Hair Conditioner Benefits: Contraindication, Side Effects, Uses, Types and All

An indicator of good health is the appearance of the hair , factors such as stress, diseases, worries, can affect it directly, in addition to the environmental changes to which the hair is subjected daily such as exposure to the sun, wind.

In case of going on vacation or living in beach areas, seawater also weakens the hair, dehydrates it and therefore loses its natural shine. Therefore, the basic care that must be done daily such as brushing, washing and nourishing it is essential, so that it remains strong and healthy.

As for the products that can be used for the care and maintenance of hair, there are conditioners, which can be compared with the action of moisturizers for the skin, since both contribute to maintain and improve hydration and shine.

The hair conditioner contains active ingredients that are nothing more than nutrients that the hair needs to restore and maintain the ability to reflect light, as well as to provide softness and manageability when combing it.

Despite the great benefits of hair conditioners, there are myths that indicate that their use is not necessary and can be counterproductive, it all depends on the customs, beliefs and care of each person.

However, it can be noted that the use of hair conditioners as a treatment to recover the vitality of the same, must be done under a previous study of the conditions in which the hair is found, that is, it is an individual process and the choice of the conditioner will depend on the result of the study done by professional stylists.

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Among the diversity of conditioners that can be obtained in the market are vitamins and proteins such as keratin, which offers the hair to restore and maintain its good condition, they can be obtained with sun protection since among its presentations are those that they are not rinsed.

It is for this reason that a good advice by a good stylist will recommend which is the appropriate conditioning product and its use according to each special case.

What is a hair conditioner?

A hair conditioner is a substance that gives hair softness, it is generally used after shampooing with hair still wet, there are presentations that rinse and others that do not require rinsing. The advantage offered by its use is to facilitate the daily care of the hair, brushing and maintaining its shine.

The function of the conditioner is to strengthen the hair strand from root to tip . This process is done by softening the scales contained in the hair strand, ensuring that entanglement is avoided, and by brushing the hair strand breaking.

The conditioner acts on the hair follicle and its results are immediate, which prevents the hair from looking dull, rough and out of condition.

Its use ensures better defined hair with smoother strands and a lower percentage of split ends, which improves appearance and prevents hair loss.

In general, conditioners, as their effect is immediate, the change is noticed from the first application. Its application seals the cuticle of the hair that has been opened by the use of the shampoo. This process blocks nutrients from acting within the hair strand and in turn protects hair from pollutants and free radicals.

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Uses of hair conditioner

The use of the conditioner is not limited only to the hair, so it is good to know that other uses can be given to it apart from conditioning the hair. Popular uses include:

1- Dry cleaning for silk garments

For its use in silk garments, a tablespoon of conditioner should be placed in a container with water at room temperature, in this mixture the silk garment is placed, left to soak for a few minutes and after this it is rinsed and hung to that I know what.

2- Wash underwear and other delicate items

For use on delicate clothes , you should warm water and put a small portion of conditioner on it, the garment should be washed manually and then with this mixture it is rinsed and hung to dry.

3- Protect leather shoes from snow

The conditioner serves as protection for the footwear against the snow , a small amount of conditioner is placed on the shoes with a cloth and this will protect the footwear and you will be able to enjoy walking in the snow without damaging your footwear.

4- Remove eye makeup

It is used to replace it and remove make-up. If at any time you do not have make-up remover, it can be solved by using a piece of cotton with a small amount of conditioner and applying it to the area you want to remove.

5- Soften brushes

For art lovers, the use of conditioner to restore the softness of the brushes is not a secret , it is used with a clean and damp brush applying a small amount on its cells to regain their softness and flexibility.

6- Replace cuticle cream

Another use of the conditioner is during the manicure, since if you do not have a cream to remove the cuticle, it can be substituted for conditioner, applying a small amount on the area which softens the skin and the cuticle can be removed in an easy and without any damage to the skin.

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7- Combing cream

The conditioner used in a small amount can be an ally when it comes to shaping the hair without the need for the use of excessive humidity or dryers and hair straighteners. Its way of use is to place a small amount of conditioner on the palm of the hand and model the hair as you like best , you must be careful with the amount, since excess of it can give the impression of greasy hair and it would not be the appearance adequate.

