Gray hair: 3 reasons why you shouldn’t dye it

White hair? Do not panic! You are completely in the trend of the new self-confident gray. It is not necessary to hide gray hair with harmful dyes. Here are 3 reasons why you should proudly show off your gray hair.


Gray hair is yours, make it your type

Anyone who discovers the first gray hair in the mirror is a shock to them. Many have thoughts like “that’s too early” or “I’m not that old.” The gray strands suddenly no longer fit the self-image we have of ourselves. This image, like any other perception, is subjective because it is made up of the large amount of information we receive.

With her film “The Hug”, Taryn Brumfitt makes it very clear that beauty only comes to mind when we are beautiful, this charisma once again attracts our fellow men as beauty.

Women especially, learn from an early age to take care of themselves to please others and to pursue  today’s beauty ideals . The difficult part is that there is no ideal of beauty. It’s constantly changing with fashion – once blondes are in demand, dark guys come back.

Better to imitate an ideal:

  1. Accept yourself
  2. Be authentic
  3. Find your type
  4. Underline it

These include  gray hair over time . The trick for beautiful hair is good care, so you are also attractive with gray hair.

Gray hair is the new trend

Everyone has gray hair, one before and the other after. It mainly depends on the  genes  . Gray hair can also come on earlier and very suddenly due to an accident, illness, or serious mental stress.

Gray hair is actually a hoax because a hair has  color pigments or not. When mixing white and pigmented hair, the strands appear gray in color. With dark hair, there are usually the “silver” strands, with blonde or reddish hair, the hair color fades more and more.

What has always been true for men, that gray hair is attractive, now discovers  the  advertising industry  for women:

  • Advertising is increasingly based on older models relying on their wrinkles and gray hair. The attractive gray haired models now present everything from cosmetics, sportswear to underwear. This corresponds to the emerging self-image of the new “old” generation. This self-image of the growing target group must also be expressed in advertising. Today, women want to be fashionable even in old age and be perceived accordingly.
  • Trendy model icons like  Lauren Hutton  and  Carmen Dell ‘Orefice , who are still in ad campaigns at the age of 70 or who are also on the runway for fashion shows. These women rely on their natural gift, which does not correspond to a general young beauty ideal, but to their own type.

The trend is greater self-confidence, where women do not need to hide alleged deficiencies such as gray hair. Hermosa is a confident woman who is not afraid to show herself in her naturalness.

If you would like to give your hair a small color change but without damaging it with chemicals, see this link on how to color natural hair: henna, chamomile and others

Natural hair yes chemical dyes no !!

It doesn’t matter if you want to color your hair only that classic hair dye contains a variety of chemicals that can be harmful to your health.
  • Especially chemical color precursors like  para-phenylenediamine (PPD)  2,5-toluenediamine (PTD)  . PPD is a very aggressive chemical compound that is prohibited in cosmetics. Only with hair color is there an exception. But this substance can cause  allergies  and  contact symptoms  . After a contact allergy, the body becomes sensitized and can react allergic to even the smallest residues, such as traces of PPD in dark garments. Scientists also suspect cross-sensitization between the two substances: if you are allergic to PPD, you could also be allergic to residues of PTD.
  • Resorcinol is also a common color precursor in hair dyes. In the resorption the skin can react strongly allergic. In tests, resorption causes changes in cells and is suspected of promoting cancer  .
  • Scientific studies in the US have linked hair color to an increased risk of bladder cancer.
  • Plasticizers  (PEG derivatives) soften the hair structure so that it can better absorb color pigments. These controversial softeners inevitably come into contact with the scalp. In this way, they penetrate the scalp and can cause allergies or skin damage. Especially critically evaluated the use in hair color or dye, because they have contact with the skin through the exposure time.
  • Ammonia is responsible for producing a neutralizing or swelling effect on the hair. It is highly alkaline and inflames the hair and scalp. This makes it a pioneer for the other allergenic substances.
  • Synthetic fragrances   should cover the ammonia smell. But even these synthetic fragrances penetrate deeper into the skin when stained and can lead to allergies there.
  • Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are the reasons that colored hair looks dull and unhealthy over time. They attack the capillary structure up to the  hairy papillae  of the skin. If the hair pad is damaged, the hair does not receive enough nutrients, so the hair becomes atrophied and eventually fails.

Good care is the key to beauty.

Good hair care can delay gray hair.

Three care tips:

  1. Gray hair should always be well-groomed and have a healthy shine. Therefore, use only   natural silicone-free shampoos . Because silicones wrap the hair and make it look dull over time.
  2. Why white hair is sometimes  yellowish  is not yet clear. In either case, a  silver rinse  will help against yellowness. Use silver rinse sparingly and it only dilutes otherwise hair will look unnaturally violet.
  3. Whether you choose a   refined short haircut or longer hair, the cut should always be precise. Get your hair cut every 4-6 weeks. The regular cut also prevents split ends.

Gray hair can change your whole  style  : now you can use colors that were not in your palette before. With a little  natural makeup you will bring freshness and liveliness to the face, with blushes and lipstick you can definitely use stronger colors.

If graying hair comes in too early, you can also hide the white strands with a  henna-based vegetable dye  . With plant pigments, you can dye your hair only in shades from light brown to dark brown or red.

For  blondes  there is bad news and good news here:

  • Unfortunately, white hair cannot be bleached with natural plant colors.
  • Blond hair usually loses its color very slowly and little by little. The gray strands are not that noticeable.

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