Growth Hormone: Side Effects, Treatments, Benefits, Properties And Foods That Contain It

Obviously, living beings go through a growth process throughout our lives, we go from being babies to children, then from children to adolescents, from adolescents to adults and then we continue to grow, but in a decreasing sense due to old age.

This process is determined by many factors, but there is one in specific which could be considered the most important and this is the influence of growth hormone in our body.

Growth hormone is produced in a gland called the pituitary, which is located in the front part of the brain, this hormone is a protein that humans produce throughout life and as its name indicates it helps us grow, however, it also regulates other processes in the human body such as metabolism.

As we have mentioned, growth hormone is a protein that our body produces, but it can also be found synthetically , which is used for specific treatments, in this case it is known under the name of somatropin.

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Growth hormone can be involved in certain cases by two abnormalities, its deficiency or excess , which obviously produces a different development in the human body. The most obvious signs of these two factors are undoubtedly dwarfism or gigantism.

Growth hormone in its synthetic state has a very similar structure to that which occurs naturally and also gives way to the same effects. On the other hand, speaking of the natural production of it, this hormone is produced in two key points of our day, one during the day and one at night, the latter being the most important.

In the case of growth hormone for treatment , it is normally applied only once a day , in order to imitate as much as possible the natural process of the body, however, there are treatments that doctors prescribe that can be governed by other bases .

What are the functions of growth hormone?

Growth hormone, as its name mentions, influences the growth process of a person, however, its function is not limited to just this detail, since it is produced throughout our lives and not only when we are developing. growth.

Thus, growth hormone also affects or influences the inhibition process of glucose , degrades fatty acids in the body and is a stimulant for the production of proteins.

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While we are fasting, growth hormone fulfills a very important function, which is to maintain the level of glucose in the blood, which serves to be used by brain processes, as well as moves the fat that is reserved and thus allows this to be an alternative energy source for the body.

Where is it located? What system does it belong to?

Growth hormone is produced by a gland located in the area of ​​the front of the brain. This gland is known as the pituitary gland, which is very small in size, approximately like a pea, and is connected to the hypothalamus, which controls its function.

The pituitary gland is found as part of the series of glands that make up the well-known endocrine system . This gland also produces another series of very important hormones for our body, which is why it is also called the “master gland”.

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What is its anatomy and physiology?

Growth hormone is regulated by two other hormones produced in the hypothalamus. One of them is the inhibitory hormone, which can be known under the name of somatostatin, which disables its exudation. And the second hormone that affects growth hormone production is releasing hormone, which simply stimulates it.

The growth hormone fulfills certain essential functions in our body, such as the synthesis of proteins , the waste of fats and the synthesis and secretion processes that are carried out at the liver level.

Growth hormone cycle

The growth hormone in our body goes through a cycle from the moment it is expelled. The first process that is involved is the release of hypothalamic hormones (inhibitory and releasing hormones) into the blood that surrounds the pituitary gland (gland that produces growth hormone).

However, despite these hormones that control the production of growth hormone, the natural balance can be affected by the action of physiological factors, such as: sleeping, eating and exercising.

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Normal levels of growth hormone

Due to the primary function of this hormone, which is to influence the growth development of the human body, obviously the amount of its production changes according to age and also in the biological gender of the person.

People during their adolescence can have growth hormone secretion of approximately 700 μg / day , whereas an adult in their best health only secretes approximately 400 μg / day.

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Growth hormone side effects

When there is application of growth hormone for a treatment, that is to say, in a synthetic way, several alternative effects can be caused. However, these are not very serious and are seen infrequently in patients, these side effects can be the following:

  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Pain in the muscles
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Scoliosis
  • Breast tissue develops in the male anatomy

On the other hand, there are a number of side effects that are more severe, but even rarer to experience, these are:

  • Chronic headache with vision problems
  • Disadvantages with the hip
  • Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)

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What does growth hormone deficiency mean?

The deficiency in the production of growth hormone is a disorder that can be considered irregular or uncommon in humans, it consists of the insufficient production of this hormone in a natural way.

