Green Discharge In Pregnancy: Causes, Consequences, Symptoms And Cases

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and emotional stages that a woman can experience, but at the same time it is one of the most worrying and stressful, not only because of the anxiety that the baby is born, but also because of the amount of hormonal changes and physical experiences that the woman experiences during this period.

During that time one of the symptoms that the woman will present is the abundance of vaginal discharge, which is commonly known as leucorrhea, this is completely normal and as long as its appearance is transparent, a little gelatinous and odorless it is an indication that every thing is OK.

However, if, on the contrary, the discharge that is issued is green or yellow, it is very likely that the woman is going through an infectious picture and this should be treated immediately to prevent future complications that not only affect the mother, but also the baby.

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What is greenish discharge in pregnancy?

The greenish discharge in pregnancy and with a bad smell is the body’s way of notifying that there is a bacterial infection and that it should be treated immediately, since if the woman were to give birth, she could run the risk of infecting the baby. baby and life-threatening, so all necessary attention should be paid.

Hygiene during pregnancy is of vital importance due to the amount of flow that the woman expels at that time, however, it should not be exceeded in washing, since the protective flora that protects the vulva from any disease could be completely eliminated. , thus leaving the entire area vulnerable and an easy target for infectious bacteria.

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Causes and consequences of greenish discharge in pregnancy

One of the main causes of increased fluid in pregnant women is because the production of estrogen rises, which is a hormone that influences the amount of vaginal mucus that women produce and expel, which is why many women find themselves in the need to wear panty liners or make constant changes of underwear to reduce the discomfort that this causes.

One cause for a pregnant woman to begin to expel a greenish discharge is due to a vaginal infection, and it can be caused by the use of tampons or panty liners with perfume, a common mistake made by women in search of solving the discomfort they feel for the expulsion of fluids.

When using protectors it is recommended that you do not have perfumes, since this can cause an imbalance in the bacterial flora, which causes the production of good and bad bacteria to be altered or changed, thus triggering a vaginal infection. It is recommended that they do not use tampons.

Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common infections in pregnancy, as it is caused by the hormonal changes experienced by women, as well as the constant intake of antibiotics or the use of feminine hygiene products (for example: vaginal douches ), as mentioned above.

Trichomoniasis is another cause of greenish discharge, this is one of the best known STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and is caused by the presence of a microorganism with the same name: trichomoniasis. Both men and women can suffer from it, so the pregnant woman must use condoms during sexual intercourse to avoid contracting it and in this case, go to the doctor immediately.

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For its part, chlamydia is also a disease that belongs to the group of STDs and is also caused by the presence of bacteria. This pathology must be treated immediately to be able to cure it, otherwise it could aggravate and cause fatal damage to the woman’s reproductive system, it could even cause an ectopic pregnancy. In the case of pregnant women, it is necessary to treat it emergency and cure it before delivery, since it could infect the baby at the time of giving birth.

In the same way, a pelvic inflammatory disease can generate the expulsion of green discharge, since it involves the reproductive organs of women and could cause irreversible damage to them, including infertility. This inflammation is caused by ill-treated or poorly cured diseases or infections.

Gonorrhea is another of the sexually transmitted diseases that causes the expulsion of green discharge and is very common to be detected in young men and women (under 24 years of age), this can be acquired through sexual practice in anyone of its modes, be it anal, vaginal or oral. If it is not treated, it can also cause the pelvic inflammation mentioned above and in the pregnant woman it should be treated immediately so that it does not infect the baby during delivery.

Now, the greenish discharge is not always caused by infections or diseases, as it can also be caused by the reproduction of streptococcal pathogens and which may be proliferating throughout the vaginal area. Some of the most common are the following: salpingitis, endometritis, oophoritis and adnexitis.

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Symptoms of green discharge in pregnancy

The greenish discharge expelled by the pregnant woman is a sign that there is a vaginal infection or a disease, usually the symptoms of this are characterized by the presence of itching, swelling and redness in the entire vaginal area. In the same way, it could happen that the woman experiences pelvic pain, as well as burning when urinating, pain while having sexual intercourse, red spotting in addition to the green discharge, if the infection is very serious it may develop a fever, among other symptoms .

Another characteristic or symptomatology that one has is the bad smell of the greenish discharge, which is very similar to the smell of rotten fish and the consistency is much thicker. Therefore, if during the gestational period, the woman experiences any of these symptoms, she should go to the doctor immediately.

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Is it normal to produce greenish discharge in pregnancy?

