Genital Tubercle: Identify The Gender Of Your Baby

To start, in recent times, millions of couples worldwide, decide to have a baby at certain times in their lives, and this is practically a wish of all marriages, since this allows them to unite their lives much more , and being able to have something more in common, this allows them to strengthen their relationships as a marriage and gives them a new love, a new life.

But in cases in which future mothers want to know the exact moment in which the gender of the baby can be determined through the application of ultrasound, or some other method used by doctors, since commonly the cravings for The couple invites them to know the gender of their baby in the shortest possible time, with whatever procedure.

On repeated occasions, people resort to various methodologies to obtain the information they are looking for, we must not forget that some relatives invite to use and employ certain methods that are based on myths and beliefs, on which opinions will be issued that according to them will allow to know what is the gender of the baby, but this without results.

What is happening today

Currently, the desire of many pregnant women is to be able to know the gender of their baby as soon as possible, and there arises the great question of what is the gender of their baby, if it is a boy or if on the contrary it is a girl, in In this sense, the necessary measures will be taken to obtain the information quickly, especially in a precise and reliable way.

And it is that ultrasound-type equipment is continuously being implemented that have a high resolution that will allow them to know what the gender of the baby is by ultrasound, and this continues to improve as the days go by and as the case may be, everything related to it The gender of the baby can be clarified around week 11 with an 85% certainty in what is spoken.

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It has been suggested that the clitoris that belongs to the female fetus, and the area where the male fetus is located , have similar appearances in the echoes that are made, this occurs in the 11th to 14th week of pregnancy, therefore In order to achieve the definition of the baby’s gender, specialists make some very special cuts in the area of ​​the genital tubercle.

Now, the genital tuber cut and depending on the type of orientation that it has , the relationship with respect to the gender of the fetus can be made, which as we have established will be done between 11 weeks or even 14, it is important to do it from this time so that the result can show what is being sought by carrying out this aforementioned test.

It should be noted that if the genital tubercle is inclined towards the area where the legs of the fetus are located, the possibility that in a percentage of 85% we are in the presence of a girl will be present, on the other hand if If it leans over the abdomen of the fetus, it will mean that we are talking about a child, with the same percentage of 85% security.

After these ages that we have been talking about, it will be possible to define in a better way what the baby’s gender is, by performing the ultrasound examination, in which the lips will stand out, and her vulva if we talk about girls, or the scrotum bag and penis can be clearly seen if we are talking about a fetus with a male gender as the case may be.

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At the time that the ultrasound is to be performed through the endovaginal route between the periods of 11 to 14 weeks, it will be possible to clearly show what the gender of your baby is because the definition will be better and therefore the resolution will also be quality increases, and this will depend on the doctor who is following your pregnancy, since he will give the orders for your tests.

Because if after this time it is still not known what the baby’s gender is, the doctor can take the initiative to perform an echo through the endovaginal route, with the fundamental premise of being able to know what the baby’s gender is, and be able to give it this wonderful gift to parents who so eagerly wish to receive it as soon as possible.

In this case, being able to establish and clarify everything related to the baby’s gender during these early stages of pregnancy will be very beneficial for each of the couples and their respective families, so that with this the preparation of each can be carried out. implement that the baby needs, depending on the gender of the baby, along with their clothes and other things.

Importance of defining the baby’s gender

It is important to be able to define the gender of the baby in the first weeks of pregnancy, since with this the family can begin to carry out the tasks that are necessary, we must not forget that with the definition of the gender of the baby the study can also be carried out if everything is going in the best way since the health of the fetus and the conditions in which it is found are checked.

And it is that with the knowledge that everything is in order and that the health of the fetus is ideal, you can be calmer, since you can determine if the fetus is complete and you can clarify the exact age of the pregnancy and keep a date labor with great certainty, and this can be achieved because with the performance of these tests everything can be clarified.

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From the foregoing it follows that specialists will advise that whenever an ultrasound is performed to know the state of the pregnancy, the priority of it has to be to know if the baby maintains healthy growth and if it is formed according to normal parameters. This will be known in a very simple way and above all with special and reliable characteristics.

