Ginger Candies: Contraindications, Benefits And Uses

Finding ginger in the market is an increasingly simple task, we can find it in many presentations and give it various uses, including as an ingredient in recipes that will be easy for us to prepare from home. Such is the case with the well-known ginger candies . It is the classic caramel, but this time based on ginger .

For many, they are a spicy but very delicious combination , which has generated controversy among potential consumers, since many say that they are not a pleasant experience on the palate and others think that they are. Both opinions are totally acceptable.

Because it is not that they are the sweetest candies you can find on the market. However, these have been open to debate thanks to the magnificent medicinal qualities they possess, which is why they are highly sought after by mothers, and connoisseurs of ginger. The debate on the flavor, texture and quality of these caramelitos will always be on the table.

In this article you can find all the information that revolves around these colloquial gingerbread candies. You will learn to use these ” treats “, how they help your body (if they benefit or affect it), their situation in front of the little ones in the house, preparation and many more relevant data.

What are gingerbread candies for?

Candies or sweets represent a highly sought after product in the snack industry , the case of these ginger sweets is no exception. They are not exactly sought after for their flavor, which for some is a delight, but rather for the wonderful benefits it brings to our body and its overall health.

Ginger candies serve as a remedy to alleviate various respiratory conditions such as coughs, colds, reducing the well-known phlegm caused by nasal congestion and hoarse voice (product of colds or hours using the voice), ideal because they act in a fast and are a 100% natural product.

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They also provide a lot of energy to our body , which is useful for people who often suffer from cold . They provide calories to the body and at the gastric level it causes a sensation of heat, improving stomach ailments such as colic, nausea, cravings, other menstrual pain, urinary conditions and treating ovarian cysts.

Ginger candies are useful for people who live with a dry mouth or suffer from bad breath , as they increase the levels of ptyalin (or amylase) and mucopolysaccharides (or mucin). They also serve as a relaxant or muscle tonic, perfect to consume before a trip or in any other situation that generates dizziness, disorientation or vertigo.

Homemade recipe to prepare ginger candies

You can buy these candies in various street stores or supermarkets , some health food centers are also responsible for distributing this product. But it is not necessary that you look for it much, since you can prepare them from home and here we leave you step by step through this recipe that will benefit you in a very pleasant way.


To prepare these controversial candies you will need: 500 milligrams of water, 100 grams of raw ginger root, 600 grams of sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey or grated paper (optional), a large pot and plastic wrap, glass jar or mold (also optional).


The first thing to do is wash very well and divide the ginger, 50 grams we are going to grate and the other 50 grams we are going to peel (we recommend doing it with a spoon), and cut into tiny squares. In the pot, place the water and bring it to the fire, let it boil and when it reaches the boiling point add half of the grated ginger.

Let it boil for another 10 minutes. Remove from heat and pass through a filter, mesh or strainer. Place the resulting tea back in the pot (previously washed), it will be put back on the fire, this time with the sugar. It is heated until everything has dissolved very well and the result is a syrup, or thick syrup.

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The next thing will be to add the peeled and diced ginger (previously), you must continue to stir the mixture constantly so that it continues to look like a syrup. Let it boil over low heat, the time will depend on the ginger, when the pieces of this have softened and integrated very well it is time to remove from the heat.

Let them rest overnight or at least 12 hours, then you will drain the mixture very well and place it where you want (the baking paper, tray or mold), take it to the oven and let it dry for several hours, the as long as it takes. When the mixture has become solid you can heat it over low heat, just a little.

Once they are dry they are ready. You can store them in a glass jar or plastic paper, we advise you to make it an airtight container and place it in a dry, cool and dark space. This recipe will provide you with a good amount of ginger candy.


We recommend consuming these candies, but don’t overdo it . The ideal is that you consume them calmly, two or three candies a day for a week, another week you take a break from eating them and eat them again, so on. There is no time limit to do so . These candies turn out to be a good taste from time to time.

Instant benefits of eating some ginger candy

You can eat these candies anytime and anywhere, you will get great benefits instantly. These include: Calming anxiety (which is usually generated by seeing so many food stalls on the street), eliminating the urge to vomit (a result of any factor), opening the airways (mildly), relaxing the body.

In addition, it can take your nerves, improve stress, do not make you fat, do not harm the stomach (as long as you do not overdo it and eat too many), the ideal is one or two. Nor do they cause nausea, rather it removes them. Perfect to maintain energy in the body and finish the routine of day to day.

