Hair Oiling Benefits, Choosing Oil, and How to Do It

The reason why you should use oil on your hair; It is because it gives you incredible benefits to keep it healthy, since there are many factors that tend to mistreat it; from the weather, that is, a strong sun, the wind, or the rain; to environmental factors such as pollution from car smoke, or airborne dust.

In addition, dyes, fixatives, the way you eat, chemicals, ironing and drying your hair constantly, will take their toll sooner or later, leaving it dry, dull, battered, lifeless. And to bring it back to life, you could opt for an economical and healthy alternative, as well as effective.

This alternative is nothing more than the use of oils of vegetable origin, even some of animal origin; They will bring you multiple benefits such as: hydrating it, nourishing it, giving it shine, softening it, eliminating dandruff, making it grow among other benefits that you should not miss. Not to mention that they do not contain chemicals that could cause harm to your body, and that you have a huge amount to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Are all oils the same?

Among the oils you have to choose from are:

  • jojoba oil,
  • avocado oil,
  • coconut oil,
  • olive oil,
  • Rosemary oil,
  • sesame or sesame oil,
  • almonds oil,
  • Argan oil,
  • Castor oil,
  • Beaver oil,
  • bear oil,
  • shea oil,
  • kukui oil,
  • krill oil.

And the question is, are they all the same?

Different oils are used for different types of hair ; because each one, although they have very similar properties, some lack some while others have what you need; For example, hazelnut oil has a property that protects your hair from the sun’s rays, and coconut oil has many properties that will benefit you to hydrate it, and to revitalize it.

This means then that not all are equal ; and you need to read a little about each one to choose the one that best suits what your hair really asks for; because if you have oily hair, using oils could worsen your condition, but you can use it on the ends.

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Commercial treatments or natural oils?

This decision must be made by you; whether to choose commercial treatment or natural oils; However, to compare and choose you have to know them both:

Natural oils provide you with multiple vitamins, they are quite moisturizing, they nourish your hair like none else, they give it softness and shine, and they penetrate more easily. They are extracted from the seeds or oleaginous fruits, and have been used for beauty treatments since centuries ago; by means of the cold pressing method they are processed; in order to keep its properties and components intact.

On the other hand, commercial products use mineral oils derived from petroleum , and by using them they will prevent the pores from breathing and of course they do not have any property that benefits you; And as if that were not enough, they use liquid paraffin that is obtained from the residues of mineral oils, and when using it it alters thermoregulation and the drainage of toxins and, like the first, they avoid the respiration of the pores; This causes the hair follicles to die and your hair to fall out.

Most commercial hair products have substances that can be harmful to your health; such as, for example, Propylene Glycol, increases the risk of skin cancer due to its absorption in the scalp ; hydrogen peroxide and ammonia that cause allergies and skin cancer as well, and phenylenediamine, 2,4-toluenediamine, the mineral tar, and bleach; that can burn your scalp in addition to causing unfavorable reactions.

Having said that; The advantage over commercial product and natural hair oil is definitely the natural oil because it gives you more benefits without risking the chemicals that commercials use.

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Benefits of hair oils

The benefits that the different natural oils give you will vary according to the fruit or seed you choose since each one, as said; It has properties that will treat different characteristics depending on your case and your hair type.

The important thing is that you have chosen well when deciding to use natural oils; be careful if you have oily hair because if so, you can get the benefits but applying it from the middle of the hair down.

Whichever suits your need, whichever you are going to use, you should do it in the following way: apply it from the roots to the ends; you wrap it in a towel or hat, and let it take effect for half an hour, and then you wash your hair as you normally do.

Another way is to apply it overnight, and you remove it in the morning, you must be careful not to go out in the sun if you have it soaked in oil; But there will be no problem if you just put a few cotitas in the palm of your hand and pass them where your hair needs it most, for example at the ends if you have them open. You could also add a few drops to your commercial hair products.

The benefits of using natural oils are many: to grow hair, to combat dandruff, to prevent hair loss, for when you dye it, or if it is dull, dry and damaged.