When suffering from a deficit in the production of growth hormone, various effects can be caused , but these change depending on the age of the patient.

When it comes to people who are going through their childhood years , the clearest manifestations of a deficiency in growth hormone production are: stunted growth and short stature. Another effect that can be caused at this stage is the delay in the maturation of the sexual organs.

In the case of adults, growth hormone deficiency is considered a very rare phenomenon . In many cases the deficit at this stage is caused by an adenoma in the gland that produces growth hormone.

The effects of growth hormone deficiency in adults are normally obesity in the trunk, decreased muscle mass in other areas, and most notably a decrease in energy.

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As can be inferred, growth hormone is very important in children , since it is thanks to this that infants can present normal growth, as well as strengthen their bones and muscles , and also distribute fat throughout the body.

Growth hormone can also control , in children, the level of glucose that is handled in the body and lipids or fats. When there is a deficit in the production of growth hormone in children, it can be clearly seen that the child is under very slow growth and will be shorter than other children of the same age and sex.

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When a deficiency in the production of growth hormone in adults is diagnosed, it is common for it to be mainly for clinical reasons , since at the level of direct influence on processes in the body, there may not be a major problem. Adults with this anomaly are mainly those who have undergone radiation treatment for an adenoma. However, the growth hormone deficiency may also cause: excessive fatigue, low physical capacity, weakened muscles and metabolic disorders.

Problems from overproduction of growth hormone

When we speak of a production of growth hormone above the estimate, we can talk about an abnormality caused by the presence of a tumor in the gland that produces this hormone (pituitary gland). In this case, the main problem diagnosed is the excess of this hormone in the body, however, the tumor can increase in size and, for this reason, cause headaches, vision problems or it can also affect the production of the other hormones produced. in the pituitary gland.

Physiologically, excess growth hormone can cause : thickening of the bones located in the jaw and in the fingers and toes. In addition, effects such as excessive sweating, nervous pressure, weakening of the muscles, insulin intolerance and deficits in sexual function can also be seen.

This type of problem is common in people of a very advanced age , it is considered a very strange case that the problem develops during childhood, however, if that happens, the most obvious effect is gigantism.

How can growth hormone be stimulated?

There are many ways in which we can stimulate the production of this important hormone by our body, among them we can mention as the most relevant:

Natural methods

The growth hormone can be stimulated under certain natural factors , it is not necessary to resort to the use of injections or pills so that its production is improved. It is even better to choose to apply natural methods before an artificial one, since in this way we are not applying foreign substances to our body.

So, to naturally stimulate the production of growth hormone, you should follow the following tips:


Do high intensity exercise routines. Squats, chin-ups, crossfit and others are exercises that will undoubtedly help increase growth hormone production.

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The highest production of growth hormone occurs while we sleep, which is why it is of great importance that we have a pleasant sleep, not only sleep the indicated time, but also have a good quality of sleep , without interruptions or problems.


If you consume sugar in the next two hours to the exercise routine, you can reduce the production of growth hormone.

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Add foods with a low glycemic index to your diet, eat apples , pears, wheat cereals, rice . In the same way, you can also choose to give your body protein for dinner, this will help improve the production of growth hormone.

Artificial Methods

Today it is common to find a series of products on the market that claim to help the production of growth hormone . These are supplements that are normally aimed at athletes who require better physical development. However, there are products that claim to have growth hormone in their composition, which is a myth, a lie, since this is a drug that needs a prescription.

As well, supplements that help stimulate growth hormone production are normally composed – almost entirely – of amino acids, minerals , herbal extracts, and vitamins . Ingredients whose mixture increases the amount of growth hormone that occurs naturally in our body.

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As has already been mentioned, growth hormone can be provided to our body in an artificial way , that is, it can be introduced into our body through pills or injections in its synthetic presentation.