8- Say goodbye to friz

Frizzy hair is caused by humidity, so a solution to this problem is to apply a small amount of conditioner to the hair , making sure it is a minimum amount to prevent hair from looking greasy or hair from becoming greasy.

9- Untangle

The most common use of the conditioner is to detangle the hair , so it can be applied with a spray with 5 parts of water and mixed with one part of conditioner, sprayed on the hair and detangled with great ease and without damage some to the hair.

10- Fabric softener

Hair conditioner can be used to condition and restore softness to clothes at wash time if fabric softener is not available. The only requirement for its use is that it be a neutral and colorless conditioner to avoid damage to clothing. It will give you a unique softness and a pleasant fragrance.

11- Rescue of sweaters shrunk by washing

It usually happens that by mistake the sweaters can be damaged or shrunk when drying at high temperatures and these are generally situations that can be reversed, the garment should only be immersed in a container with water and conditioner , this process will not worsen the situation, On the contrary, there are cases in which the damaged garment is recovered.

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12- Prevent tools from rusting

The conditioner has its uses in different kitchen utensils as well as metal tools, since placing a thin layer on them will prevent their oxidation . It is a good option in appliances that contain metals to keep them always looking new.

13- Uncover the drain

It seems incredible but true that the conditioner replaces those expensive and highly dangerous products in contact with the skin to unclog the drain , you just have to heat water, put a little conditioner in the drain and let the hot water fall, wait a few minutes and that’s it.

14- Moisturizer

The conditioner is moisturizing so its use on skin is not bad , during the shower it can be spread on the skin as if it were a cream or essence and then it is rinsed, a process that provides unique softness and hydration.

15- Brighten the steel

Conditioner is an excellent shine wax for steel, if your home contains steel appliances, you can spread a small amount of conditioner and polish with a sponge or cloth for this purpose, and restore the shine of the steel.

16- Remove jammed rings

Cases have been seen and very frequently that the rings get stuck in the fingers, either due to not using an adequate ring size or due to circulatory problems or fluid retention, among others. So it is a problem that can be solved with a small amount of conditioner on the finger where the jammed ring is, move the ring so that it is impregnated with conditioner and it will come out easily.

17- Prevent the doors from squeaking

There are times when the doors begin to emit a really annoying noise when opening or closing them, it is motivated by the lack of oil in their hinges, if you do not have the corresponding oil for such use you can choose to use the conditioner, rubbing the Area with a cloth with a little conditioner, this process will prevent the door to its rose at the hinge from emitting any scratches that may squeak.

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18- Hair removal cream

When waxing, the skin can suffer damage such as irritations or cuts. So it is advisable to use creams for this purpose. If you do not have these products, the use of conditioner is of choice and of incomparable comparison, since apart from providing reliability that there will be no cuts , it also provides a unique hydration difficult to find with other products, avoiding irritations or any other type of inconvenience.

Hair conditioner benefits

The benefits that are obtained with the use of the conditioner on the hair are multiple , so it is good to know them and thus highlight the importance of their daily use in the care and maintenance of good hair health. Let’s see some:

  • Provides hydration and softness to the hair.
  • Recovers hair shine.
  • Detangles hair giving it better manageability.
  • It prevents hair from breaking or weakening due to environmental or physical damage to which it is subjected.
  • Prevents the appearance of split or flaky ends.
  • Reduces the static of the hair.
  • It gives elasticity to the hair fibers, giving the hair strand a better appearance.

Types of hair conditioner

There are a variety of conditioners, so they do not all work in the same way , you must have good advice when choosing which one is indicated for each particular case. Among those that can be classified into:

For oily skin

The fact of having greasy hair does not mean that you should not use conditioner, it is a mistake that many people fall into, its use being of vital importance. The conditioner provides essential nutrients to keep the hair healthy so a good stylist will recommend an appropriate light conditioner to provide the nutrients to the hair but without increasing the natural oil of the hair.

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Of natural origin

Conditioners of natural origin offer both the contribution of nutrients and strengthen the hair and prevent the appearance of dandruff and breakage or loss of the same.

It is a product that confers the property of complementing the use of shampoo, since it restores hydration and provides essential nutrients to the hair.

The conditioner prevents the hair from becoming dull and lifeless , repairs the hair cuticle, ensuring that there are no breaks, split ends or tangles that can cause poor appearance or damage to the hair.