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Using oil to grow hair

To make your hair grow you need oils that contain zinc in their natural properties, such as peanut oil, virgin olive oil and sunflower oil. This property will make your hair grow faster and will also strengthen it.

Using oil to straighten hair

To make your hair manageable and straighten it more easily you should use hemp oil; it contains fatty acids that will help you to pass the comb without difficulty; and a high content of vitamin E, it will also hydrate it; You can also use coconut oil and add a few drops of lemon , they will leave your hair straight, and you will eliminate frizz. You get the same properties in the almond and olive oil.

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Oil for dry and damaged hair

Most of the oils of vegetable origin favor you in this regard, since they are all rich in fatty acids and over there they will at least solve the problem of dry hair; however neem oil is very little known, but excellent for dryness and brittle hair due to the amount of omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 it has. Another really good oil is that of flax or linseed, it will fill your hair damaged by external agents with life; It will hydrate it, it is not as greasy as the others but it will fulfill its function of taking care of your hair.

Curly hair oil

Warm almond oil will help you smooth your curls without suffering ; It contains different properties that will enhance shine and smoothness. In addition, the grape seeds contain properties that are perfect for this type of hair: it has an emollient action and by retaining water it will keep it hydrated, thus preventing it from breaking and drying out; your curls will be more obedient, and thanks to the fact that it contains proanthocyanidins it will make you grow.

Using oil to preserve colored hair

When you dye your hair, you subject it to a strong chemical that will make it sad, so to speak, because it will lose shine, and especially softness . To regain its vitality, you must apply prickly pear oil, which acts against dryness, penetrating very well and regenerating dead cells. And another oil that you need is one that protects you from UV rays that your hair will not resist after coloring it; For that, use hazelnut oil that softens but also provides protection due to its UV protection factor equivalent to factor 30.

If you want it to be shiny and silky then use macadamia nut oil.

For hair loss

If you have folliculitis, which is when the hair follicles become inflamed and your hair begins to fall, then the ideal is to use borage oil ; which will considerably reduce hair loss by deflating the follicles and also strengthens them. As if that were not enough, it fights dandruff.

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Recommended oils for girls’ hair

When we have girls, we don’t know how to take care of their hair without harming them, because it is possible that they have an allergic reaction to chemical products; An easy way to care for girls’ hair is by using natural oils such as chamomile or better known as chamomile oil, coconut oil is also ideal for them .

The important thing is that you don’t wash it so often; or every other day; do not use the products that you use, and try not to iron it or use fixers.

Can oils be used to lighten hair?

Of course, the natural oils are used decades ago to lighten hair, especially the chamomile oil with a few drops of lemon or olive oil with a few drops of honey .

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Most popular hair oils

Among the oils that I recommended for specific benefits, the most popular ones may not be found, and that like these, they have many benefits to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil has ceramides , which makes it special to hydrate and soften your hair , ideal for oily hair unlike others . It also promotes growth, facilitates detangling and protects your hair from sea water and the sun.

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Avocado oil

This oil is light green in color, but what matters is its property of repairing damaged hair; hydrates like any other or more than others; And you can use it if you dyed your hair, directly as explained previously or using the pulp of the fruit and making a mask.

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil is perhaps the most popular of the oils used for hair; It has a pleasant smell and is also rich in properties that regenerate and strengthen the hair , such as vitamin E and K, in addition to other antioxidants, it also treats dandruff due to its fungicidal properties and is used to detangle your hair without damaging it in the attempt.

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Olive oil

Olive oil is very popular in culinary uses but, as already mentioned, it serves to lighten the hair and make it grow; contains vitamins A, C and E, strengthening hair and regenerating cells thanks to these properties; also if your hair is a disaster after you returned from the beach or the pool; olive oil is indicated to return your hair to its natural state. Not to mention that it hydrates and repairs split ends.

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Rosemary oil

Unlike olive oil that is used to lighten, this is used to give a darker tone, that is, perfect for those who want to avoid gray hair being noticed . It gives shine, prevents hair loss, and leaves it silky and manageable.

