Geranium Essential Oil: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

What is geranium essential oil?

One of the most used oils in cosmetics and natural medicine because it contains a large number of benefits and properties that can improve and take care of many conditions that can occur in the body.

Geranium oil is commonly distilled from herbs of various species , and the components they contain are so strong and important that they are used to make perfumes and various flavorings.

Origin of geranium essential oil

It comes from the Cape of Good Hope region , this is in southern Africa, and in 1960 it was brought to Europe to be cultivated by French industry, where it began to be used in perfumery areas, replacing the famous rose oil.

Currently this essential oil has been cultivated and distributed in other countries such as Spain , Egypt, Italy, China, Morocco, Japan and Switzerland, where it is distributed to other countries in the world for consumption.

What are other names for geranium essential oil?

The product itself of geranium oil comes from the Pelargonium graveloes plant , from which normally all the benefits that are used to treat a large number of problems of the body are derived.

On the other hand, one of the things that can be highlighted about this oil is that it is given another name called the Rose of the Poor , because it is a much cheaper option than rose oil. Since this ends up being very expensive.

Geranium essential oil characteristics

As such geranium essential oil is a pale yellow liquid and many other times can be seen with a green hue, both of which are distilled from the plant. Which can work as an astringent tonic and an antiseptic.

Another characteristic of this oil is that it is considered an insect repellent , antiseptic, healing, antidepressant, natural diuretic and a hormonal balancing agent that has been used by many people to eliminate nerves, anxiety and hormonal alterations.

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Chemical composition of geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil has a large number of compounds that can help improve the health of those who consume it. These are the main components of geranium oil:

  • Citronellol (26.7%)
  • Geraniol (13.4%)
  • Nerol (8.7%)
  • Citronellil format (7.1%)
  • Isomenthone (6.3%)
  • Linalool (5.2%)

Recommended dose of geranium essential oil.

There is no dose as such for geranium oil , everything will depend on the use that is going to be given, and the condition to be treated, that is why it is always necessary to go to a specialist who can provide the exact amounts for this kind of products.

Normally, when it comes to an essential oil, it should be taken into account that these should not be applied directly to the skin , but should be used in combination with creams, lotions, or carrier oils, such as coconut oil, coconut oil. olive or almond oil.

How is geranium essential oil extracted?

One of the characteristics of geranium oil is that it is distilled through the steam of various herbs of this plant, it can be distilled by different species , obtaining practically the same results.

Formerly these were distilled manually, however today there are many factories that distill this oil under mechanical effects, making the distillation process much easier in some way.

Geranium essential oil benefits and properties

Geranium oil has a host of properties that provide a host of health benefits. It is known for its healing and diuretic power , it is also a natural hemostatic.

Due to its astringent properties, the gums, blood vessels, muscles, intestines, tissues and skin can contract, bringing improvements in the body, depending on the dosage administered.

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It is good for hair, how to use it?

This essential oil can help reduce the itchiness of the scalp due to dryness, hydrates the area and removes excess sebum, allowing the hair to become much stronger and softer.

It can be combined with shampoo or conditioner , applied with capillary massages with circular movements, waiting a few minutes and rinsing normally, this treatment can be repeated at least 2 times a week.

What benefits does it bring for the skin and face?

Because it has cytophylactic properties, in case of having wounds these can heal much more easily , the same happens in the case of having minor burns or bruises caused by blows.

Its anti-inflammatory effect allows to control problems such as eczema , psoriasis and acne, which tend to leave marks, swellings and irritations in the areas where they appear, becoming a rather delicate area before any product. It also allows you to control the amount of sebum that accumulates in the hair follicles.

Serves to lose weight geranium essential oil

Losing weight can be quite simple , a good diet and a good amount of exercise can ensure that certain amounts of fat are eliminated in some problem areas of the body, such as the arms, thighs and abdomen.

Using geranium oil can be a great option, since it contains a diuretic property that stimulates the lymphatic system , eliminating excess water that may be in the body.

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Is it good against wrinkles and cellulite? Why?

In the case of wrinkles, geranium oil has a property that allows skin cells to regenerate, this causes dead cells to fall out and give space to new cells, allowing to eliminate or at least considerably reduce the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines on the skin.

Likewise, with its astringent properties, it can eliminate cellulite and eliminate the bacteria that usually cause acne on the skin, eliminating excess sebum and having a cooling effect on red and irritated skin.

Safe during pregnancy to use geranium essential oil

It is necessary that during this stage you consult a doctor to avoid any unfavorable reaction in pregnancy. It is not recommended to use any type of natural oil before 3 months of pregnancy because this can cause spontaneous abortions.

After the third month the doctor can indicate the dosage of the oil and the areas where it can be used, which are normally the belly, breasts, and legs, however, it should be consulted in the list of oils available under this condition.

Is geranium essential oil good for babies?

In the case of babies, there are several methods under which they can use geranium oil, since it can bring many benefits to them and provides them with a practical solution to common problems.

If it is to take a bath, it is recommended to add just a drop of geranium, in the case of having diaper rash you should mix melted coconut oil with about five drops of geranium and apply them on the area, also if desired it can be combined with some of vitamin E to treat inflammation.