The conditioner gives the hair strand greater strength and shine, leaving the hair manageable and without frizz.

When we talk about conditioner of natural origin, we can also talk about the innumerable benefits that it offers to be able to get cheap products that offer greater and safe benefits in their use.

Among the natural and homemade conditioner preparations, we can mention that of rice and oats , which contains a high percentage of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids to revitalize the hair.


Homemade conditioners are a great alternative when it comes to revitalizing and caring for hair, improving appearance, and returning shine and silkiness.

When damaged hair has a dull appearance, split ends and slow growth, as well as breakage and hair loss, it is extremely important to take these signs into account and try to resolve them as soon as possible with the timely guidance from a good stylist.

Homemade formulas of natural hair conditioners are of great help, since they can provide the nutrients that the hair needs to recover from the damage caused by the weather or physical factors to which the hair is subjected on a daily basis.

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A natural conditioner will provide an effective detangling and nutrient supply and only a few ingredients are needed at a very low cost with great results in use.

Homemade conditioners in addition to bringing benefits in terms of the economy with respect to the market’s own conditioners, they also offer great nutrition and a noticeable improvement in their use, it could be said that even faster than a commercial brand conditioner .


Many times you hear about a conditioner with or without salt, not taking into account its different types of uses.

When it comes to a salt-free conditioner , it means that the nutrient mix does not specifically contain chlorine salt.

The use of chlorine in the product gives it viscosity and thickness. Conditioners have a positive electrical charge that when used on the hair is charged with a negative charge.

This opposite electrical exchange leads to the attraction of the hair strand and salt, which causes dehydration and a flaky, dull appearance to the hair.

The salt in the hair enhances the action of ultraviolet rays during sun exposure, which causes the hair to lose moisture.

Therefore, products without salt for daily hair care are the choice to avoid all these consequences, especially when the hair has been subjected to aggressive treatments or bleaching, dyes, among others.

In other words, it can be said that the disadvantages of conditioning products with salt compared to those that do not contain salt are:

  • The dyeing of colored hair does not last, because it helps the discoloration or loss of it quickly.
  • It completely removes natural oil from the hair, making it more sensitive to the daily environmental aggressions to which the hair is subjected.
  • The cuticle opens and allows the loss of nutrients and greater susceptibility to deep damage to the hair strand.
  • It can interfere with the functioning of the hair bulb due to the residues it leaves on the scalp, which leads to dry hair.

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Regarding the advantages that can be obtained by the use of salt-free conditioners over the salt conditioner, we have :

  • Chemical anti-frizz and hair coloring treatments last longer with the use of salt-free conditioners.
  • It does not affect the bulb of the hair strand as it does not leave residues that can cause damage and subsequent dryness of the hair.
  • The salt-free conditioner has the advantage of balancing the oil in the hair, so by not eliminating it completely, it provides protection against external environmental or physical agents that can cause damage to the hair.
  • It does not produce porosity in the hair as it does not open the cuticle.
  • It can be used daily without any inconvenience since it does not damage the hair.


A biodegradable product means that it is not polluting for the waters , generally its compounds are of vegetable origin, from which they extract certified essential oils. Everything as a whole is of plant origin without persistence or artificial fragrances.

The essential oils that are used in the manufacture of natural conditioners contain the properties and benefits of the fruit or plant from which they are extracted, resulting in optimal nutrition that prevents hair loss, prevents dry scalp and reduces hair loss. more importantly, it protects from environmental aggressions to which the hair is subjected on a daily basis.

When conditioning the hair, it must be foreseen that they are the right products to guarantee that there is no damage or tangles, frizzy, dull and brittle hair.

The product chosen must be soft and preferably natural so that it does not contain harmful artificial ingredients that, instead of generating a positive change to the hair, make it dull and dehydrated.

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In general, the products used for hair are chosen for their fragrance and appearance rather than for their action, due to the lack of interest in knowing the diversity that exists and the risks and benefits of its use.

For this reason, people tend to make mistakes and choose a product that is not in accordance with the needs of their hair and cannot notice a noticeable change with its application, on the contrary, it can cause more damage to the hair.

It is necessary to take care which type of conditioner is the most recommended for each situation , since natural hair that has not undergone any straightening or dyeing treatment is not the same as hair that has already been invaded by these treatments.