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Sesame or sesame oil

Sesame oil is better known as sesame seed oil; prevents baldness and attacks dandruff ; for dry hair it is ideal because it is very oily.

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Almonds oil

This almond oil is the best for brittle hair , it has many nutrients that will favor your hair in different ways; gives softness, and if you have voluminous hair , almond oil controls it.

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Argan oil

This oil contains, like all other oils, a high percentage of unsaturated fat , it will hydrate your hair, penetrate easily , and stimulate hair growth.

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Beaver oil

It is used to remedy hair problems that appear with age or with poor diet and health. If you already have some bald spots, castor or castor oil will make your hair grow back, as will your eyebrows and eyelashes.

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Bear oil

This oil will give you shine and repair your hair that has been exposed to pollutants , there is not much available on the market anymore but nevertheless you can try to locate it, and if you find it, heat it in the microwave and apply it, it will also grow your hair and it will strengthen it .

For more information on dae bear oil .

Shea oil

This oil is from an African tree, it bears fruits like white walnuts and its oil is the best to combat dryness because it moisturizes, regenerates, brightens and conditions . It also nourishes it by giving it the vitamins that your hair needs.

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Kukui oil

An essential oil is extracted from the kukui seed to hydrate, regenerate, and give curve and movement to curly hair.

For more information on kukui oil .

Krill oil

You may not know this oil, it is of animal origin, generally food for whales and seals; but the human is not saved; its oil is rich in fatty acids; and it also has zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and calcium; minerals that will favor your hair, from making it grow to keeping it full of vitality.

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Myrrh oil

For hair care, myrrh oil is a spectacular remedy, as this oil works as a purifying agent that helps to completely cleanse the scalp, allowing the flow of nutrients to occur easily and keeping hair moisturized. deeply.

For more information on oil of myrrh .

Lavender oil

The use of lavender oil for scalp conditions and especially for hair growth, is an ideal ally that allows you to restore the fiber of your hair as well as repair it so that it can look beautiful and healthy at all times.

For more information on lavender oil .

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil improves dry hair and prevents itching of the scalp. It has antimicrobial properties, it is very effective for the treatment of lice. Helps control excess oil produced on the scalp.

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Copaiba oil

Makes your hair healthy and improves its appearance. This oil helps to hydrate the skin, to sterilize and keep the tissues damaged by any wound on the scalp disinfected, it helps these wounds heal more quickly.

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Patchouli Oil

Patchouli oil is used to treat dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, dandruff, and to combat oiliness on the scalp. For oily hair, you can mix a couple of drops of patchouli oil in your traditional shampoo or conditioner.

For more information on patchouli oil .

Rosewood oil

Because it has antiseptic properties, it helps you to eliminate lesions on the scalp caused by scratches caused by itching or dandruff, it helps to heal and reaffirm the tissues; Being an antiparasitic it helps you eliminate the annoying lice and nits.

For more information on rosewood oil .

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil allows you to take care of your hair in a delicate way, that is, if your hair is frizzy, damaged or very fine, you can give it vitality with this oil. It is used to treat dandruff, dryness or mistreatment of the hair fiber.

For more information on rosehip oil .

Grapeseed and grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil strengthens brittle hair, hydrates split ends, and eliminates frizz from frizzy hair. In the same way, it helps to eliminate dandruff, it is ideal to hydrate and condition damaged hair.

For more information on grapeseed oil .

Aloe vera oil

Aloe vera oil for hair can be used in the form of a conditioner, in the same way it serves to treat dandruff and prevent dry scalp due to its vitamins C, A and B, its multiple minerals.

For more information on aloe vera oil .

Walnut oil

Walnut oil is essential if you want to restore shine and lost softness to your hair, it strengthens it. Being high in potassium, it helps regenerate cells and accelerates hair growth, fights dandruff and helps keep the scalp clean.

For more information on walnut oil .

Apricot kernel oil

It protects the hair from the damage of chemical treatments, helps to repair the skin of the scalp and is a great ally for people who suffer from psoriasis or dandruff as it helps to restore the moisture of the skin, giving shine to dull and dry hair .

