Green Clay: Side Effects, Benefits And Properties

What is green clay?

Green clay is one of the most popular on the market , all this thanks to the large number of properties and benefits that it has and that is applied for many medicinal and beauty treatments.

Among all the types of clay this is the most popular since it is considered to be one of the most powerful and beneficial clays that there can be. . That is why its popularity is increasing more and more among lovers of natural medicine.

This mask is known mainly for the therapeutic benefits it has and all its properties that work as soothing, cleansing, and detoxifying for the skin and the body as such.

Origin of green clay

Clay is produced from the decomposition of source rocks that are crystallized, a great example of this is granite. This is found in several sedimentary layers, either in rivers or wash-down areas.

Although chemically the clay is considered to be composed of hydrated alumina silicate , which is presented in sheets. This is accompanied by several mineral oxides, among which iron, silicon, magnesium and aluminum stand out.

Clay is believed to have been known for many years , as it was formerly used to heal all kinds of wounds and skin conditions, including a large number of inflammatory problems.

Long ago in Egypt it was used to combat inflammations of the body , from the hot mud that came from the Nile, all this was used to treat rheumatic deformations. It was also highly sought after among embalmers for the mummification of bodies.

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What are other names for green clay?

Clay as such has a large number of names which correspond to the different types of clay that exist, one of the best known is green clay, this is usually compared to kaolinite.

Although it is normally known as green clay, there is also Illita , a green clay which exceeds in calcium and decreases in magnesium, this causes a great adherent power on the skin, which can clean it much better.

Composition of green clay

Clay is not only green, but it also stands out from all other clays due to its composition. The greenish color that characterizes this clay is due to the oxide of ferrous iron and magnesium .

It has large amounts of trace elements , which will vary depending on the origin that this clay has. In addition to all this it has a large amount of silicon, potassium, lime, phosphates and many other minerals that make it so healing.

Characteristics of green clay

Green clay can be differentiated first, by the green color that makes it stand out from other types of clay. Compared to white clay, which is usually quite fine (very similar to talc), green clay is a bit more grainy.

Green clay can be seen in several presentations , it can be found in several presentations, either in powder, pills or tablets, or even in several moistened and prepared containers.

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Benefits and properties of green clay

Green clay has a large number of benefits and properties that can be good for both the skin and the body. Especially when it is mixed with water as it acquires plasticity.

When it dries it is much better since it has an absorbent effect that can eliminate all kinds of fats , toxins and dirt that may be in the body. These are other properties that green clay has:

  • It is a natural exfoliator.
  • It can regenerate the skin.
  • It has a power that regulates sebum and improves acne symptoms.
  • Serves as a skin cleanser.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • It can relax certain muscles and relieve pain.
  • It is healing, due to the high content of silica, aluminum and zinc.
  • It works as an absorbent that eliminates infections that are on the skin.
  • On the other hand, green clay has a sedative effect that can soothe sore muscles.
  • It allows the body to increase its natural defenses, thanks to the mineral salts it contains.
  • Regulates and improves intestinal functions.
  • Prevents bacteria from spreading in the body and skin.

What are the benefits for skin and stretch marks?

Green clay can disinfect, soften and purify the skin deeply, this eliminates stretch marks and even varicose veins that may be on the skin. One of the most effective ways in which this skin problem can be treated are the following:

  • A cold water bath should be given, the legs should be allowed to get sufficiently moist.
  • Once this happens, apply a mask with the clay and let it rest on the leg for at least 15 minutes.
  • It is removed again with water.
  • This treatment should be repeated at least twice a week.

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Green clay is good for weight loss

Green clay has slimming properties , which can help reduce the size of certain areas, such as the belly, waist, thighs, back, which can tone the skin and accentuate the curves of these areas.

This is due to the fact that once the clay is mixed with water and applied to the skin, it has the property of increasing the temperature, this causes the size of the skin to be reduced and a certain amount of weight is lost.

It is a natural and efficient way to eliminate sizes and weight , without the need to use any type of chemicals or reducing pills that can end up damaging your health with its regular consumption.

Properties for hair and face

Green clay can bring many benefits to the scalp , because it has the ability to eliminate the fat that usually accumulates in the follicles. At the same time it can remove the dirt that is usually embedded in them.

This type of mask can be applied to any type of hair , especially those that are excessively greasy, regardless of whether it is straight or frizzy, the effect of the mask will be the same.

In the same way, green clay strengthens the hair follicles , making them have much more strength and can grow much more easily. The clay will not affect in any way the hair color you have, be it natural or artificial.

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How is it used for wrinkles?

Thanks to the exfoliating power of green clay, it can basically act as a natural peel . The best thing is that compared to the chemical that is normally used in aesthetics and beauty centers, this is much gentler but despite that it continues to purify the face and eliminate dirt that is usually trapped in the pores of the skin.

It can also eliminate all expression lines and wrinkles on the face, this occurs because the first layer of the epidermis is destroyed, being this quite thin and delicate, without leaving any type of pain on the skin.

Due to the softness of this clay it can treat all kinds of dermatitis and skin problems. In case the skin is extremely sensitive, it is better to use another type of clay so that it does not cause any type of skin reaction. This can be combined with a vegetable oil to make the result much more efficient.

Green clay is good for arthritis

Arthritis is a degenerative disease that occurs in certain areas of the body such as the hands, knees, inflaming the area and becoming very painful with each movement, until reaching immobility . Green clay has the property of being a soothing and sedative , this allows to eliminate the pain that arthritis normally produces in the joints.

It should only be combined with a little water , once the kind of mass is ready, it is applied to the affected area and left to rest and then washed with plenty of water, the clay will reduce inflammation and eliminate pain little by little. .