You must remember that this procedure will offer 85% certainty in their analyzes, it is necessary then that the doctors can have a completely specialized team with them and that their experience can be synonymous with tranquility and confidence for the patients, it must be remembered that these people are excellent professionals in every sense of the word.

This will generate the confidence of the parents who will undoubtedly understand the diagnoses that the doctor can make and will provide all their support to each of the decisions that he can make, without a doubt having the necessary equipment will be essential to be able to count on the exact explanation of the characteristics of the fetus and its state of health and its date of delivery.

All parents are curious to know what the gender of their baby will be long before it is born, to be able to choose a name or even decorate their child’s room according to their gender, buy them the clothes that you are going to wear, as well as your shoes and any other accessories that are going to be placed, hence the importance of knowing this information.

If an ultrasound is performed around the 20th week of pregnancy, it should be mentioned that it will be extremely easy for the specialist to determine what the gender of your baby is, if it remains in a good position that allows a clear view of the area of genitalia, during this time it is easy to establish the differences between males and females.

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And it is that before 11 weeks it is complex to be able to visualize it, but as the pregnancy progresses it will be much easier to clearly define the gender of the baby, some prefer to wait for the time of 20 weeks where the fetus is already developed in To a great extent, but everything will depend on the doctor you go to to carry out the pregnancy control.

However, it is not as simple as some may think to be able to observe and appreciate the gender of the fetus, during the first days or weeks in which the pregnancy develops, although its gender can be determined genetically from the moment it is fertilizes the egg, but all embryos are the same during the process of embryo development.

What is the genital tubercle?

Initially, each of the embryos have a tiny protrusion or also a swelling that occurs in the genital area, and this is known as a genital tubercle, if the women in their pregnancy have a male in their womb around week number 7 the testosterone will be produced that will make that genital tuber grow.

This growth of the tubercle will lead to the formation and development that will come in the form of the penis and scrotum, or if it is a girl the area where the genital tubercle is located will be converted into the clitoris and also in the vaginal lips , this will be determined according to the gender of the baby in which, as the case may be, the internal parts will develop in the naturally determined way.

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Gradually this process will take place, and you will only be able to appreciate all these differences from week 11 of pregnancy development, during the process of this stage all fetuses will have the genital tubercle, in the case of a male this tuber will point upward, at an angle that reaches 30 degrees from the spine.

While in the case of all girls, the tuber is presented in a much more horizontal way in which it follows the entire line of the body, and this is at an angle much less than 30 degrees, for this the technician will perform the ultrasound In order to make the necessary assessments, in this case the baby must be lying down or even in the back position.

In certain circumstances the differences are not so obvious and in this the doctor must do what is necessary to carry out an excellent process of identifying the baby’s gender, therefore all the experience that the doctor has will be necessary to establish the information that necessary, making parents know everything they need to know about their child.

Is it reliable to predict the gender of the baby with an ultrasound performed between 11 to 13 weeks?

The performance of this study and what may emerge from there is completely reliable , because numerous studies show the great percentage of success on the determination of gender during this period of eleven weeks, a very early period of pregnancy in which it can be manage to inform people about the sexuality of their children and everything necessary.

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Now, currently there have been some studies that have established preferably to carry out this type of studies during the development of week number 12 because when babies are in a lying position at week 11 maintaining the ideal position to observe the entire protrusion, and even so specialists were correct in 70% of the given cases.

And it is that even with the great experience of some doctors motivated by the years of service, only 70% of the cases reviewed have been correct in the specification of the baby’s gender during the process carried out in the 11th week of pregnancy development, even if they used very complete and innovative devices that have great quality in the images shown.

While in the process of evaluating the genital tubercle carried out after twelve weeks, they have a much greater success than that shown previously, and that is that in 9 out of 10 cases a percentage of success was presented, this shows that the higher the The amount of time to carry out this process, the greater the success of the test performed.

In any case, it is unlikely that some people will be able to find out what the gender of the baby is in a routine test such as ultrasound, which is performed in these early stages, since in most cases, the devices that are used to performing the scanner does not have as much precision or the quality necessary to observe the smallest details that the fetus presents.