For more information on apricot oil .

Blackcurrant oil

Blackcurrant oil is effective in treating psoriasis and other skin problems, helps give dry hair vitality and shine, removes split ends, and frees hair from chemical damage.

For more information on blackcurrant oil .

Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil nourishes damaged hair, rejuvenates it and gives it vitality, especially it fights split ends because it has fatty acids that allow the hair fiber to be restored. It has the ability to strengthen and hydrate dry or frizzy hair.

For more information on macadamia oil .

Lemon oil

Lemon oil helps promote rapid hair growth, regulates oiliness and pH, thus restoring its natural shine, giving it a strong and healthy appearance, lightens hair color, providing golden highlights, and prevents hair loss.

For more information on lemon oil .

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is inflammatory, helps to soothe itchy scalp, keeps hair clean and free of dandruff, constitutes a perfect barrier against lice and nits. Helps absorb excess oil on the scalp promoting healthy scalp growth.

For more information on peppermint oil .

Orange oil

Orange oil promotes collagen production and allows blood flow to the skin to be constant. It improves the health of the hair, free of oil, cleanses, strong and hydrates the scalp, thus preventing the appearance of mycosis or skin flaking.

For more information on orange oil .

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil stimulates natural hair growth and alleviates scalp problems. Easily removes dandruff, it helps you increase the plasticity of the hair for this reason it will be stronger and resistant to breakage.

For more information on eucalyptus oil .

Thyme oil

It is a powerful microbial agent and by its nature helps you treat the itching of the scalp commonly caused by bacteria and fungi, in the same way it helps you reduce progressive hair loss and improve its volume significantly.

For more information on thyme oil .

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil allows you to stimulate hair growth, promotes blood supply to the scalp. As a mask, it can reduce hair loss and strengthen the scalp while you regain volume, it reduces frizz , eliminates damaged and dull hair.

For more information on cinnamon oil .

Geranium oil

It is used to treat damaged hair in particular if the person suffers from greasy hair acting from the sebaceous glands of the scalp and allowing a better control of the emission of sebum by the body. Calms scalp irritation.

For more information on geranium oil .

Oregano oil

It is ideal for hair as it helps to keep it healthy and strong, promoting its growth naturally and effectively. With olive oil its healing and restructuring power of the scalp and the health of your hair in general is enhanced.

For more information on oil of oregano .

Bergamot oil

This oil is a true wonder for the hair, since it helps to care for it, it serves as an anti-inflammatory, healing, analgesic and antiseptic; helps to improve the skin of the scalp and reduce excess oil. Improves the appearance of dermatitis and psoriasis.

For more information on bergamot oil .

Jasmine oil

Jasmine oil helps tame unruly hair, eliminate frizz, and control even the most untamed hair. Helps to strengthen the root of the hair making it stronger and less prone to breakage, being moisturizing just by massaging you avoid dry hair.

For more information on jasmine oil .

Clove oil

Clove oil, you can use it directly in the shampoo, to massage the scalp this oil will help you to soften the hair, allow it to grow in a smooth long way, help eliminate dandruff, seborrhea, fungus and keep it always hydrated.

For more information on clove oil .

Ginger oil

Its powerful qualities help the hair to be strong and healthy, in a natural way since its vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants help prevent the appearance of damage to the hair. Avoid damage and regenerate damaged hair.

For more information on ginger oil .

Cypress oil

For hair care, you can add 1 to 3 drops of cypress oil to the shampoo, conditioner or cream used daily, this provides a deep cleaning, helps the scalp and prevents the appearance of mycosis.

For more information on cypress oil .

Cedar oil

This oil has a balancing power on both dry and oily skin and hair, helps regulate sebum secretion, stimulates hair growth, reduces hair loss and prevents baldness, to control dandruff, hydrate the scalp and prevent hair loss. dry.

For more information on cedar oil .

