Ginger With Lemon And Honey: Benefits And Various Recipes

Ginger with lemon and honey, a good combination! Finding an ideal combination of ginger with other ingredients can be difficult, its bitter taste does not make it a companion for all cases. The ideal is to find a preparation that integrates all its properties, nutrients and compounds that are very beneficial.

You can find these that integrate perfectly, such as lemon and honey, as a set . It should be noted that each of these ingredients has its contributions separately, so when combined they will bring countless benefits to your body.

Why combine ginger with lemon and honey?

Combining ginger, lemon and honey is ideal because we can enjoy the properties and nutrients that all three ingredients contain . These include the properties of lemon such as vitamin C, the various vitamin B complexes (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6), ascorbic acid, minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium) and niacin.

While honey is responsible for integrating nutrients and properties such as vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, minerals such as iron and zinc, antioxidants, enzymes (such as amylase, peroxide oxidases and catalase) and various carbohydrates.

By combining these 3 ingredients you can benefit from all these nutrients mentioned , in addition to the benefits of ginger itself. You will get a different, unique and very delicious flavor. These are the most outstanding reasons why we should integrate ginger into our diet along with lemon and natural honey. Contributions of lemon and honey to recipes that use ginger

Ginger alone contains many qualities and provides great benefits, both lemon and honey will provide their own properties and nutrients that reinforce the benefits of ginger. These will help you in various conditions caused by any reason , in addition to greatly relaxing your body.

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Among these benefits are contributions such as calories, carbohydrates, proteins, antitoxins and 0 total fat. This combination is ideal to protect our body from toxins, treat stomach problems such as gastritis, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation and severe pain. It also relieves respiratory ailments.

They will also give the ginger a balance in terms of flavor , since it is usually very bitter, the lemon will provide it with a cutting effect and the natural bee honey a sweet touch, more pleasant and pleasant for the palate. As well as texture, since you can make recipes that you can eat or drink.

The recipes that use ginger, lemon and honey are usually sweet , mostly drinks, jams or natural remedies (such as syrups, candies or infusions). This combination is number one to treat coughs naturally.

Basic ginger drink combined with lemon and honey, drink it hot or cold, you choose which is better for you

This is a very simple recipe that you can drink hot or cold and only requires our three special ingredients . You will need: half a liter of lemon juice, 100 grams of grated ginger or 50 grams of powdered ginger and 5 tablespoons of honey.

The first thing is to place the lemon juice in a container and boil over medium heat for 5 minutes, add the ginger and honey. Stir until everything is completed and boil for another 10 minutes. Remove from heat and pass through a strainer. The resulting mix is ​​our drink. You can drink it warm, store it in the refrigerator or add ice cubes to enjoy it cold.

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Ginger, lemon and honey ointment, not all beneficial recipes are to ingest

It is a very rare elaboration, noted for being used in Chinese culture in very particular cases. It combines the properties of ginger, lemon and honey, as well as those of other ingredients. Ideal for treating overgrown muscles (in which pain is common). Here we leave you this wonderful preparation, you can prepare it quickly.


If you want to prepare a little of this medicinal ointment you will need: 50 grams of ginger root (grated), the juice of two large lemons, 100 milligrams of distilled water, 200 milligrams of sweet almond oil (it can also be oil avocado or jojoba oil) and 3 tablespoons of wax and 3 of honey.


The first thing is to place the distilled water in a pot, bring to the fire (medium temperature) and add the ginger, honey and the juice (or juice) of the lemons. Mix while all the ingredients are concentrated and integrated, once it is achieved, remove it from the heat and let it cool.

The next thing will be to pass the mixture through a strainer (or filter), let it rest while doing the other steps. In a saucepan (wave and semi-concave pot) you are going to place the oil you have selected (mainly recommending that of sweet almonds), you bring it to a fire in a ” bain-marie ” and then you must remove it.

To this mixture you must add the previous preparation that is at rest, stir. Add the beeswax and return it to the fire in the saucepan. Stir and leave for a couple of minutes. After removing it you must let it rest again, you can use some compresses or cloths, spread them in the mixture and place in the area where the pain is.

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We recommend applying this ointment only when you have pain, not for pleasure . It is an unusual preparation, you should not overdo it with the amount. You can place it directly on the skin or with a handkerchief, both ways it works very well. It is a fresh, natural and very versatile preparation; naturally relieves any pain.


