Goodbye Cellulite From Healthy Fusion, Analysis And Alternative

The name says it all, say goodbye to cellulite with this 3 in 1 cream: reducing and firming anti-cellulite, which helps to firm, smooth and tone orange skin with powerful active ingredients such as Red Vine, Caffeine, Carnitine and the Red Alga Extract.

These ingredients work together to address unwanted fatty tissues. Each component used in this cream plays a key role in helping to firm and tighten the skin. And that is why its presentation has been so careful that it uses a micro-absorption technology so that all the active ingredients can penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, where they are most needed.

The cream helps to eliminate toxins and fatty acids in the bloodstream, where the body breaks them down and uses them as a source of energy; and also balances and nourishes the surface of the skin, achieving a more radiant and healthy appearance.

Just massage it well into the cellulite affected areas twice a day, and you can get all the above benefits. The laboratory guarantees the quality of its ingredients, which do not include parabens or sulfates.

In this analysis we are going to see everything that Red Vine, Caffeine, Carnitine and Red Algae Extract have to offer to fight cellulite, and we will check in what proportion each of these assets are, which will determine the effectiveness of the cream. If you want to compare options, you have other analyzes in the article with The Best Anti – Cellulite Creams on the market.

Goodbye Cellulite Analysis by Healthy Fusion

Summary analysis Goodbye Cellulite of Healthy Fusion

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The Goodbye Cellulite cream has one of the highest concentrations of Carnitine in its composition, good news, since this amino acid is one of the best ingredients that can be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It works in two ways, it converts fat into energy that can be used during exercise, and burning fat will reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is the main ingredient in this product and it is truly amazing.

Also highly concentrated is the Red Algae extract, specifically Corallina Officinalis algae, an anti-aging ingredient that has been shown to have moisturizing and exfoliating effects. And also the Red Vine extract, which is a great vasoprotector.

Although not mentioned in the product description, the cream includes a warming agent that imparts a sensation of mild warmth during application. Its function is to dilate blood vessels, thus improving circulation in the area with cellulite.

And finally, we find Caffeine, accompanied by phosphatidylcholine. Caffeine increases the breakdown of fat and increases blood circulation, and what is achieved by combining it with this compound is to improve its absorption into the skin, so that it can reach deeper.

If we stay here on the list, it could be said that the Healthy Fusion cream is one of the ones with the best concentration of assets, and it is so. But starting with caffeine, the ingredients go downhill.

There are a huge amount of preservatives (some of them toxic), irritating ingredients, allergenic and sensitizing fragrances, as well as chemical perfume and coloring. All of them ingredients that do not benefit the skin at all, on the contrary, they can end up damaging it. For all these inconveniences, it is an option that we would not put ourselves on the skin.


If you are looking for a more natural option, but that still has concentrated anti-cellulite active ingredients, the safe bet is the anti-cellulite gel from Akento Cosmetics. It also has caffeine and carnitine, in addition to other active ingredients that work by increasing circulation, reducing inflammation and promoting collagen synthesis.

Its effects are much more beneficial for your skin, and you will finally get rid of the annoying cellulite that worries you, in a safe and effective way. Without a doubt, a better option that has only quality ingredients.

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