Rose oil

Rose oil is undoubtedly one of the most used in the aromatherapy area , since its aroma is soft and sensual. Thanks to its regenerative properties, it cleanses the skin and removes excess oil from the scalp.

For more information on rose oil .

Basil oil

If you suffer from dandruff, itchiness or dry scalp, basil oil helps reduce the accumulation of sebum on the scalp, increases blood circulation, promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

For more information on basil oil .

Camphor oil

Camphor oil allows the hair structure to appear in optimal condition, look shiny, manageable, soft and strong. Its antiseptic and soothing properties are effective in preventing excess oil and relieving irritations on the scalp.

For more information on camphor oil .

Birch oil

Birch oil is really powerful to prevent hair loss, this remedy has been used since ancient times to prevent hair loss, also to improve it and strengthen the general health of the scalp, making a homemade tonic and applying it to the hair .

For more information on birch oil .

Arnica oil

One of the most practical and effective ways to obtain all the benefits of the Arnica Montana plant is through the use of its essential oil.

Arnica can be very efficient if you need:

  • Stop hair loss
  • Prevent and fight dandruff

For more information on arnica oil .

Anise oil

Anise essential oil is capable of providing plant vitamins and minerals that balance the body, scalp and skin, helps repair damaged or damaged hair, leaving it repaired, healthy and very shiny.

For more information on anise oil .

Savory oil

This oil is obtained from a plant called Satureja Montana from the Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean Sea. It is used to treat fungi present on the scalp. In an antiseptic, so if you suffer from scalp injuries with savory oil you can solve it.

For more information on savory oil .

Garlic oil

Garlic oil is a great ally to stimulate the growth of the scalp, it helps to hydrate the hair, maintain the hair fiber with vitality and shine, in the same way it can be said that it is a very efficient product to combat hair loss.

For more information on garlic oil .

Benzoin oil

Benzoin oil is derived from the resin of the Styrax Benzoin tree and belongs to the Stryracaceae family. It has been used for hair as it prevents redness, irritation and itching, to treat wounds, sores and fungi present on the scalp.

For more information on benzoin oil .

Musk oil

Musk oil is one of the most widely used since the times of the Egyptians due to its great benefits for health in general. It is really a very beneficial oil to heal the wounds present on the scalp.

For more information on musk oil .

Citronella oil

Citronella oil has been frequently used as a repellent against insects, on the hair it is extremely effective to prevent fleas, lice and lice eggs better known as nits. It is a non-toxic product highly recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

For more information on citronella oil .

Calendula oil

Calendula oil is obtained from the flowers of the plant with the same name, this oil has great regenerative powers in the hair; It is used for sensitive skin, it is an oil that is easy to absorb and allows to restore lost softness to damaged hair

For more information on marigold oil .

Juniper oil

Juniper oil is a powerful ally in the fight against dandruff and sebum, it regulates the levels of oil in the hair and, being astringent, it allows to heal the discomfort on the scalp caused by dandruff or allergies.

For more information on juniper oil .

Lavender oil

It is also known as lavender essential oil, it is an essential oil produced by the distillation of fresh flowers, it is widely used in aromatherapy. Lavender is used for many ailments, it is used both to promote growth and to prevent hair loss.

For more information on lavender oil .

Elemi oil

It is an essential oil that comes from the tree of the canarium family, from the Philippines specifically from the south of Manila. Elemi oil is used as a pain reliever and tonic. In the same way it serves as a stimulant and antiseptic, it is used to prevent and heal lesions on the scalp.

For more information on elemi oil .

Lotus flower oil

Lotus flower oil is used since millennia, it is obtained from the seed and the petals of the lotus flower, it is widely used for the care of the hair fiber in particular to make gray or gray hair look brighter.

For more information on lotus flower oil .

Raspberry oil

Raspberry oil has many uses in cosmetics. The raspberry oil that is obtained from pressing this fruit is really powerful to hydrate and keep the hair fiber moisturized, thus avoiding dryness and split ends in it.

For more information on raspberry oil .