In some cases, doctors do not have the full time necessary to be able to hope that the baby can be placed in the ideal position, it must be noted that from the 13th week of the pregnancy process, the baby will already shrink and have the ability to perform stunts, therefore it is very difficult to see the angle you want to observe in detail.

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It commonly happens that people are told what the gender of the baby is, but after a few weeks they discover that they did not tell them the gender correctly, therefore it can result in a problem because you had already planned something or bought other things for him. opposite gender, therefore it is better to wait until the week that we have indicated to observe everything correctly.

Even more so if in your family nucleus there may be files where there are records of genetic problems that are related to both the male gender as well as the female gender, so in this case you must wait at least until 15 weeks to be able to carry out the tests. necessary studies and to be able to clarify what will be the definitive gender of the little baby.

So after reaching the time of 15 weeks you can perform the ultrasound that will be with much more detailed characteristics where all the chances of success with respect to the gender of the baby can increase, in this way and following these steps the information will be correct and you will be able to be sure of what has been supplied, it is advisable to wait for the ideal.

Couples are amazed on a daily basis with regard to the formation of their baby and it is that being able to observe it is an indescribable joy, many gynecologists begin to detail each of the parts that make up the body and it really is the most emotional moment of the entire pregnancy, There they name the main areas, such as the head, the legs, among others.

And is that some families decide to wait a little longer to be able to identify the baby in the best possible way, ensuring the answer that will be given there , it must be considered that during the course of this week the identification will be much easier and the answer will have a greater percentage of success, as long as the genital area can be seen fully.

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It should be noted that both embryos belonging to both genders will have a very small lump in their genital area that will be called the genital tubercle, from here the intimate parts of the fetus will begin to form, such is the case of the penis or scrotum if it is a male , or if it is a female, the clitoris will begin to form together with the baby’s vaginal lips.

And related to these changes, it can be mentioned that they began to develop from the seventh week , but it should not be overlooked that the process takes place gradually, this indicates that it will not occur from one moment to another or overnight. tomorrow, so you have to be patient and wait for the time of week 11 to discover what you are looking for.

It is well known that in all men, the genital tubercle has something very remarkable, and that is that it points upwards in relation to about 30 degrees from the spine, while in the case of boys it has less pronounced qualities, that is, the tuber will maintain a completely horizontal position, the baby must be on his back to observe it.

Are the baby’s gender identifications accurate at an early stage?

Important studies firmly affirm that being able to identify the gender of babies, based exclusively on the observation of the genital tubercle, is of a relative nature, we must not forget that they need to have the conditions that are ideal, this indicates that babies should be lying down back, likewise you must have operators who are experienced.

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These operators will have the necessary experience to find a way to observe what parents want, given that they also use high-quality equipment and devices, these studies have a percentage of 70% correcting the answers they issue, this related to ultrasound scans. that pregnant women perform between weeks 11 to number 14.

But some other studies perhaps a little more recent have shown other statistics, in studies carried out in the course of week 12 they have shown 46% with respect to their correct answers, while at week 13 it was indicated that they had an accuracy of 80% do not forget that these are statistics and that they do not always fully reflect the entire and complete reality.

Meanwhile, specialist doctors such as Dr. Andrés Poblete, who works as a gynecologist with a large number of years in his history, explains and raises that 3D or even 4D echoes do not serve to carry out the diagnosis regarding the gender that was used at the beginning of pregnancy, this indicates that in early times this process cannot be used.

Therefore, they affirm that it is from the two-dimensional part that the genital tubercle and its characteristics can be identified that allow defining the gender of the baby, and after this begin to develop the planning that is necessary to buy the most articles and food . important to maintain the quality of life in the baby, without overlooking any detail.

Always bear in mind that by performing ultrasounds routinely, which are performed at the beginning of pregnancy, it will not have the purpose of determining the gender of the baby, nor do the equipment used here at this stage have the necessary resolution or definition to to be able to clarify which is the gender of the fetus, for which other health details will be observed there.