This method of applying growth hormone must be done to fulfill a treatment for specific purposes , that is, to improve the body in an aspect where the function of this hormone is lacking, either due to a production deficit or other reason. However, nowadays, this hormone is used in many cases by people who are adept at bodybuilding, since this allows them better muscle development.

But well, there does not seem to be a difference between the hormones applied in an injected way or those that are presented as pills, it has not even been fully proven whether the effect of these medications is entirely favorable in the sense that it prevents us from suffering of a very marked aging and everything that derives from that aspect.

However, there are certain well-prepared medications that do not promise to induce growth hormones, but rather stimulate the pituitary gland so that it produces a greater amount of growth hormones and thus be able to enjoy the benefits that it produces in our body.

Here you will see two products that stimulate the production of growth hormone:

  • Somatrop * 450g * Stimulates the production of SOMATOTROPIN (growth hormone) * improves muscle mass * Made in Belgium
  • GH (growth hormone) Start-Pro

Youth and growth hormone

It is evident that growth hormone has a very clear effect on young people , since it is at this stage that the body finishes developing into a more adult form. Thus, during this stage, young people produce up to twice the amount of growth hormone compared to the amount produced by adults.

The growth hormone in young people can manifest itself in a very clear way, we can see the physical changes that occur in this stage notoriously, however, this hormone also affects other processes such as the synthesis of proteins, glucose and also the rhythm of metabolism.

Sports uses of growth hormone

In the sports field, growth hormone has a very clear effect on athletes , especially in what they require for their modality to have a robust and large body, since this hormone helps them increase the muscle mass of their body.

However, the increase in muscle mass is not related to physical performance, so we said that it can be seen in more cases implemented in athletes who need, in addition to their potential, a large amount of muscle mass, since their capacity does not is determined by this aspect.

There are studies that show that the application of growth hormone for sports purposes only influences the increase in muscle mass , specifically in an approximate of two kilograms, as well as in fat mass with an amount around one kilogram.

In the same way, the studies did not register any improvement at the level of physical performance, nor does there seem to be a change in the ability to lift objects, that is, in the strength of the body. Thus, it is proven that the only way to find development in this aspect is under physical training and hard work, there are no miraculous methods that guarantee us a better full development.

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Basal and post-exercise growth hormone

Growth hormone can be stimulated through physical exercise without any doubt, since it is the process that perhaps best contributes to its release. When we exercise we can put into practice a series of mechanisms that influence the pituitary gland, such as: changes in the balance of acids, direct stimulation, neural input, among others …

Thus, the exercises that can most benefit the production of growth hormone are those of high performance, since these tend to put into practice a group of muscles, especially those of large size, which causes a greater release of hormones.

Growth Hormone in Women’s Bodybuilding

It is no secret to anyone that women and men have physical differences, both in form and in performance. That is why the methods applied in each case are very different. This does not mean that women cannot perform the same as men, but that their capacities are different (not greater or less) and require different training.

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So well, when it comes to female bodybuilding and the use of growth hormone in a synthetic way, there are several changes with respect to those that apply in the male case. For women it is recommended that you apply only an amount of 2 IU per day, for five continuous days and then rest for two days. In this way, the body can burn unnecessary fat and reach an ideal weight.

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Studies show that women need a higher dose of hormones than men to achieve the same result, so it can also be seen that the higher the number of doses in women, they do not have side effects, which is not the case of the mens.

However, the dose that must be administered must be monitored and controlled by an expert since it can vary according to the woman’s body, there are those who are more sensitive than others, as well as processes such as menopause and menstruation can be influential with respect to to this type of treatment.

Foods that contain growth hormone

Growth hormone can be applied synthetically, this can be done for a treatment or simply to achieve a physical change as in the case of athletes, however, for people it is not highly recommended to ingest or administer substance of this type on a whim, as we could cause alternate damage to our body.

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So, it is best that we look for natural ways to provide our body with increased production of growth hormones and diet is a means by which we can achieve this. Here we will leave you a list of foods that are influential for the hormonal system:

Organic meat

Because it does not contain drugs or hormones, but they are full of amino acids and other substances that enhance the production of growth hormone.


