Ginger Infusion: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Ginger allows us to take advantage of its properties through various presentations and forms of preparation, such as a ginger infusion . Each one allows us to enjoy this root and not lose any advantage. They are ideal for treating health problems or simply adding flavor.

This infusion is very popular, easy, advantageous and pleasant It is a remedy widely used in medicine for its incredible benefits, which can be used as an ingredient in other preparations and is used to treat various conditions.

What is a ginger infusion good for?

The first thing you should know is, what exactly is this ginger infusion for , it originates as a remedy to treat health problems such as colic, diarrhea, indigestion, dizziness, bronchitis, asthma, fever, tonsillitis and spontaneous flatulence.

It is also used to make other natural medicines that can help with conditions such as phlegm, stimulate salivation and oral hygiene, fight certain types of bacteria, treat gastritis, arthritis and diseases present in the respiratory tract such as colds, even the most unpleasant with phlegm and cough.

In addition, it serves to greatly improve the processing of certain foods and prevents the accumulation of substances that can be harmful or toxic. It will help you strengthen the immune system and fight viruses (or bacteria) that affect our entire body. Ideal for heating people who suffer from continuous cold.

All these functions are mainly due to its properties or anti-inflammatory compounds , enhancers, expectorants, analgesics, antibacterials, to decongest, antibiotics, anti-vomiting, antihistamines, digestives and coagulants.

Properties of ginger infusion

Since ginger is a natural root that has great properties and nutrients , it is not surprising that its infusion also presents them. Here we leave you a list with the most outstanding ones, which characterize you in this presentation, which you can acquire and give your body a wonderful sensation.

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  • Really powerful anti-inflammatory, ideal for muscles and formations.
  • Antibacterial, perfect for diets that need liver cleansing.
  • Anti – flatulence, prevents and does not generate the formation of gases.
  • Stimulants, for the whole body in general.
  • Antibiotics, perhaps the most pronounced.
  • Producer of saliva, it will prevent the lips and throat from drying out.

How to prepare a ginger infusion?

You do not need a lot of practice or skill to make a ginger infusion , it is a very simple and fast task. Next, we leave you the recipe so that from home you can learn how to prepare this magnificent remedy that benefits your health in many ways and naturally.

Ingredients and preparation:

The amount of ingredients will depend mainly on the amount of ginger infusion you want to prepare, in this case you will need: 500 milligrams of water, 50 grams of the ginger stem and a large enough pot. The first thing to do is wash the ginger very well and grate it.

Then you must boil the water, when it reaches the boiling point add the previously grated ginger. You stir it and let it boil for 10 more minutes. Remove it from the heat, let it rest while it is covered and voila, you have your ginger infusion to use.


We recommend using this ginger infusion once or twice a week when you have any discomfort. You can do it both day and night, there is no specific time. Enjoy a pleasant, relaxing and very pleasant presentation, do not deprive yourself or fear the risks, since there are very few.

How much ginger is recommended to prepare the infusion?

This ginger infusion can be prepared, there are different presentations of natural ginger, which is why we must know how much to use of each one. Since not all have the same concentration and power . It is generally used in very small amounts for any recipe, so knowing exactly how much to use is vital.

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The recommended amount of fresh ginger for the infusion is 50 grams, plus or minus one stem or root for every half liter of water. While the amount of dried ginger for the infusion is 75 grams for every half liter of water. So you can adapt this recipe for whatever amount you want to make from the ginger infusion.

Contraindications of a ginger infusion

Although it is a very beneficial natural remedy for health, we should not overdo it. Remember ” nothing in excess is good “, the infusion of ginger can be harmful to health , especially in people who suffer from gallstones or a disease that directly affects the gallbladder.

Medicines to treat cancer can cause this infusion to cause mixed reactions, as well as those that treat problems that have to do with blood clotting. It is always advisable to consult a doctor , even if you do not consume or suffer from any of these, especially in the case of children.

These are just some of the contradictions or adverse effects , maybe one of them will appear while you use them or not. There is also the risk of presenting new and different symptoms, so in the event of any reaction (especially allergic ones) go to the doctor.