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Geranium essential oil cosmetic uses

Geranium oil has a large number of cosmetic uses, it allows to improve the scalp making it much stronger and eliminating traces of extra fat in it, allowing it to improve circulation and allow it to grow much healthier.

It hydrates the skin, and treats basic problems such as acne and eczema , removes dark spots on the skin and can reduce wrinkles and fine lines thanks to its anti-aging effect. Improves cellulite and treats any type of irritation, deflating the area and causing a soothing effect against redness.

Medicinal properties of geranium essential oil

These are all the medicinal benefits that are obtained thanks to geranium oil:

  • It can relieve pain and fight all kinds of infections.
  • It can stop bleeding that is caused by common nosebleeds, wounds, or cuts.
  • Improves cell regeneration, allowing to treat minor burns.
  • Eliminates excess fluid that may be in the body thanks to its diuretic properties.
  • It can treat varicose veins and ulcers that are dermatological.
  • It calms the symptoms of both menopause and menstruation.
  • Keeps blood sugar level.
  • It works as a great insect repellent.
  • It can fight infections that appear in the throat, in the mouth, in the urinary tract, or in the vaginal area because of fungi.
  • Nourish dry skin.
  • Eliminate itchy scalp.
  • Provides relief to people with arthritis.
  • It can treat nerves and anxiety attacks.
  • Calms hemorrhoid problems and varicose veins.
  • It can reduce bleeding during heavy periods.
  • It has the ability to increase fertility rates.

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Geranium essential oil against cancer, is it good?

Cancer is one of the diseases most affected each year, there are thousands of people who year after year lose the battle against this disease that can affect various areas of the body, causing great damage to the body.

In the case of cancer, it is believed that geranium has the ability to eliminate possible cancer cells in the body, shrinking tumors and making a kind of protective layer that prevents these cells from reappearing in the future.

Aromatherapy and geranium essential oil

Placing it in an environmental diffuser, it can produce a calming effect on the nervous system, eliminating symptoms of anxiety, fear or depression. It can also increase self-esteem and provide an optimistic feeling.

It allows you to maintain a mental and emotional balance , it is recommended in patients who tend to suffer from chronic water anxiety, and it reduces stress levels when you are in the work area or even at home.

How is geranium essential oil used for massages?

Massages can be of great help when combined with geranium to soothe certain pain in the joints and muscles, reduce inflammation and give a feeling of relief from muscle discomfort.

This type of massage is recommended in people with arthritis , since this allows the joints to deflate and can provide relief, allowing the mobilization of said area without so much pain.

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How to make geranium essential oil at home?

Making geranium oil can be fairly straightforward as there are a myriad of ways it can be prepared . The first is to take a good amount of pink geraniums and rinse them very carefully in cold water. In this way all dirt and possible bacteria are removed.

They should be dried with a paper towel and crushed well with the help of a mortar, you must continue crushing until they are completely discarded and with a pulpy appearance. After this they are left in the mortar for a few hours. After this time they are placed in a glass jar and jojoba oil is added until it covers the leaves.

The jar is capped and stored in a cool, dark place. It is left there for about two weeks, if this time passes and the oil does not have the desired smell, you must add many more well-crushed leaves, shake and wait at least another week.

In the event that it is the opposite and the fragrance is too strong, it can be lightened by adding jojoba oil. At the end of either case, the oil is filtered in a fine mesh strainer and stored in small bottles, all of which must remain well covered. You can get 1 milliliter of oil for one kilogram of geranium leaves.

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There are other methods with which you can make geranium leaves, these are the easiest:

  • Quick: the plants are cooked at a low temperature either dry or fresh in olive oil, or sweet almond oil for at least one hour, filtered and packaged.
  • Bain-marie: in a glass container add the leaves and add olive oil or sweet almond oil and place in a bain-marie for one hour. Then it is left to rest and the same procedure is repeated for 3 days in a row. Once it rests, it must be filtered and stored in dark glass containers.
  • Maceration: about 200 grams of fresh leaves are taken, covered with oil and allowed to macerate for a whole lunar cycle, hidden from light and heat, stirred every so often, filtered and kept in dark glass jars.
  • Maceration in the sun: fill a jar with the leaves and olive oil, close it and let it marinate in a garden for about 40 days. It shakes from time to time. After this time, it is introduced at home and left to rest for 24 hours, filtered and stored in dark containers. It can last up to two years with its properties.

Geranium essential oil contraindications

It is not even considered that geranium oil may have any adverse symptoms , however it is not recommended that it be used directly on the skin, but rather that a carrier oil be used to avoid any type of allergy.

Children under six years of age cannot consume this type of oil , and in the case of adults, if they are ingesting geranium oil, they cannot extend their treatment for more than three weeks.

Geranium essential oil datasheet

  • Effect: antidepressant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic, antiseptic, astringent, healing, tonic, stimulant, Vulnerary, vermifuge, hemostatic, stipotic and deodorant.
  • Main components: citronellol, geraniol, linalol, isomenthone, mentone, phelandrene, sabinene, limonene.

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