Sun Protectors For Hair: Benefits, How to Choose Them and Best Options

In the summer it is not only important to take care of your skin , but you must also protect your hair from sunlight.

Sunscreen for hair is generally in the form of leave-ins (conditioners) , there are also shampoos and conditioners with sunscreen, but these are not always effective.

The leave-ins or conditioners with sunscreen are intended to protect from the sun, moisturize and seal the hair forming a film around the hair with the function of reflecting the light of the sun, preventing lose hair moisture and drying out .

The hair suffers from photoaging: the outer layer is damaged hair, leaving dry, dull and prone to breaking hair.

The sun is a great natural oxidant, therefore exposing your hair to the sun without any protection can cause dryness. Hair is composed of a protein called keratin, which constitutes a mass of hair, the sun degrades the protein, opens the cuticles of the hair and makes it porous and weaker . After this exposure, the hair is dry and brittle , a damage that is often difficult to reverse.

To face the summer without risking damaging your hair, we recommend investing in hydration now . Moisturize your hair once a week and when it is exposed to the sun, and use and abuse products with sun protection for the hair, also, be sure to wear a hat or cap.

If after bathing in the sea or in the pool you decide to sunbathe, look for a shower to rinse your hair with fresh water, trying to remove excess salt water or chlorine. This method avoids new aggressions, enhanced by sunlight.

Hats and caps are useful to protect not only your hair, but also your face from the sun, on the beach or in the pool, when sunbathing, these accessories are always welcome and necessary.

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Sunscreen for hair… How does it work?

The sun and other factors together damage the fibers of our hair, damaging it. The sun breaks down keratin, which is the main protein that makes up hair, leaving hair dry, porous and prone to breakage.

Protective hair creams work as a barrier protein degradation and preventing loss of nutrients from the hair and act as a protective film on the hair.

And what are the benefits of sun protection for hair?

To protect our hair we have to use specific sunscreen that acts as a protective barrier against the degradation of keratin and prevents the loss of nutrients, and therefore protects the hair from breakage and dryness.

But for this protection to be effective, you have to choose the right products for your hair type.

What types of hair need the most care?

What types of hair need the most care?

In general, hair and suffers discoloration in the summer in melanin molecules, especially blondes people, however, the dyed hair is that more care needs . Our hair has a protective layer, the cuticle, which suffers greatly when dyed, so by adding all this water, chlorine and salt to the hair cuticle, it dehydrates and the hair is in danger.

Blonde and colored hair are more susceptible to damage caused by solar radiation. The dyed ones are commonly drier, more porous and prone to breakage. The capillary sunscreen acts as a protective barrier preventing sunlight from damaging the cuticle and preventing the loss of proteins and nutrients.

The use of caps and hats on the beach is essential , as they act as physical protectors to protect not only the hair, but also the face, and it is worth using hydrating hair masks before and after sun exposure, and the use of leave- ins conditioners.

Is your hair greasy? We have a special trick!

Oily hair is very difficult to take care of during the summer, it turns out that with the increased production of sebum, stimulated by heat, the hairs are much brighter.

Oily hair also deserves the same care, so the products to be used should not be oil-based. It should also be washed every day, and creams and protectors should be applied throughout the length of the hair, avoiding the scalp.

Regardless of your hair type, don’t miss our article on hair types and how to care for each one .

Curl hair care

Curl hair care

The curly hair needs special care also requires more hydration, because they have dimples that hinder the natural transport of nutrients through the hair and above all to the end.

In this case, the hair sunscreens must be powerful to penetrate deep into the hair . Protection should always be in the form of keratin and oil- based moisturizers , which protect as well as hydrate.

How to use the leave-in with sunscreen available

Ideally, spread the product on dry hair before going out and reapply after each dip. If possible, rinse the hair with cold water before applying the leave-in and comb with a wooden comb with large spikes for an even application.

Best sunscreens for hair

Although most people do not realize how important it is, if you have read the article you will know that these types of products are more difficult to find in any supermarket or neighborhood drugstore, so our recommendation is that you buy them online , since they will be cheaper than in almost any supermarket.

  • Wella Sun Hair And Skin Moisturizing Cream 150Ml
  • Aloe Vera SPRAY for Face, Skin and Hair – 99% ORGANIC, Made in USA, 355ml – EXTRA Strong – CHECK RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK – Easy to apply – No THICKENERS absorbs quickly, No Sticky Residues.
  • WELLA Sunscreen Cream for thick hair 150 ml
  • Art Naturals Thermal Hair Protector 236 ml. The Best Protective Spray Against The Heat Of The Iron. Contains 100% Organic Argan Oil That Prevents Damages, Fractures And Open Ends. Made in the USA. Sulfate free.
  • Davines SU Milk for hair 135ml (13041)
  • Nioxin System 4 Scalp And Hair Sunscreen Treatment For Fine, Extremely Fine, Chemically Treated Hair (100 Ml)
  • Aveda Suncare Hair Color Protector – 250 ml
  • AVEDA SUNCARE treatment masque 125 ml
  • SUNCARE protective hair veil 100 ml
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