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Sakai green clay

These are the properties of green sakai clay:Sakai clay was launched in 1978, with the function of being a practical element for natural cosmetics. This clay does not need to be mixed with water, it should be applied to the face when there is excess sebum in the hair follicles or in any grain that is in the same area. It can be applied to the scalp and can even be ingested to combat all kinds of intestinal problems and increase defenses.

  • It has a sedative, anti-inflammatory process and improves intestinal functions.
  • It works as a pain reliever.
  • It is a stimulant and a revitalizer.
  • It can improve the endocrine system.
  • Thanks to the trace elements it contains, it works as a remineralizer.
  • Eliminates impurities, pores and skin problems.
  • It can heal wounds and diminish unsightly scars, improving their appearance.
  • Green clay can detoxify and remove toxic substances from the body.

Sakai green clay does not have any characteristic odor , it can be applied with the fingers, or with the help of a brush. It may take a while to absorb as it tends to be a bit damp with application. It is usually distributed in a fairly simple plastic container that looks like toothpaste.

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Where to Buy the Best Green Clay

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Pregnancy and green clay

During pregnancy , a large number of skin problems can occur , from stretch marks to pimples that can appear on the face. All this due to the hormonal changes that occur during this stage of pregnancy.

Clay does not involve any type of problem during pregnancy , but rather it can help eliminate all kinds of skin problems, improving and hydrating it without causing any kind of harm to the fetus.

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What are the benefits for babies?

When babies are newborns or in their first months, they usually present certain rashes in the neck and back area, as well as certain irritations caused by their sensitivity to the skin, either due to allergies to clothing or any sheet.

Applying a little powdered green clay can soothe the irritations and redness that can occur in these areas, without causing any allergies, irritations or more rashes on the baby’s skin.

Can it be used while breastfeeding? Why?

During lactation a large number of problems can occur in the woman’s body, the breasts can be affected due to the increase of them, appearing stretch marks on the sides of the breast.

In the same way, the nipple can crack, causing severe pain with the touch or with the suction of the baby when breastfeeding, applying a green clay mask can help to hydrate this area, eliminate stretch marks and also relieve pain that can have in the bosom.

Cosmetic properties of green clay

Just as green clay has a large number of medical properties, it also has great cosmetic properties that can help the body and skin to be much healthier and revitalized.

These are some properties that green clay fulfills as a cosmetic:

  • It can help clear acne from the face.
  • It also helps to treat bruises that can appear from bumps and minor accidents.
  • It has the ability to regenerate cells, which can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles considerably.
  • Treat cellulite through heat masks.
  • Regenerates the skin and eliminates stretch marks that usually appear on the arms, belly and thighs.
  • Eliminates excess fat that may be in certain areas of the face.

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Green clay mask for acne

During puberty, menopause, or pregnancy, various hormonal changes can occur in the body, causing acne in certain areas of the body, such as the face, back, arms, and buttocks.

Green clay can remove oil from hair follicles, disinfecting and killing bacteria that can cause acne on the skin. Before applying the mask it is necessary to clean the face very well, it is necessary that it be used if the acne is mild, in case it is much more severe it is necessary to desist with the mask and go to a dermatologist.

The best thing to do is to prepare a mask that is combined with argan oil, a little lemon or seaweed, applied to the face and left to rest for about fifteen minutes, then the face should be rinsed with plenty of warm water.

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Reduces stains and burns

At any time you can have an accident where there are some small wounds, whether they are scratches or even burns on the skin. These can become inflamed and can cause a great deal of pain in the area.

Green clay has the ability to eliminate pain and calm inflammation in the area. It will also disinfect the area of ​​bacteria or microorganisms that can cause an infection. In addition, thanks to the healing effect that the wound has, it will heal much faster.

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Green clay soap

Clay soap can be one of the best tools to take care of the skin  and end many facial conditions. Making a clay soap can be quite simple, the ingredients can be quite simple and easy to get.

These are the ingredients that you will need:

  • Essential oil drops preferably.
  • 1 tablespoon of clay.
  • 1 bar of glycerin soap.


  • The glycerin soap is grated and placed in a water bath until it melts.
  • When the soap melts, turn off the heat and add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice.
  • Then the tablespoon of clay should be added.
  • All the ingredients are mixed very well and then they are poured into the mold preferably.
  • Let it solidify for 48 hours in a dry place and it is ready to be used.

There is another clay soap recipe that takes a little more ingredients, but when combined with other ingredients it can become a much more functional soap, it acts with much more depth.

These are the ingredients that should be used for said soap:

  • Essential oil preferably.
  • 50 g of clay.
  • 200 g of coconut oil.
  • ½ liter of distilled water.
  • 750 g of olive oil.
  • 150 g of caustic soda.


  • The coconut oil is heated in a water bath and mixed with a little olive oil.
  • In a container (which cannot be made of aluminum since the product loses its properties), add the water and the caustic soda.
  • The soda dissolves very well with the oils and does not stop mixing with a wooden spoon.
  • Once it has a consistency, add the clay and the essential oil of lavender.
  • When the mixture sets, it is placed in different molds and allowed to solidify for a few hours.

Great care must be taken to make this soap because of the caustic soda.

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Is green clay toxic?

Green clay does not usually have any type of toxicity to the skin, the only thing that is not recommended is that it be applied to extremely sensitive skin as it can create certain skin problems, it is necessary to go to a dermatologist if the skin is too sensitive before applying the clay.

If you want to ingest it, you should first consult a doctor and try to ingest the specialized clay for the body.

Green clay side effects

There is no type of side effect that the clay involves , possibly during the treatment with it you may notice a certain detachment of the first layer of the skin of the face in the case of peeling with clay) but this will be counteracted over time.

The same happens with all applications, in case of any side effect it will not be a major problem for the skin or the body.

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