Amazing Benefits Of Heat Protectants For Hair : Usages and Side Effects

The frequent and excessive use of dryers and irons on the hair generates dryness and dehydration to the scalp and of course to each strand of hair that is why a cosmetic product called thermal protector for the hair was created , which is for the protection of the hair with respect to heat and external agents such as sunlight, dust or others, capable of recovering the health and appearance of the hair, and also giving a better smooth finish to the hair .

This type of product is highly recommended by stylists specialized in the subject, to guide their clients by encouraging good hair health and an excellent appearance. Thermal protectors can be purely for professional use, as well as for home use, that is, they can be prepared with natural products in the comfort of your home.

It is important to mention that the benefit obtained will depend on the requirements and the elements used for its elaboration, for this reason each one of them must be determined with special care. In the same way, it should be used frequently if you are one of those who love the use of irons and dryers.

A very important quality of this type of product is that it helps to preserve the natural moisture of your hair, acting as a blocker of the high internal temperatures of the hair strands, thus preventing the hair from breaking or mistreating, since in these conditions reappear the waves again.

In the next post we will describe what a thermal protector is about and how to make the most of its benefits for the hair, from now on we remind you that it is a product that can be used to nourish your hair not only in the beauty salon with a specialist but also That change can be done from your home with the main objective of preserving the natural properties of your hair and protecting it from the roots.

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What is a thermal hair protector?

It is a cosmetic product made to protect the natural health of the scalp and each strand of it, which is dry, brittle, dehydrated as a result of excessive exposure to heat such as irons or dryers, as well aseffects produced by external agents present in the environment such as sudden changes in temperature, sunlight, pollution or others.

It should be noted that this product adds moisture to your hair , creating a kind of protection layer that helps maintain its natural moisture, it is made with dimethicone and cyclomethicone, which are silicones. In this same vein, we explain that dimethicone wraps each strand from the root to keep it smooth or stretched while preventing it from losing moisture.

In the second aspect we have the cyclomethicone capable of impregnating the hair with moisture, this product can be used without problem mixed in the shampoo, leaving it to act for a few minutes on the hair and wash normally. It is useful to mention that the conditioners and styling creams on the market are contained with dimethicone, which also provides softness and moisture , thus facilitating hair detangling.

Types of thermal protector for hair


Silicones are a product that appeared on the market in the 1970s , to protect hair from the high temperatures of dryers. Silicone is known as a chemical from polysiloxane, which is made up of of oxygen and silicon atoms . It is a colorless substance, it also has no color, its appearance is oily.

This product also contains elements such as carbon, and hydrogen among others, contributed to the silicone very effectively to sustain high temperatures without losing its effectiveness, which is why it has revolutionized the market since then, as they say it came to stay, to be successful. and constant. Ideal for covering the hair cuticle, preventing it from being affected by heat.

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In general terms, silicones are considered a high-impact moisturizer for the scalp and even each strand of hair, nourishing it to the ends, and not only that, it allows to maintain the smooth and stretched shape that you give it, while retaining moisture. , since when suffering the opposite effect, that is, mistreated and dehydrated, it is more prone to regain the natural wave and could even break.

The use of silicones for your hair is essential since it not only acts as a moisture blocker, it helps the heat in the root or hair fiber to penetrate slower as when it does not have protection, that is why protection is suggested because having direct and frequent contact with heat accelerates the abuse and deterioration of the same. From this point of view, it is contradictory since to straighten the hair, direct heat is required to shape it, however it also causes direct damage.

Natural oils

There are natural oils that help protect the hair and many of them are composed of elements similar to those of silicone, which is why they are an excellent option , because they are also capable of wrapping the hair to protect it from the effects of high temperatures thanks to hydrophobicity, being of great support and utility.

The procedure to enter the capillary membrane of the hair is a bit diffuse, since the molecular distribution is usually very extensive and it costs a little to penetrate the area, in this way they act very similar to silicone, protecting each strand of hair with a large layer .

Many of the oils of natural origin are highly capable of withstanding high temperatures that is why we use them for cooking, a clear example is the use of olive oil in the preparation of food, safeguarding the moisture contained in it and thus not losing juiciness. food. However, there are times when oils are more loaded than others and can penetrate the hair.

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The mixture of these oils together with the condensed components of the silicone arises, to provide an excellent product of high quality , durability and satisfaction for the stylist and for the client as such.

Water-based heat protectors

Below we describe some water-based thermal protection products, usually taking advantage of the domains of their components to create polymer lamellae such as acrylate copolymers and polyquaterniums, summarizing some of them.

Polymers are molecules joined together to create a uniform layer that is used to protect hair in general from heat and pollutants . They also provide great benefits with respect to softness, life, manageability and total detangling that you will appreciate because it helps to shape the hair according to the desired hairstyle.