Natural products guarantee the durability of the treatments or dyes that have been applied to the hair, as well as providing them with essential nutrients for their maintenance.

There are a variety of shampoos and conditioners on the market, almost the majority with ingredients or components that are highly harmful due to their toxicity, so it is necessary to inform yourself and seek the best advice from a good stylist to guarantee good hair care and the choice it may be. as natural as possible.


Anti-allergic conditioners are indicated for the following cases:

  • For sensitive skin; They are delicate skins that flake or are prone to damage easily such as infections, redness, itching, among others.
  • For skin resistant to the use of chemicals due to their harmful action, producing severe allergic reactions.

For these cases, conditioners contain in their composition a careful selection of substances that protect the scalp and also provide adequate cleaning. They are substances that do not irritate the skin, hypoallergenic that does not cause damage or intolerance, eye or skin irritation, or any other risk.

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Even in cases where it is believed that the hair has a healthy appearance, the use of products that nourish it and protect it from the environmental and physical changes to which the hair is subjected daily should be sought, so a good conditioner.

In the case of oatmeal conditioners, it produces a unique strengthening in the hair that together with organic jojoba, coconut oil and mallow extract give the hair a special softness and shine, along with a long-lasting fragrance.

Its properties come together to produce softness in the hairstyle, in a natural way that will not cause any type of damage to the hair. It is suitable for people with a vegan lifestyle.


Among the important products in personal hygiene are undoubtedly a good conditioner.

Many factors influence the choice of the same, among which are the amount of chemical and mostly toxic products that they contain in their ingredients, which do not comply with what is established to be considered an ecological or purely natural product.

So looking for a conditioner in the market may result in not getting a product with truly ecological characteristics, it is more appropriate in this case to resort to the purely natural, fruits or vegetable essences that are extracted without the need for harmful chemicals and that allow its use on the hair.

An ecological conditioner confers the properties that the hair needs for its recovery and maintenance of its care in accordance with the environment, which generates greater protection, with the advantage of being able to be used daily.


In hair that has been dyed, a good conditioner is essential, since it damages the hair strand, so a conditioner of natural preference without salt is necessary, to guarantee that the nutrients enter the hair and take care of the same way that the dye lasts longer, which would produce a longer period of application of the same and less damage caused to the hair.

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Does hair conditioner cause cancer? Why?

In general, it is believed that daily products for personal hygiene such as shampoo, soaps, conditioner, among others, contain a strict safety control in their use , it seems that they do not.

Studies carried out a year ago by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH, acronym in English), show that currently the chemical diethanolamine is found in most of the products studied (approximately 98 shampoos, soaps, among which conditioner is included). cocamide (cocamide DEA), which is nothing more than modified coconut oil that is used as a thickener or foamer.

The recognized brands that use cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA), are Colgate, Palmolive, Colcomer, Paul Mitchell, among others that include children’s shampoos and soaps.

The executive director of Michael Green, executive director of CEH, when presenting the studies carried out said “Most people believe that the products sold in the main stores are tested for their safety, but consumers should know that they could be sprayed. with a chemical that causes cancer every time they bathe or wash.

It also highlights the possibility that they take into account the lethality of the product and the risks and can foresee in the future the elimination of said substance from this type of products for daily use by all people and cause less damage.

How to choose the best conditioner

As already mentioned, hair care needs products that hydrate it and keep it defined and manageable. So choosing a good conditioner is essential.

Each type of hair and its condition will determine what product you need according to your needs. It is therefore important to know the best way to choose and use a conditioner.

A good conditioner provides nutrients to the hair, which gives it luminosity and shine , as well as protection against external agents to which the hair is subjected daily.

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A good conditioner prevents hair frizz, split ends and frizz. In general, its continuous use should improve the appearance of the hair, if this does not happen, it is because it is not the indicated conditioner for the type of problem that the hair presents.

Normal and well-cared for hair does not need more than three applications per week of conditioner, that would be enough to keep it hydrated, shiny and manageable; On the other hand, a damaged hair that has been subjected to chemical treatments or dyes should increase the weekly use of a good conditioner to guarantee the recovery of the hair from the damage caused.

There are various presentations of conditioners for each particular case, so you can find sprays, creams, lotions, among others.

