulation, while other patients with cardiovascular conditions minimized the risks of worsening disease development.

Nutritional value of lyophilized royal jelly

The nutritional properties of freeze-dried royal jelly are in doubt, but… What does it contain? First I inform you that the freeze-drying process maintains the nutritional properties of the product intact and despite being no longer considered natural, they have very few modifications beyond just having removed the water.

In its purest, most natural state, lyophilized royal jelly offers a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins of group B, along with folic acid, vitamin C that helps the immune system, E and A. in terms of minerals, provides iron, phosphorus, selenium, copper and calcium.

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After freeze-drying, the jelly gains energy and maximizes the amount of nutrients that a gram of food can contain. If we refer to a royal jelly capsule, we will see that the energy contribution exceeds a thousand calories and reaches almost one gram between proteins and carbohydrates present. The energy contribution is expressed by its different types of amino acids contained, contributing to the formation of proteins and energy available to the body.

Contraindications to the consumption of lyophilized royal jelly

Headache tachycardia and increased blood pressure can be symptoms of ingesting freeze-dried royal jelly excessively. The dose to exceed can be 100mg per day, which is the maximum to be recommended. For children, the appropriate intake is a third of that amount, that is, 25mg is the maximum dose to be ingested per child. These figures are for freeze-dried royal jelly, if it is fresh jelly you can increase the amount of consumption.

The consumption of royal jelly should be limited in people with some special conditions, depending on age and health conditions. A contraindication to the consumption of royal jelly is for people who suffer from a condition in the adrenal glands or who are diagnosed with Addison’s disease.

Another consideration about contraindications refers to its use in those who want to lose weight. Although it helps to achieve the objectives, if it is not consumed intelligently, it can play as a negative factor. Remember that royal jelly is a highly energetic compound with many available carbohydrates. If you reach the levels, the excess of those carbohydrates will begin to be stored in body fat, causing an effect opposite to what is intended.

It is almost unlikely that you are allergic to honey, although some sensitivity to pollen is recognized, it does not imply that you do not tolerate royal jelly. To be safe, you can consult your doctor and avoid any surprise if you have never consumed this type of natural product. A homemade way to check it is to dilute a small amount in water and drink it, if after a while you do not express allergy symptoms you can start taking it without fear.

Finally, do not forget that despite the many benefits that freeze-dried royal jelly offers you, you should not neglect physical exercises and vitamin supplements. The best way to take advantage of the food you eat is by maintaining a good physical shape to absorb the most nutrients.

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