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And it is that as they have the indicated quality to affirm with absolute resounding what we are talking about, they will not have the necessary operators to carry out the identification process successfully, here it usually happens that the people in charge are not going to expect him to drink. is placed in the correct position to see clearly what is the gender of the baby.

I want to explain that some conditions are usually excepted, such as that you have the imperative need to know the gender of your child, to disregard some things, due to certain histories of genetic anomalies on the part of your family, which have been particularly related to a gender , bringing consequences for this type of problems presented.

It should be noted that we recommend that you wait for an approximate time that ranges between 20 weeks, because at this time it will be the appropriate and exact time to carry out an ultrasound that contains very specific and detailed characteristics of your baby. that will have the function of explaining in great detail the information you are looking for.

And it is that lately there have been important advances in all the technologies of our country, but also ultrasound technology is included there , which even in recent years have suggested the possibility of determining the fetal gender during the period of the first three months of gestation. , and this is influenced by the genital tuber that we have said.

And it is necessary to fully consider that the early identification that corresponds to the gender of the fetus, through the use of the ultrasound process can help and prevent all types of invasive procedures, for this reason we highlight the importance of carrying out this process in the period from 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy, to draw conclusions.

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And it is that a group of 600 women was followed up and the entire area of ​​the genital region was explored, in a sagittal plane, in which the fetus was kept in a completely neutral position, there the positioned ones are excluded flexed and extended, with the fundamental or primary objective of determining which was the direction of the genital tubercle.

In the case of males in a cranial manner and in the case of females in a caudal manner, in this sense the sagittal sign was cataloged in relation to everything that has been described or raised by Emerson and Conls, who explained that continuing with everything the contour of the region from the dorsal to ventral buttock to reveal something called a focal protrusion

This focal protrusion will come to represent in its entirety the penis of the fetus in the case of being the male, or also the clitoris in the case of being a girl, there an angle or also some caudal notch will be obtained, which will be located between the axis of the entire surface of the ventral area and the axis that corresponds to the tuber, this will be an indication that we are in the presence of a girl.

While on the other hand in the case of children, an angle or also called a cranial notch will be observed that will correspond to the presence of male genitalia, therefore if your result is this you must be sure that you will conceive a male and you must plan and take the measures for it, planning the purchases that are necessary.

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Now, in relation to the rate of precision that this process has to determine the gender of the fetus, it is calculated as a proportion that differentiates the genders correctly, so they will be identified correctly, this indicates that in the In all cases, identification was successfully obtained without any kind of error in the diagnosis made.

It should be mentioned that this precise analysis was carried out through the use and use of the SPSS 12.0 package, which is used in Windows, the methodology called chic 2 was used, which allowed making comparisons of the proportions for the determination and clarification of the gender of the baby, in the correct way, and with a simple procedure carried out.

At the same time, the results generated from the assessment of the gender of the fetus, it is necessary to mention that a total of 636 pregnancies were studied, of those cases 11 were twins, and in only 40 cases the objective of assigning gender was not achieved to the babies because they maintained a fetal position that completely prevented the observation of the genital tubercle.

In certain cases studied, it was presented that due to the obesity in the mother it was impossible to observe the area of ​​the genital tubercle, this prevented the visualization of the intermediate area of ​​the genital tubercle, while in the other cases the confirmation of the baby’s gender was completely successful. , representing a percentage of success of 98.5 % in total.

It is then evident that the percentage of correct answers is high, this leads to expressing that the gender was correctly assigned to the echoes with a percentage of 86.3%, it is necessary to indicate that the percentage of correct answers was higher when they were diagnosed as evils. , It should not be overlooked that this was done between 11 and also between 14 weeks of gestation.

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In the same way, I want to specify that the studies carried out through the abdominal route had a much higher percentage with respect to the precision of their analyzes, there we can include all 88.4% of diagnoses that were made correctly, while 76 2% that was performed through the vaginal route was correct, there we evidenced its practicality.