Wintergreen oil

Wintergreen oil is used to promote blood circulation in the scalp, it has positive effects on healthy and abundant hair growth. This oil is ideal to avoid injuries to the scalp caused by psoriasis and inflammation caused by injuries caused by dandruff.

For more information on wintergreen oil .

Dill oil

Dill oil is extracted from the leaves, stem, and seed of the dill plant. It is used to protect the skin and wounds from infection, it serves to heal lesions on the scalp, it provides hydration and deep moisture in the hair fiber.

For more information on dill oil .

Tarragon oil

Tarragon oil is obtained from the tarragon herb, it is used to improve hair quality, offer shine and vitality to dry and damaged hair; helps to clean the dirt deposited on the scalp, keep it clean and retain the necessary moisture for healthy and healthy hair.

For more information on tarragon oil .

Fennel oil

Fennel essential oil is ideal for preparing a homemade shampoo capable of moisturizing and hydrating the scalp. It promotes healthy hair growth and keeps the skin of the scalp in excellent condition. Keeps you dandruff and irritation free.

For more information on fennel oil .

Lemon verbena oil

The lemon verbena oil is ideal for regulating the levels of fat present in the scalp, it helps to reduce dandruff and to keep the PH controlled, thus avoiding excessive oiliness. It has antiseptic properties, eliminating lesions on the scalp.

For more information on lemon verbena oil .

Ylang ylang oil

Ylang ylnag oil has been used since ancient times as an alopecia treatment, promotes circulation to the scalp and prevents hair loss. It has antiseptic properties, eliminates lesions and keeps the scalp healthy.

For more information on ylang ylang oil .

Kalanchoe oil

This oil was originally used against cancer, currently it is also used to regenerate skin tissues, helps improve scalp lesions, regenerates hair fiber and promotes healthy hair growth. Stops hair loss.

For more information on kalanchoe oil .

Bay oil

Bay oil is used as a barrier to prevent lice and nits in the hair, its aroma drives away these parasites from the scalp. Restructures the hair fiber and provides shine and vitality throughout the hair. Avoid the appearance of dandruff.

For more information on bay oil .

Lime oil

Lime oil is ideal for treating and preventing hair loss. Promotes the blood circulation of the scalp, keeps it clean, with balanced pH and free of fat. Helps to regenerate the hair fiber.

For more information on lime oil .

Mandarin oil

Tangerine oil is an oil rich in antioxidants, improves the appearance of hair and keeps the scalp clean. Stimulates blood flow and promotes healthy hair growth. Hydrates and moisturizes the hair fiber, making hair look healthier.For more information on mandarin oil .

Marjoram Oil

Marjoram oil has antibacterial properties, helps heal lesions on the scalp caused by dandruff or irritations. It is effective against dandruff and in particular against mycosis. Improves psoriasis, dandruff and seborrhea.

For more information on marjoram oil .

Melissa Oil

Melissa oil contributes to hair growth, adding a few drops to the usual shampoo gives great results in the medium term. Relieves irritation, stimulates and strengthens the scalp. Helps keep certain animals away from the scalp.

For more information on lemon balm oil .

Take oil

Neem oil is used to soothe irritated or inflamed skin caused by allergies or conditions such as dandruff or psoriasis. As a mask, it can prevent hair loss and reduce dandruff. Hydrates, repairs and nourishes the scalp in depth.

For more information on neem oil .

Grapefruit oil

Grapefruit oil removes excess fat from the roots of the hair, slows hair loss by strengthening the hair follicle. Restores the hair fiber and the scalp damaged by chemicals or lesions related to dandruff, fungus or psoriasis.

For more information on grapefruit oil .

Vanilla oil

Hours before washing your hair you can apply it and thus strengthen it from root to tip. Allow your hair to be shinier, silkier and healthier. Moisturizes and hydrates the hair fiber, strengthening it from root to tip.

For more information on vanilla oil .

Verbena oil

Verbena oil is an ideal natural treatment against hair loss, it promotes the growth of new hair, serves to restructure the hair fiber and restores fine, dry or damaged hair by the effects of weather or chemicals.

For more information on verbena oil .

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