Furniture Restoration

Saving has become essential for many people who need to minimize their expenses. If to this we add the fact that nowadays we can take advantage of the fact of recycling and restoring furniture, it seems to have become a trend that continues to grow, we can say that thanks to this technique you will not only be able to avoid having to spend money in new furniture but also with the old ones you can bring a renewed look to any room in the house.

Furniture restoration

The restoration of furniture has gone from being something specific that only applied when we wanted to be able to “save” a piece of furniture that we were very fond of or that had a certain value, to being a good option for those of us who have to buy new furniture but we don’t have a budget for it.

Think that materials such as wood are relatively easy to restore and above all we can give them a new “look” simply by changing their color . Also, if you are fond of doing your own repairs or arrangements at home, we can always do an online furniture restorer course or perfect our technique through tutorial videos and of course, our own practice.

To this is added something that I have already mentioned and that is that the restoration of furniture is fashionable , if we take into account that decorative styles such as “rustic” or “vintage” are currently a trend, such as furniture made with pallets . In addition, there are many people who have started restoring furniture out of “necessity” and have ended up turning this into a real hobby or “hobby”.

Restoring furniture allows us to keep our minds occupied and each new restoration will become a challenge for you. In this way, what seems necessary to save on the cost of new furniture, becomes a good entertainment from the first moment and once finished it is a great satisfaction to see the result in our bedroom, in the middle of the living room or in any other part of the house.

Steps to restore a piece of furniture

1. Take a good look at the furniture and what is the arrangement you need.

It is necessary, not to say obligatory, to begin by analyzing not only the type of furniture that we have to restore or what material it is made of but also what decorative style it is, if it is deteriorated or not, if it has woodworm, etc … in this way we will make a idea of ​​the work ahead.

2. Clean the furniture well

Before starting to sand, paint or whatever we are going to do to the furniture, it must be completely clean. You can use cleaning products, or soap and water, which we all know, but you should also apply a stripper to remove the varnish and previous paints.

3. Furniture repair

In this step what we have to do is eliminate any type of damage that the furniture has. In this way, if possible, it should be disassembled and fixed for each and every one of its parts, putting glue, putty, sanding, etc … whatever is necessary.

4. Protect the furniture

The protection phase takes place once we have completely cleaned and fixed the furniture. At this stage of the process we apply a suitable treatment against insects to the wood. In the event that it has woodworm, a suitable produc is injected into the holes left by this insect with the help of a syringe.

5. Finish the furniture

To finish the restoration of the furniture we have to match the tone of the wood (if you want it can be darkened with walnut), apply filler, sand in the direction of the grain, between the two layers of filler and also at the end, and when they have already After a few days we give it the final touch so that it has a perfect finish after applying products such as shellac or beeswax.

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