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Before leaving home, you take your keys, your mobile, your wallet, and now the hydroalcoholic hand gel as well. This disinfectant product has become essential with the increase in those infected by the coronavirus , which already total 2,152 positives and 50 deaths in our country.

And it is not to leave it at home, as antiseptic gel is a very convenient and effective way to clean your hands if soap and water are not available.

In this article we are going to talk about sanitizers, especially the small ones to carry in your bag.

We will see what they can do, how and when to use it, as well as showing the best options. So if you are looking for one, keep reading.

The best hand sanitizers for your purse

The best: Akento Cosmetics Hydroalcoholic Gel

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Akento gel is our preferred choice because it works, and because it keeps our hands hydrated.

Its formula includes a high concentration of alcohol (more than 69%), so it protects our hands from most pathogenic viruses and bacteria. This also includes COVID-19.

But although aggressive with microorganisms, it is very gentle on the skin, thanks to the moisturizing agents (aloe vera and glycerin) that keep its integrity intact, preventing it from drying out and cracking.

Another point in its favor is that it is absorbed in a moment, and does not leave your hands sticky; quite the contrary, dry and refreshed.

They have a 250ml bottle and then there is the 50ml pocket version .

Clean Hand Hydroalcoholic hand gel 100 ml

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It has a neutral pH and has a large amount of alcohol in its composition, as well as moisturizing agents. A small amount is enough to cover the hands, it dries quickly in a few seconds.

It leaves the skin quite soft, and it is effective in eradicating most viruses and bacteria.

It comes in a pack of 3 units.

S’Nonas Sanitary Gel 100 ml

Disinfects hands quickly and effectively. In addition to preventing contagions and infections of viruses and bacteria, it has a fungicidal action.

It has a fairly light teture, and leaves your hands a bit sticky, but its cap has a good closure to open and close without any product coming out.

NosaCare Hydro-alcoholic Sanitizing Gel 100 ml

The formula includes aloe vera to keep the skin hydrated and clean, as well as protected.

In this case the consistency is more like a thick gel, and it spreads very well over the entire surface of the hand.

If you want a larger format, take a look at our recommendations .

What is hand sanitizer?

As its name suggests, it is a disinfectant product that fights against some viruses, bacteria and germs .

The active ingredient in the gels is isopropyl alcohol, a similar form of alcohol (ethanol or n-propanol), or a combination of them.

And alcohols are known to kill microbes by dissolving their outer protective layer of protein and disrupting their metabolism.

According to experts, research shows that hand sanitizer kills germs just as effectively as washing hands with soap and water, unless the extremities are visibly dirty or greasy. They also don’t remove potentially harmful chemicals.

Antiseptic gels also don’t kill some common germs that soap and water do kill, such as:

  • Cryptosporidium
  • Clostridium difficile
  • Norovirus

What to look for in a product to be really effective?

Experts recommend disinfectants with at least 60% alcohol content . Most commercial products contain between 60% and 95%, but don’t assume that the higher the percentages the more effective they are.

To work at maximum efficiency, these products also need to have some water in them.

Some products claim to sanitize hands, but contain very little alcohol or no alcohol at all. So fight them, as they probably won’t offer adequate protection.

Advantages over larger formats

Hydroalcoholic gels are available in various formats and packages. There is the typical 250 or 500 ml bottle for home use; jugs of one or more liters to fill or use in large quantities; and the pocket formats, which come in 50 or 100 ml bottles.

It is precisely the latter that we recommend in this article for your convenience:

  • It is easier to put it in your bag or pockets to always have it at hand.
  • They take up little space.
  • You can take them anywhere.
  • They pass the airport controls without problems.
  • Children carry them more easily.

How to use?

When hand sanitizers work, their effectiveness is based on several factors. In addition to which product is used, it also influences:

  • The amount you use
  • The proper technique
  • The regularity of application


Neither more nor less than the amount necessary to cover the entire surface of the hand. This is usually recommended in each individual container, but for each person it will be a different amount.

It covers both the back and the palms, also between the fingers and reaches the wrists.


To use the disinfectant correctly:

  1. Place the recommended amount in the palm of one hand.
  2. Rub the hands, covering all the skin, even between the fingers.
  3. Stop rubbing in the disinfectant only when your skin is dry.


Some situations in which the use of a hand sanitizer may be appropriate include:

  • When traveling by public transport.
  • When there is a greeting by shaking hands or kissing.
  • After having gone to the bathroom.
  • After sneezing or blowing snot.
  • After touching an animal.
  • After touching a grocery cart, doorbell, public digital display, etc.

Hydroalcoholic gel is very convenient and easy to use, but experts recommend that we clean our extremities with soap and water whenever possible (and whenever hands are visibly dirty).

A hand sanitizer can be used in addition to this, or when washing is not an option.

Use the disinfectant when …

  • You can’t wash with soap and water
  • You want more protection after washing

Don’t use the disinfectant …

  • Instead of washing yourself with soap and water
  • When your hands are visibly dirty
  • When you have chemicals on your hands
  • When you may have been exposed to infectious agents that are not killed by a disinfectant
  • If you are in a situation of high infection


Be careful to keep hydroalcoholic gel out of the reach of young children, as it can be very dangerous if swallowed. High alcohol content can be fatal to a young child.

Another danger that exists of using this product in excess is that of drying the skin or leaving it without its natural oils due to the high percentage of alcohol it contains.

To avoid this, look for products that contain moisturizing and emollient agents in their composition, such as glycerin or aloe vera gel.

One of the myths that circulate on the Internet is that the continued use of hand sanitizer creates resistance in bacteria; and this creates deadly superbugs.

But these circulating reports were derived from triclosan, an ingredient that was used in some soaps and sanitizers. Its use is already banned, so this concern does not apply to alcohol-based hand sanitizers that are currently on the market.

You can also make your own homemade version with this recipe .

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