You must be very careful if you decide to use this ointment, do not apply it to sensitive areas (or if you have allergic skin), not near open wounds, near the eyes or nostrils. The compounds in this preparation are highly strong and concentrated.

Perfect recipes to combine ginger with lemon and honey

You can combine these three great components in different ways , not necessarily like the classic drink. In this way you will get all the contributions of this powerful fusion and you can have fun preparing various recipes, as well as trying different flavors. Here we leave you the healthiest, most sought after and made around the world.

Ginger syrup with a little mint, lemon and honey (perfect for the flu)

An ideal recipe to combine these three ingredients, it is a very common remedy that helps unclog the respiratory tract and various conditions of this nature. Known worldwide and recommended by specialists. Here we leave you the step by step to elaborate this remedy that will bring you great benefits and the best thing is its exquisite taste .


To prepare this syrup you will need: 250 milligrams of natural honey, 250 milligrams of concentrated lemon juice, 150 grams of raw grated ginger root, 15 fresh mint leaves and a glass bottle (with its respective lid). The first thing will be to filter (to make sure there are no lumps) and boil the lemon juice.

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When it reaches the boiling point add the grated ginger and the mint leaves. Stir continuously until everything is well integrated and boil for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool, then pass the mixture through a filter or strainer. Return to the container and return to the fire.

Add the honey little by little while stirring. Make sure everything complements very well. Mix a little more and let it boil for 5 minutes. Then remove it from the heat and let it rest, until the syrup cools. You can empty it into the glass bottle, cover and store it.


We recommend this syrup for the flu, cold , colds , sore throat, cough, hoarse voice and runny nose. There are doctors who can prescribe a dose, but it is not necessary. Our advice is to take two tablespoons in the morning or at night. Every day for a week, you will see that the symptoms subside and even disappear completely.

Ginger confit, with lemon and honey is ideal

Candied ginger is highly sought after in health food stores , as it represents a healthy, tasty and exceptional snack or treat. Nothing better than preparing it with lemon juice and adding natural honey. If you want to prepare this recipe from home, then we leave you the ingredients and preparation process for you to enjoy.


In the preparation of this confit you will need: 5 or 6 raw ginger roots, the juice of 10 lemons, 100 milligrams of natural honey and a tray. The first thing you will do is wash the ginger roots very well, make sure they have no dust left. Then proceed to remove the skin, it will be a difficult task and that is why we recommend using a spoon.

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The next step will be to cut the ginger roots into very thin slices, be careful not to cut yourself. Then you must place them on a tray, separated from each other, add the lemon juice on all the slices. Let them absorb the juice for at least half an hour. Turn all the ginger slices over and leave them for another half hour.

Remove excess juice from tray. Preheat the oven for 5 minutes. Take them to the oven at a temperature of 300 degrees, leave for 15 minutes and then remove them, turn them and return to the oven. It is a step that you will have to carry out until they are completely dry and crisp. They must rest when they come out of the fire and place the honey to taste before eating it.


It is best to keep them in a plastic bag or dry container , without adding honey. When you go to eat them, you can add the honey. You can try eating them with milk and honey, it will be a great experience on the palate. Nor can you abuse and overdo with this confit. Prepare it once or twice a month, it is not very easy to find in the market and it takes time to prepare.

Cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey tea

Nothing better than a tea, ideal to combine these three exceptional ingredients such as ginger, lemon and honey. In addition to implementing other elements such as cinnamon, cloves and turmeric. A healthy and rich way to take advantage of all the properties and nutrients . Here we leave the steps for its preparation and a simple recommendation.

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To prepare this nutritious tea, you will need: 100 milligrams of water, 50 grams of previously grated ginger, 25 grams of cinnamon (cloves or powder), 10 grams of cloves, 25 grams of turmeric, 100 milligrams of juice. lemon and two tablespoons of natural honey.

Place the water and lemon juice in a pot, place them on the fire and bring to a boil. When it reaches the boiling point, add the ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and cloves. Stir very well and boil for 10 more minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat and pass the mixture through a filter, the result will be our tea, add the honey, stir and that’s it.


You can take this drink warm, if there is a little left you can keep it in the fridge (it needs to be kept refrigerated so it doesn’t lose its compounds) and when you drink it you should boil it for a couple of minutes . Our advice is to take one or two cups a day, twice a week, preferably in the morning after breakfast or as a side.

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