Ginger infusion vs infusion of other infusions (such as rosemary or turmeric)

Which infusion to use? There are so many plants that allow us to prepare an infusion , benefit from its nutritional properties and obtain an advantage against certain ailments, which lead us to this question. Both rosemary and turmeric will provide us with compounds that help relax the body and treat other problems.

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You can use any infusion , as long as you know its advantages and disadvantages. Each one has its qualities that differentiate them, but in general, they are good for treating stomach problems or flu. Do not be closed to the idea of ​​using only one, try all three. Or make an original one that contains these three ingredients: ginger, rosemary, and turmeric.

Other home remedies that use ginger infusion among its ingredients

The ginger infusion is a remedy on its own , ideal for relaxing the body and eliminating stress. However, we can prepare other remedies based on it, which will help you treat certain diseases or symptoms. Here we leave the recipes of three remedies widely used by ginger connoisseurs, you can benefit from each one step by step.

Make the ginger and eucalyptus fumes, use them for nasal congestion

Vapors have been widely used by women since ancient times as a home remedy to treat nasal congestion , this recipe can be prepared with any natural plant beneficial for the respiratory tract, in this particular case ginger and eucalyptus.

Ingredients and preparation:

To prepare these steams you will need: 2 glasses of water, 200 grams of previously grated ginger and 100 grams of eucalyptus. The first thing to place in a large pot the 2 glasses of water and bring them to the fire, bring to a boil over medium heat. When the boiling point is reached, add the ginger and eucalyptus, leave for 5 minutes and then filter through a strainer.


Don’t let the ginger and eucalyptus mist cool, use it warm . Lie on your back and place it on your bare chest, this way you can improve various symptoms caused by the flu or colds. We recommend doing it at night, before going to sleep, you should leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, changing the mist every 5 minutes.

Make a poultice and use it for muscle aches

Muscle aches occur in the body from the flu or other conditions, as well as health and body disorders . Poultices have been characterized as a very solid remedy, generally in the form of a paste and acting topically. In this opportunity we present the preparation of a poultice with ginger infusion.

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Ingredients and preparation:

To prepare these poultices you will need: two and a half cups of ginger infusion, 5 mint leaves and two cups of flax flour or corn flour. Let’s start by mixing the 2 cups of flour (flax or corn) with the two and a half cups of ginger infusion (it should be hot).

Stir very well until both are complemented. You must wait for it to cool, then verify that the result is a paste (solid, thick and thick), if it is a little soft add more flour and knead; otherwise (a dough that you cannot handle) add a little more ginger infusion, do it until you get a manageable mixture and to taste.


Ideally, you should apply the poultice while it is warm (not hot or cold) , apply it or spread it on the affected area, where the pain exists, let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and remove it. You can do it twice in a row with a 5-minute break, as long as you present these pains.

Prepare some compresses and use them to treat arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that affects many people and it is essential to treat it in time . Compresses are a very common remedy, used for their ability to increase body temperature, dilate the capillaries in the affected area and increase circulation. Here we leave you the home preparation of this remedy, go ahead and use it to treat arthritis.

Ingredients and preparation:

To prepare these compresses you will need: 1 cup of ginger infusion, cinnamon cloves, cloves and some tissues (or gauze). First you must verify that the ginger infusion is hot, add the cinnamon cloves and cloves, bring it to the fire and let them boil for 5 minutes.

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You should soak the tissues or gauze for a couple of minutes, then place them on the areas affected by joint pain or that are inflamed. Let them act for 15-20 minutes. Rest 5 minutes and repeat it one more time, we recommend doing it at least three times a week, you will see the changes.

You can make any of these recipes with the ginger infusion, all of them will be beneficial for your body. Ideal for treating various conditions, both discomfort and respiratory. Do not be afraid to use it and implement it to the ranks of your health, you will be able to notice their contributions taking effect in a short time .

In conclusion, ginger infusions are very good for adults and children , both will benefit if they implement them. In addition, they allow you to prepare other medicinal recipes based on this, it is a very easy recipe that you can prepare from home if you wish. Go ahead and try this incredible presentation of ginger.

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