In recent years, the proposal has been made to be able to identify the gender part of the fetus during the first trimester, and it should be mentioned that all the first milestones to diagnose the male gender, was that dome of the tuber that will represent the scrotum area, and also the phallus that is going to be directed cranially, rather the penis.

In another case, during the appearance of the female gender, 2 or 4 lines will appear that will be in parallel that will signify the lips and the phallus that will have a caudal that represents the clitoris, then the sagittal sign is a good tool to predict the genders of You drink this from week number 14 from the beginning of the pregnancy that is being analyzed.

Consequently, we must remember the following characteristics that I am going to present to you at this moment, in a midsagittal plane, the fact that there is an angular notch in the entire cranial border that is located in the phallus will be interpreted and cataloged as gender male, but on the other hand in the ladies it will appear in the place of the caudal edge that will be in the clitoris.

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In relation to the fetus, this will be assigned the male gender when the angle is much higher than 30 degrees while in the case of women this angle will not exceed 10 degrees, in certain cases they present an intermediate angle, using this procedure is achieves accuracy ranging from 98.6% accurately to 100% from the start of the 13th week.

These percentages may vary a little depending on the case we are studying, because the studies of the sagittal area and the transverse area of ​​the genitalia are combined, in this case an accuracy of 85% and also 91.8% is indicated, This shows that it is a viable method that is at your disposal for when you need it most, its use does not imply any risk for the baby.

With the implementation of 3D-type ultrasound, it should be mentioned that it has an absolute precision of 100%, it is important that you know that with the 3D echo, you will be able to observe numerous details that will correspond to the development of the genital area, it is so precise and specific that can be seen in women when the genital tuber ends and reaches the tip.

Hence, in the case of men, it can be observed in a much more rectangular way, but we must consider the factors that can prevent the fetus from being identified are primarily the motivation of the operator, and also the experience of the same, the latter is important because the success of the process will start from there.

Second of the elements that can prevent the successful identification of the gender of the fetus, we find the resolution used and used by the transducer that is being implemented for this analysis, although we must not forget that the resolution of the echoes made by the vagina is much larger than the abdominal type, however the abdominal is better.

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This is due to a very specific and particular factor, since with the abdominal echo a median and sagittal plane is obtained that is perfect for studying the gender of the baby, therefore it is advisable to do it in the abdomen, since the vaginal route It has its limitations to exercise maneuvers due to how narrow and narrow it is, and it is better to do it in the abdomen.

Thirdly, I do not want to fail to mention as an impediment to the changes that may be generated in the angle of the genital tubercle, since in many situations these are managed to move during the moment in which the exploration, if so the result will not be as expected and will have to be done at another agreed time

At present, at least 2 different ways of knowing and verifying the gender of the fetus are available in the first 3 months of gestation, the first option is the one that consists of a high-resolution ultrasound in the pelvic area between week 11 and week 14, and the second way is that corresponding to the isolation of the so-called fetal DNA, which is in maternal plasma

Despite this and all the diagnoses that are correctly made and carried out, since by means of its realization the fetal gender will be reconfirmed around the period that oscillates between week number 20, in addition to that, it is necessary to consider and take into account the strange possibility of some discrepancy between the so-called phenotypic gender and also what is called the genotypic gender.

We observe that of these studies, the one carried out between weeks 11 and 14 has very interesting aspects , that is, in the period that is located in the first 3 months of pregnancy, and this procedure is one of the most precise, in the ultrasounds carried out to determine the gender of the fetuses, and we must mention the profound professionalism of the doctors.

Since the people who perform the ultrasound, have the ability and experience to be able to identify and determine the gender of the fetus, by examining the genital area in a midsagittal plane, and in which the so-called sagittal sign can be visualized. , and with this draw the conclusions of where the genital tubercle is located to identify the genera.

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In the case of men it will appear cranially while in women it will be caudad, on the other hand, to be able to determine absolutely with ultrasound the gender will have great precise aspects, all this as long as it is carried out from the As soon as the thirteen weeks are started, this is suggested by the attending physicians.

Therefore, the determination of an ultrasound character that corresponds to the determination of the fetal gender during the course of the second trimester will be based and based mainly on the demonstration of the penis of the fetus as well as the scrotum, and in the opposite case of the females with the labia majora and the labia minora that the fetus has.

