Golden Radiance Body Oil From Freshly Cosmetics, Analysis And Alternative

Golden Radiance Body Oil is Freshly Cosmetics’ best-selling product, and no wonder.

It gathers no less than 12 vegetable oils in a completely natural formula that not only moisturizes and nourishes, but depending on the brand, it is also responsible for reducing stretch marks, scars, cellulite and reducing a few centimeters.

However, although it looks great it is not the best body oil I have come across . If you want to know which one is my favorite, you just have to take a look at this article with The Best Body Oils of the moment.

Returning to the Freshly Cosmetics product, I will tell you that if you are passionate about sweet and citrus scents , this oil has mixed more than 10 natural fruit and flower extracts to create a really pleasant aroma.

That is why it does not include perfume, since its aroma is totally natural derived from its ingredients.

It comes in a glass container with a dispenser and is available in a 100 or 200 ml format.

I’m going to analyze your INCI to see what those 12 vegetable oils are mentioned, and what active ingredients are included to treat something as difficult as cellulite or stretch marks.

Then I will give you a summary, and I will tell you my opinion and if it is worth using it.

Freshly Cosmetics Golden Radiance Body Oil Analysis

Freshly Cosmetics Golden Radiance Body Oil analysis summary

Freshly Cosmetics does not skimp on vegetable oils in this product and brings together up to 12 different types at the top of the list.

The first is that of sweet almonds, a very emollient oil that reduces dryness even in the deep layers of the skin and leaves a subtle shine that looks great. Plus it’s cheap too.

It is followed by sunflower, macadamia, chia, olive, avocado, poppy, hazelnut, babassu, jojoba, rosehip, and finally marula oil.

Each of these oils has different qualities, but basically all of them are very rich in fatty acids.

Its benefits are that they prevent transepidermal water loss (keep the skin hydrated), repair the barrier function , have restorative and antioxidant properties .

Therefore, they are perfect for all skin types, especially dry ones.

The rosehip oil in particular is considered one of the best healing and natural reinvigorating that exist, and in this case can do something to reduce scarring and stretch marks, although its concentration is not so high as to make much difference .

To treat stretch marks, the brand also mentions that marula oil can do something, although its properties do not go beyond hydrating, softening and protecting the skin. I don’t think it does much for this problem.

After the oils come flower and fruit extracts , which include grapefruit, pineapple, bergamot, tangor, cardamom, lavender, pomegranate, apple, calendula, orange, etc. pear, rose, sandalwood and safflower.

In addition to contributing to its great smell , these plant extracts have different individual functions. Most of them have an antioxidant effect derived from their rich concentration of vitamins.

But there are also some that improve elasticity, firm, soothe, hydrate, accelerate healing or even increase collagen production.

The apple extract is rich in Malic acid , an alpha hydroxy acid that will exert a gentle exfoliating effect.

There is a problem with some of these extracts, especially citrus fruits, and that is that they can cause irritation and a phototoxic reaction when exposed to the sun .

It is unlikely but this possibility is possible, so anyone who has skin problems, or is allergic to soy (as it contains soy glycine oil) should avoid this oil.

On the other hand, there is also the plankton extract, specifically the micro-alga Tisochrysis lutea , which apparently increases thermogenesis (energy expenditure) and favors the formation of burner adipocytes, compared to storage adipocytes.

This could benefit skin with cellulite by promoting fat burning; however, its presence is very low, and the product does not include any other active ingredient that can help to eliminate cellulite in any way.

In lower concentrations , astaxanthin is still found , another micro-algae derivative with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduces water loss.

Next is another good antioxidant such as vitamin E, as well as squalene, which in addition to being an antioxidant has antibacterial properties.

After several fragrances derived from natural essential oils, this extensive list ends.

It can be said that the Golden Radiance oil from Freshly Cosmetics is the most complete there is in body care, as it is full of natural ingredients.

After using it for several weeks I can say that it fulfills its moisturizing and nourishing function . It leaves the skin very soft and comfortable, and with a pleasant smell.

It is not oily and is absorbed in a short time, which is something to be welcomed.

However, when it comes to its anti-cellulite and anti-stretch mark performance, it is quite disappointing.

It is something normal, because the effective active ingredients that can really do something to solve these skin problems are not present.

And those that can improve it are not in the right proportions.

It must also be said that it is not a cheap product, since 100 ml costs € 26, and being a cosmetic that you can apply all over the body, it is used up immediately. So I have a better alternative for you.


Yes, I have found a better body oil than Freshly Cosmetics, and this is the Nuxe brand.

I have chosen it because I like its smell and texture much better, and it is also packed with vegetable oils and other natural ingredients.

With this there are no problems of irritation or phototoxicity, which worried me a bit with the previous one, since I usually use it just before going out.

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