The application of the conditioner and its regularity in it will bring immediate results on the hair , the application on the scalp should be avoided to avoid greasy appearance of the hair, and its regularity should be according to the need or requirements of the hair, it can be done daily with washing or according to hair type.

A good appearance in the hair gives it a clean and well hydrated hair without generating an oily appearance, so it is advisable to use the products that are chosen properly.

If the hair is curly or difficult to manage, it is recommended as a preventive measure to breakage, detangle the hair in the shower with conditioner, first with your fingers and then with the use of wide-bristled combs for greater comfort and speed and then proceed to rinsing .

We will mention the best conditioners on the market to highlight their properties and uses according to each particular case, let’s see:

Recommended hair conditioner


It is a balm or conditioner that contains vitamin H and silk protein , it is recommended for dry and damaged hair since it confers the recovery of silkiness and manageability to the hair and prevents frizz, as well as prevents the hair strand from breaking. or loss of it.

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Plus Clínical is a recognized brand among conditioners for dry and damaged hair, it contains among its properties milk protein and almond oil , which offers hair deep nutrition and generates hair recovery and greater manageability. Its result will depend on its use, so it must be used continuously.


L’Oreal Paris Repair Fall 3X anti-Fall is a conditioner specially designed for people who suffer from hair loss, its properties give it the advantage of preventing loss and recovering the hair bulb so that the hair grows strong and healthy.

Damaged and dehydrated hair nourishes it and makes it regain its shine and silkiness. Its presentation is also attractive to the eye so it is chosen frequently.


L’Oreal Total Repair 5, contains the necessary ingredients for a deep repair in all aspects, restoring the hair its shine and manageability, silkiness. It repairs split ends and porous hair strands so having to detangle the hair will be easier and will avoid breakage and hair loss in the process.

Its presentation is also somewhat attractive, since it comes in a white plastic bottle with a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance that contains the necessary nutrients to protect the hair from environmental damage.


Dove conditioner is a mild type that can be used daily, resulting in intensive nutrition and repair to the hair , restoring its natural silkiness and shine.

What is most attractive to this conditioner is its price, which is reasonable compared to the great benefits it brings to damaged hair.

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The Keratin conditioner confers incomparable nutrition to the hair , this protein restores softness, shine, silkiness to the hair, controls the frizzyness and porosity of the hair and prevents the loss due to breakage or weakness of the hair bulb when detangling it.


This type of conditioner was designed for hair with extreme damage , difficult to handle and with porosity that can be felt to the touch. It is a great ally in these cases because it reduces frizz, improves or softens the porosity of the hair strand, reduces hair loss during styling as it is more manageable when detangling and restores its natural shine.


It has the advantage of being a well-known brand in the market and preferred by thousands of people who choose it for hair care in its entire range of presentation.

It protects hair from environmental damage, deeply nourishes it and the best thing is that it is a conditioner designed for sensitive and dehydrated skin, bone, which restores hydration to both the scalp and the hair strand.

Among its presentations is one for each type of hair which produces a total control of the friz. It can be used on colored hair without any inconvenience.


It is a type of conditioner designed for those people who have already subjected their hair to chemical treatments , it is special for these cases. Among its components it contains shea butter that confers essential nutrients to the hair to recover its hydration and make it more manageable and soft to the touch.

It has the particularity of handling frizzy and static hair very well, it is a deep restorer, so it is widely used and changes are noticeable from the first application.

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This range of products are famous for their components, which are purely natural products. Gives hair the property of returning the softness and silkiness that reflects healthy hair.

Among its nutrients, they give the hair proteins that nourish it and prevent the loss or weakness and breakage of the hair strand and because it is a natural product it can be used on hair that has undergone treatments or dyes, to recover them from the chemical process to which were subjected.

Contraindications and side effects of hair conditioner

A conditioner is essential in your daily grooming routine , and should not cause any ill effects on your hair or health.

The proper use of the conditioner should provide the recovery of damaged hair, but if no improvement is noticed with the application of the same, you should proceed to change the product and ideally you should have the advice of a good stylist to opt for a correct choice.

Some of the components of the conditioner such as sodium laureth sulfate can cause dryness in certain types of hair , cause allergic reactions, over conditioning the hair. In any of these cases, the conditioner should be changed to ensure that its effect is optimal and capable of revitalizing the hair, making it stronger and restoring its shine and silkiness.

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