However, in gestational ages, of an early type, these signs have a particularity, and that is that they are of no use because during this time there are no differences that are really significant, in relation to the size of the penis or the size of the clitoris, this comes long before the 14th week of time.

And it is that being able to carry out the identification process successfully through the use of ultrasound can provide help to prevent any type of procedure that is invasive in nature and that is unnecessary in all those patients who have in their history some risk of diseases that are linked and permeated with the X chromosome.

In this case of this type of disease, it is necessary to mention the cases related to hemophilia or also to Duchene muscular dystrophy, because with the invasive diagnosis it will only be strictly necessary in the case of pregnancies that are analyzed contain fetuses with the intrinsically male gender.

Until now, there are some processes that have encouraged the use of 3D ultrasound, and this has encouraged the use and use of Lev-Toaff et al technology, and from this it emerged that a precision of 100% assertiveness was maintained. which was carried out within the first 14 weeks, hence also the importance of this study in the world in which we live.

For the rest, and according to the results, there were circumstances in which it was not possible to determine the gender of the fetus by means of 3D ultrasound in the first weeks, since that moment the use of the procedure of the genital tubercle around from all over the world, acquiring more and more followers in cities.

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In any case, the 3D echoes showed percentages of precision ranging from 31 to 72% to determine the sexuality of the fetus, this when it is below a CRL that is 55 mm and that agrees with the results of some other publications that We have mentioned , that they keep the percentage between 72% and 78% of the correct gender assignment.

I do not want to ignore that for those CRLS that are widely greater than 56 mm, that is, greater than twelve weeks, we are going to achieve a global accuracy rate of a percentage of 93.1% than later for a CRL that had between 80 up to 84 mm it reached an ideal precision of 100%, in which the precision was very high and was between 86%.

In other words, 3D-type ultrasound will not add greater precision to determine the fetal gender, but the characteristics of the reconstructed images will provide a basis for observing all those small details related to the genital area and its progress in development, and Through this, elements have been detailed that are very positive for all mothers in the country.

In this way, the genital tubercle was clearly evidenced , which in the case of women will end at the tip, and in men it will be much more rectangular, this clearly shows that the study of the genital tuber will be of great help to achieve the goal that we have proposed as parents to correctly identify the gender of our child.

In this perspective, being able to clearly determine the fetal gender has had as its main element that it is one of the most difficult to assess, due to its complexity, these efforts have been being perfected since the years 1350 BC, which shows that for thousands of years For years the human being has cared about this topic in order to know the sexuality of children.

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And it is that since ancient times, human beings have carried out millions of tests, some of them without any positive results and others that have allowed us to reach the situation we currently live in, but it was until the moment when the so-called bodies were observed. of Barr to present the exact and precise scenario to make the diagnosis.

In this case, the power to carry out the correct diagnosis has very important characteristics, for the prevention of diseases that can affect the normal development of the baby, such as hemophilia or muscular dystrophy, in the case of men it is more worrying due to you have a 50% inheritance rate of these problems explained.

This is not the case for women, who are excluded from these possibilities, therefore they will only be related to the X chromosome, therefore it will only affect the male gender, this implies that the necessary efforts must be made to know the diagnosis precise and exact on this subject, so that the measures that are pertinent to the case are exercised.

Given these circumstances, the comprehensive ultrasonographic examination will require a study of the aforementioned external genitalia, to define each of the characteristics with the male or female gender, in order to provide possible guidance or advice on genetic character, in relation to diseases that affect the fetus.

According to all those that can affect a certain gender, so that with this possible malformations that are very specific to the genital area can be known in advance with the aim of preparing the baby’s parents in a psychological way for the situation they are going to face. and what should be your attitude for that particular situation.

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In summary, everything that is concerning the conduction of the neonate that is affected will be evaluated and in addition to this all the clinical implications, because being able to know the sexuality of the fetus will always be a subject of deep curiosity for all those who They are getting involved in the world of parenting and raising their little babies.

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