It is not normal, because the greenish discharge during pregnancy is not a good sign, since it indicates that something bad is happening and the life of the baby could be in danger. When the woman has a greenish discharge, it is because she is experiencing an infectious condition, such as bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis, and she must be treated immediately to be able to eliminate it.

First trimester

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the woman has just had a sexual intercourse from which she became pregnant and it is very likely that she may have contracted an infection or sexually transmitted disease, so if you notice that you expel a greenish discharge you should go immediately to the doctor for the appropriate medication.

second trimester

In the second trimester the baby begins to increase its weight considerably, it is at this stage that the mother will experience growth in her womb. If during this period you perceive the expulsion of a green discharge, you should go to a specialist doctor to treat the infection and eliminate it completely, because when entering the third trimester labor can occur at any time and if there is an infection or disease it could infect the fetus.

Third quarter

The third trimester is of great risk, since the baby is fully formed and can be born at any time, especially if the mother is in the last weeks. Infections or diseases in this month are much more delicate, since if the baby is born naturally, it can be infected by passing through the vaginal tract.

If during this time the mother expels a greenish discharge at any time, she should go immediately to a specialist doctor to be treated and eradicated.If the mother has an infection and delivery is approaching, it is advisable to perform a cesarean section so that the baby does not have to pass through the vaginal tract and get infected.

During and after breastfeeding

Any illness that the mother has while breastfeeding the baby can be perceived by it through breastfeeding, if in this period the mother expels a green discharge through the vagina, she should go to the doctor and never self medicate, since a specialist is the person indicated to prescribe the corresponding medicine that fights the disease and does not harm the baby.

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Green discharge after intercourse during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women are very vulnerable to vaginal infections, so they must take greater care in hygiene and in the spaces where you expose their intimate parts. If during her gestational period the woman has unprotected sex, she can get an infection or an STD.

If after having sexual intercourse the pregnant woman begins to expel a greenish discharge, she may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, among which may be: gonorrhea, HPV (human papillomavirus) or chlamydia, so it is It is important that you go to the doctor immediately, since he is the person indicated to prescribe the appropriate treatment and that does not affect the health of the baby.

If before having sexual intercourse the woman had already noticed the green discharge, it may be that after intercourse the discharge of the fluid increases in quantity and the odor issued may become much stronger. It is vitally important that the woman is cared for by a specialist, especially if the time of delivery is approaching because it could infect the baby.

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Pathologies of greenish discharge in pregnancy

The expulsion of a green fluid through the vagina during pregnancy or not is an infallible indication that there is an infection or disease, since that is the body’s way of notifying that something is wrong and that it should be treated immediately, even more so if the woman is already close to delivery.

The simple appearance of having a greenish color is enough to determine that something is wrong, it does not matter if it is liquid, viscous or grainy, because the green color is always a symbol of infection. Now if this flow is also accompanied by a fetid smell, very similar to fish, all the more so you should go to the doctor.

Pregnant women are very vulnerable during this stage to acquire all kinds of infection or disease, so you must be very careful, ensure good hygiene, have sex with the use of condoms to prevent it, do not wear tight clothing, avoid the use of public toilets, etc.

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Does greenish discharge occur after giving birth? True or false?

Certain. If the woman suffered any disease or infection during pregnancy, it may appear again after childbirth, since infections such as bacterial vaginitis are usually recurrent and affect the woman after giving birth, generating endless discomfort. .

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Treatments and home remedies for greenish discharge

Green vaginal discharge is always due to an irregular process that occurs in the woman’s body, whether she is going through an infectious picture, a sexually transmitted disease or abdominal inflammation. Treatments and home remedies are not the ideal method to solve this problem, since it is something that needs the attention of a specialist and a medical prescription, since in most cases it must be treated with antibiotics.

You should never resort to self-medication, as that could only aggravate the problem and even less if the woman is pregnant because the fetus could suffer the consequences and be born with an abnormality or lose her life through abortion, for this reason it should always be avoid doing something wrong.

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However, some of the natural remedies that are usually used with greater popularity is natural yogurt, since it contains substances that help fight fungi and bacteria that cause vaginal infections, thanks to the fact that they contain lactobacilli, which are considered healthy bacteria. and that help to control the vaginal flora.

For its part, garlic can also help eliminate greenish secretion, since this is considered one of the most powerful natural antibiotics, since it contains various agents that are ideal to fight all types of viruses, bacteria, etc., this does not alter the pH of the vagina.

In the same way, milk and turmeric is another remedy that is used to eliminate those diseases or infections caused by yeast and helps keep the vaginal area protected. Guava leaves can also help thanks to their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

In any case, it is necessary to consult a specialist and even more so if the woman is pregnant.

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