Ginger In Pregnancy: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage for women and the respective precautions should be taken with any food before consuming it, since this will affect both the mother’s body and the development of the little one that is coming. To do so and prevent it, it is necessary to know the positive and negative contributions that each one provides.

In the case of ginger, in any of its presentations, it is an option for women who are on the treadmill . It does not represent major risks as long as it is consumed with caution, in this article you will find the benefits, contradictions and some recipes for this beautiful stage, pregnancy.

Can you consume ginger during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

This should be the first question that comes to mind. Can I really consume ginger if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? The answer is yes, you can consume ginger while you are on the treadmill and later during breastfeeding as well. It is a root that does not cause problems that interfere with the arrival and development of the baby.

The ideal and that is why we recommend it, is to ingest it in a moderate way (without exaggeration), for example, during the first months of pregnancy it can be more often, but when the stage close to delivery, reduce its consumption. An important but not mandatory restriction is against powdered ginger, since this presentation is more concentrated and powerful.

However, it is worth knowing the small risks or contradictions that it can cause, as well as the benefits against symptoms that arise due to the condition of pregnancy. We advise you to ask your GP about the appropriate consumption and dose, to avoid any complications.

Benefits and contributions of ginger during pregnancy and the lactation period

Ginger is a highly recommended complement to the diet of a pregnant woman, it is mainly due to the benefits and positive contributions that its properties and nutrients provide. One of the main complications that occurs when you are pregnant is annoying nausea.

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Ginger can help you with this condition , especially during the first months of pregnancy, at this stage more may appear. In addition, it is used to treat vomiting in a very effective way, as well as bloating and heartburn, which are normally related to the metabolization of all the foods that are consumed.

In addition to providing these benefits, ginger is also able to relax the body , which is very important for a pregnant woman, as she may feel very stressed by new physical and emotional changes. It helps reduce the general discomfort of the body, both due to symptoms of the condition and other external symptoms and quenches those uncontrolled desire to eat.

Another question that may concern you: can it harm the baby? It is not a secret for anyone that after pregnancy comes the stage of lactation, through which the nutrients consumed by the mother are acquired by the child also through breast milk, the main reason why caution should be exercised with eaten food.

Ginger does not represent any problem for children , since it has properties such as antioxidants and antitoxics that are necessary for the full development of the baby. However, we recommend you be aware of the dose you consume. In the case of the little newcomers to the world, they will only acquire a small dose or no.

There is no evidence that shows specific or existing benefits from the use of ginger in children, but there is no evidence that it is harmful. So, you may find advantages of using ginger as a mother, but you don’t know what happens in your baby’s body. During pregnancy its influence is not probable.

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Contributions of ginger after pregnancy, in lactation

Although this phase is no longer part of the pregnancy, it is very important because it continues to unite the mother and the baby . A very notable benefit for women who do not have a natural birth, that is, who need an operation or cesarean section, is that ginger has been characterized as a very powerful root to relieve post-operative symptoms.

So it can be of great help in these cases, among these symptoms we can find some such as horrible inflammations, strong and constant pain, body discomfort, nausea and vomiting. Do not forget to consult the doctor, especially the one who has been in charge of attending the delivery.

How and how much ginger to consume during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Being pregnant does not prevent ginger from being ingested, only certain precautions and restrictions must be followed . Why? Since it is a highly concentrated compound in some of its presentations and also, it is common for the body to become sensitive to this condition.

As for how, you can consume it as each presentation deserves it in a standard way. For example, powdered ginger dissolved in a drink or as a condiment in a dish. As we recommend previously, avoid consuming it when you are close to the due date, the rest you can ingest it whenever you want.

Is it safe to take ginger pregnant or nursing?

Despite providing good benefits for the state of a pregnant woman, ginger is not a treatment that should be prolonged at this stage , especially after the first few months. Since consuming it in excess or for a very long time, it can affect or cause malformations in the fetus .

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There are even theories that affirm: it increases the chances of abortion and causes problems in the sexual development of children. But many experts and doctors dismiss these theories. Due to its coagulant property, it is recommended not to consume it during the last months of pregnancy, as it can cause or increase bleeding.

As we mentioned earlier, the little one does not receive all these compounds from ginger through breastfeeding . However, we cannot be 100% sure of this, which is why we recommend consulting with your doctor before consuming it during this period as there is no evidence to support the benefits or adverse effects on the baby.

Recipes that use ginger and will satisfy those pregnancy cravings

Cravings are a fairly common symptom in pregnant women and although ginger helps control those cravings, it is not a bad thing to indulge once in a while and satisfy those cravings. We leave you two recipes, which you can prepare at any time of the year and delight yourself with its unique flavor, in addition to the contributions of ginger.