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Although consuming them consistently but in moderation can also offer you long-term benefits, very similar to those already mentioned. Although these are very little concentrated doses, with frequent use you can develop significant advantages , integrate them into your diet if you want to know all these benefits.

How and when can these ginger candies be consumed?

The answer is very simple, as with any candy. You can eat these candies regularly, we recommend not chewing it at once as they turn out to be a bit bitter. Ideally, you should absorb its flavor little by little , you will sip it before biting it.

You can eat one (or several) ginger candies whenever you want , there is no restriction on time or place (yes on quantity). They are phenomenal to consume in cold times such as winter, to provide energy to our body. In situations that make us nervous they are not ideal, as they could upset us even more.

We recommend you carry a couple of these ginger candies in your purse or purse, you can eat one from time to time. If you get dizzy (for a trip or another reason) or vertigo (for example, altitude), consume one of these candies and your symptoms will improve , including the stress that causes being in one of these situations.

You can offer one or two to anyone, generally they do not hurt anyone. They allow you to eat them with other sweets or accompany them with a drink (preferably sweets). You must be aware that it is in suitable conditions for consumption, especially those that have been stored for a long time (in your pocket).

Can children eat these gingerbread candies?

Of course, it is a recipe for all ages . Although we recommend that you do not give children over three years old these gingerbread candies. They can be very bitter or you could choke on them. While for the older ones it will be a fun experience.

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Although it is not a sweet product, which it usually is, these candies have become prominent and popular with consumers aged 5 to 12 years, and many more. Children and their health will greatly benefit from this treat, which becomes a different, pleasant remedy, very easy to acquire and consume.

Do ginger candies expire or expire?

Candies have the quality of lasting a long time and these are no exception. Ginger candies can last a maximum of two years, containing their properties from which we benefit, as long as they are kept well stored, and in suitable conditions. Search the market for the best looking ones and give them a try.

We recommend keeping them in cool places free from agents such as humidity, sun rays or other unforeseen events. You can carry them fully in your wallet , as long as they are protected in a small bag (paper or plastic). Ceramic containers or glass jars are also a very good option.

Ginger candies vs ginger confit

One of the many comparisons that have been made, highlighting that candies have always turned out to be the preferred ones, although more complicated to prepare. The main difference is the taste, since the confit does not contain sugar (for its preparation) and it is usually necessary to accompany it with a sweet companion (such as honey, jam or other).

In addition, they are very simple recipes to prepare at home, which only require availability and time. The greatest advantages of ginger candies over candied is that they are much more popular, which is why you can easily find them in the market.

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Gingerbread candies vs gingerbread gummies

The sweets are highly sought after and turn out to be the favorites of the little ones, and even of older people. In addition to ginger candies, we can also find ginger gummies. Very similar sweets but with certain differences, among which their texture stands out, since the candies are usually hard and the gummies softer.

Another difference is its flavor , although it is candy, these are not usually very sweet . While the gummies are, that is, the former are more bitter than the latter. If you tell a child to choose one of the two, they will most likely go for these gummies.

Make the gingerbread gummies from home

A very similar recipe, but at the same time different. Although it is a different presentation of ginger on the market, it does not stop providing the same benefits and advantages . Which is why, here are the steps to prepare this popular treat in its healthy version with ginger. The benefit of making them at home is that you control everything.

Ingredients and preparation:

To prepare these delicious and different gummies you will need: 100 milligrams of ginger juice (concentrated and strong), 50 milligrams of lemon juice, 100 milligrams of green tea, 150 milligrams of water, 200 grams of gelatin (preferably unflavored) and the sugar that will depend on how sweet you want them (we recommend 75 grams).

The tea must be prepared, you can search the internet or read the instructions to make it. In a pot you will make the unflavored gelatin bloom, as usual. Only this time with green tea, lemon juice, and precious ginger juice. You must stir for a couple of minutes over low heat, until everything has been completely integrated.

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Add the sugar and continue mixing, until everything is complete. The next thing will be to remove from the heat and let the mixture rest, wait for it to cool and place it in the respective mold or the one you want to make gelatin. Take it to the fridge and leave it there for about 2 hours and voila, gummies to eat.


We recommend consuming these freshly made gummies, but you can save them and enjoy when you prefer, it is a recipe for everyone, regardless of age. Ideal to satisfy appetizers , in a healthy way and integrate, cheer up and prepare these candies or gingerbread gummies.

In conclusion, ginger candies are an aperitif that in addition to being delicious is medicinal, they can be found more easily compared to other presentations. They are also easy to prepare, you can carry them in your pocket (or purse) and at any time benefit from their respective contributions, go ahead and enjoy some during the week.

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