These marine plants are increasingly positioned in terms of their nutritional quality for the human body and in this case we can affirm that they help to increase the secretion of growth hormone.


In addition to improving gastrointestinal function, yogurt contains large amounts of glutamine, which is an amino acid, which like all of this type, helps increase the production of growth hormone.


They are full of healthy fatty acids and also other substances that increase growth hormone.

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Coconut oil

This oil is one of the healthiest along with olive oil, but this specifically produces an increase in testosterone and also produces an increase in the potential of growth hormone.

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Due to its high alkaline level, lemon can increase growth hormone production, as it provides an improvement in the conditions under which the hormone is produced.

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It is well known that eggs can be a great source of vitamins, minerals and proteins, this helps the human body in many aspects, one of them is the production of growth hormone.

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Growth hormone and bodybuilding

Until the mid-1980s, growth hormone was simply used naturally. When you wanted to implement it artificially on another person, it tended to be extracted from corpses, which is why it was difficult to obtain and could cost a considerable amount of money. However, some time later it was discovered that this practice was the cause of a large number of deaths, so it was eliminated from the market.

Similarly, shortly after this event , synthetic growth hormone was invented and was marketed almost immediately by many drug laboratories. From this it began to be implemented by the athletes progressively, since it was discovered that the anabolic hormone was applied, which provided them with a considerable increase in muscle mass.

Unlike steroids, synthetic growth hormone produces an increase in the number of muscle cells , a phenomenon known as hyperplasia. This is why it is considered a more anabolic product than any other supplement.

As well, growth hormone is used by many bodybuilders to achieve the most favorable result in their body, they claim that the hormone also protects them from injury .

Treatments to control growth hormone

Hormones can be altered in terms of their production, this can be greater than the recommended amount or deficient, that is why they must have a control regarding production and thus apply the relevant treatment to control that it is greater or less to what you have.

Hormones can be controlled through supplements that provide artificial substances that help us balance the level of hormones in our body.

Thus, this method is recommended to be applied under medical supervision , since we must not provide our body with any type of exogenous substance on our own, that is, we must avoid self-medication regardless of whether the product is available over the counter. or not.

In the same way, there are also natural methods to control the production of hormones, these are normally factors related to our daily routine, so in the face of a better routine (more controlled and relaxed) we will have a better hormonal production, or at least one that is find it level within the stipulations.

The factors that you can take into account to improve hormonal production are the following:

  • Diet: Food is essential for good health. A balanced and healthy diet will keep your hormones at a good level. However, specific foods such as those rich in zinc ( dark chocolate , red meat, crab, peanuts …) can help you boost the production of hormones.
    In the same way, foods that contain fatty acids , such as nuts, eggs and fish, influence the absorption of hormones in the body.
    The fiber also provides an overall benefit to your body, it helps in terms of production and also levels gastrointestinal hormonal balance in general.
  • Exercise : Exercise in general, but especially high-performance exercise, helps the body release substances that also help us to improve the production of hormones in our body.
  • Reduces stress : Stress is a great influencing factor, negatively, in thousands of processes in our body, because this state encourages the production of cortisol, which blocks the production processes of other hormones.
    So, look for ways to release stress and tensions from your body, carry out activities that benefit you in this regard. Exercise and yoga can be good options to achieve this, a walk in the park, going for a walk to get fresh air or simply lying down with a good book or listening to music, they can also be ways to get rid of excessive stress.

It can be seen that leading a healthy lifestyle is the main key to having a body with fully balanced hormone production. This fact will not only benefit you in this sense, but having a good rhythm of life will also help you keep the other processes of your body in good working order, you can strengthen your systems and also your defenses. Since from a good diet and regular exercise we can provide our body with the properties it needs to avoid diseases, stay healthy and prevent future diseases.

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So, follow these simple tips and you will have an optimal state of health fully assured, as well as a good production of growth hormones that will guarantee the benefits for which it influences our body.

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