Gingerbread cookies, an ideal dessert

There is nothing more perfect than a dessert to satisfy cravings and cookies are presented as one of the ideal options. Although it is not the classic Christmas recipe , these also have an incredible flavor and provide us with all the nutrients of their ingredients . Here we leave you the step by step for you to prepare these pleasant gingerbread cookies.


If you want to prepare this recipe you will need: 25 grams of ground ginger, 50 grams of raw ginger root (grated), 400 grams of wheat flour, 400 grams of rice flour, 150 grams of sugar (preferably glass ), 200 grams of butter, 2 large eggs, baking powder and a large tray.

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The first thing that you are going to place in a large bowl is the butter and sugar, you will begin to mix until you obtain a homogeneous composition. Then you add the eggs, vanilla, ground ginger and baking powder, continue mixing constantly and evenly.

The next step is to add both flours (wheat and rice) and beat until you get a compact dough, it can be difficult since it must be thick and thick, add the grated ginger and continue beating. Preheat the oven for 5 minutes at a temperature of 250 degrees, grease the tray (with butter, oil or baking paper).

To shape the cookies you can do it with a mold (whichever you like) or you shape it by hand, remember that your hands must be very clean. You must place them on the tray and try to be separated from each other. Take the tray to the oven and leave on the fire for approximately 20 minutes, until they are crisp and you can eat them.


We recommend consuming this recipe during the first months of pregnancy only, as it has a large amount of ginger. You can eat two or three medium-sized cookies a day, twice a week.

Gingerbread, eat it even though it’s not Christmas

It is the classic Christmas gingerbread , which you can prepare at any time of the year and satisfy those treats that come with pregnancy. This recipe has a very significant history as it originated in northern Europe in the 10th century. It was initially prepared by Gregory de Nicopolis, a monk of Armenian origin.

According to his legend, it was he who brought the recipe to France and then it became very popular in the rest of the world. At first only experienced bakers could make this recipe , but today you can prepare it from home, at any time of the year and here we leave you the step by step to do it.

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To prepare a good portion of this gingerbread you will need: 25 grams of ground ginger, 15 grams of raw ginger root (grated), 400 grams of wheat flour, 200 grams of sugar (brown), 2 large eggs.

In addition we will also need 100 grams of molasses, 1 tablespoon of baking powder, half a tablespoon of cinnamon, a pinch of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda, half a glass of dark beer and vegetable oil.


The first thing we are going to do is place the flour, ground ginger, baking powder, tablespoons of cinnamon and a pinch of salt in a bowl (large and wide). You must mix the ingredients very well until they complement each other completely and integrate perfectly.

In a medium saucepan you place the half glass of the dark beer and heat over medium heat, stirring from time to time until reaching the boiling point. Then lower the heat and add the baking soda, you should do it little by little, since the resulting mixture will be foamy. You should also add the sugar and beat until it dissolves very well.

In another (but small) bowl, beat the eggs very well and once they are well integrated, add the vegetable oil and grated ginger. You should continue mixing until a paste with a uniform consistency is generated. Then you take this mixture to the saucepan (which is over medium heat) with the beer and stir.

When it is well complemented, remove from the heat and add to the bowl with the molasses, you continue mixing and integrating everything. You should preheat the oven for 5 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. You grease the bread pan (with butter or vegetable oil) and place the mixture, take it to the oven and leave it there for 40 minutes.

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It is best to consume a piece of bread only once a day throughout the week , which is not very continuous intake. You can do it during the week and try to combine it with other foods or some drinks, we advise you to do it with a tea or coffee.

Recipe to prepare a compote or juice that integrates mango with honey and candied ginger, you can eat or drink it

It is a straight line that you can eat (if it is thick enough and the confit without beating) or drink it, as long as the confit is shaken and the mixture is liquid. This simple recipe is ideal to satisfy cravings and delight the palate. You can take note and prepare it from home to enjoy its benefits, with the step by step of this recipe with mango.

Ingredients and preparation:

If you want one or two servings (to eat or drink) you will need: 4 large mangoes, 2 glasses of water, 5 tablespoons of icing sugar and 40 grams of candied ginger. The first thing to do is wash and chop the mangoes very well, add them to the mixer (or blender) with a glass of water and the sugar, they must be beaten until they complement each other very well.

If you want the compote, you just have to divide the mixture into two portions and add 20 grams of candied ginger to each one, stir and you can eat it. If you prefer the juice, add the other remaining glass of water and the ginger confit, beat again for a couple of minutes. Verify that everything has been complemented and serve both portions.

In conclusion, ginger is a good ally for pregnant women, it does not represent a greater risk. You can consume it before, during and after this beautiful stage, remember to consume it in a moderate way, like other products of natural origin. Do not deprive yourself and enjoy its benefits, contributions and delicious touch or combined.

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