Studies have determined that many polymers are profiled to cope with high temperatures, many of these studies prove that silicones can regularly overpower a polymer to effectively stand out and persist at high temperatures.

Straightening systems

It is well known that cosmetic industries have created and distributed in the markets various products that act as a method capable of promoting the expected effects. This has been scientifically proven. In this way, there are also some of them that have elements to form a protective and protective film that must be applied to the hair in layers and for periods that in turn work in defense of the hair against excessive heat

Likewise, it happens that the creation of a transcendental product like this one that promises to be an ally for the protection of the hair in relation to heat. This influences whether it is frequently exposed to heat , it would generate the habitual use of this method of thermal protection to maintain the effectiveness on the hair.

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Within the analysis on the hair, it is noted that naturally wavy hair requires applying a thermal product directly and frequently to straighten the hair and give it a straight shape, eliminating the wave and hydrating and protecting deeply and being constant, your hair will appreciate it.

Uses of thermal protector for hair

In general, the use of protectors contributes to shaping the cuticles from the root to the tip, optimizing an excellent appearance result, since in this way the chances of frizzy or fussing at the tips are minimized , in humid environments. or sudden changes in temperature.

Maintaining the humidity of your hair when it has been exposed to dyes or bleaches is an arduous task, but not impossible, remember that a hair without humidity is devoid of life, softness and shine, so adopting a new habit will give you what You need to be fully prepared to receive heat, or to expose yourself to the dirt of pollution and even temperature changes.

In general terms, it is very necessary to prevent the escape of moisture , so it is very convenient to add a little protection that will fall wonderfully at the root of the hair. Without a doubt, with this practice you ensure that it maintains the natural moisture it requires, while strengthening it, leaving behind the previous brittle and dry appearance that it had.

In conclusion, a thermal protector for the hair is a great solution to keep it soft, manageable, detangled, shiny, smooth above all, in addition to being hydrated, everyone will love it and want to touch it and ask your secret to keep it alive and glowing .

What are the essential ingredients of a great heat shield?

There are many components that thermal protection products have for hair, including dimethicone, a type of silicone capable of wrapping the scalp and the entire body of the hair to facilitate detangling , moisturizing, retention of natural moisture, generating softness. , shine and manageability which is very important to shape your hair .

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In the same vein, there is another component called cyclomethicone which is another type of silicone. Its effectiveness is almost immediate when used from the scalp to the ends, the moisture it provides is remarkably surprising.

It should be noted that the two aforementioned components are present in cosmetics such as leave-in conditioners, sprays, fixing lotions, serums, sprays, among others that have been widely used to revitalize hair naturally against the effects of heat, and that they are great defenders before high temperatures.

Advantages of using a heat shield

There are many advantages offered by these thermal products that are based on various silicones that we have already described in this post, as well as other chemical elements, which provide many benefits to your hair , from hair protection, internal heating delay, deep nutrition from the root, prevents frizz, helps to maintain the stretched or smooth shape of the hair, contributes to retain its natural moisture, among many others, through the coating of an invisible foil along the body of the hair.

The hair protector can help decrease the porosity of your hair. Why is this so important?

The level of porosity of a hair varies between one person or another, since the most porous hair strands are characterized by faster admitting the level of nutrition and moisture it needs, and that you can provide it through the application of cosmetics that act as hair protectors and revitalizers, that is why thermal protectors are very important.

In this way, we explain that an excessively humid or warm environment influences the level of dryness that you may have, therefore the constant application of a thermal protector for the hair is always recommended , which provides an invisible and waterproof sheet for the entire hair, preventing natural moisture from escaping, helping it retain it for its own hydration, even preserving its good condition against environmental agents that damage it .

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Side effects of thermal hair protector

A product can be very good and beneficial but it also provides side or negative effects, we explain that according to specialists on the subject have observed that the use of heat on the hair, evaporates causes the Experts say that the application of heat to the hair essentially evaporates the water molecules existing in the area of ​​the inner cortex, directly affecting the internal balance of the hair fibers and their properties.

In such a way, it is used to change the appearance from wavy to straight, but it also alters the normality of your hair, taking it to the extreme and exposing it to suffer signs of dryness, making it brittle from the cuticle to its break, dull, even frizzy. , summary makes him sensitive and defenseless.

In conclusion, high temperatures disintegrate the natural keratin of your hair, thus altering its structure and strength. Despite all this, we recommend that you always be very cautious, as well as, we indicate that there are also positive factors that help to solve these damages, for which specialized cosmetic procedures are performed.

Finally, the most important thing to be careful when using irons and drying even more if you tend to dye your hair, and do not forget that you need a lot of protection and hydration to achieve the desired beauty, nutrition, strength and moisture.

Contraindications of the thermal protector for hair

The period of time that you use a thermal protector is not total safety for the hair, of course it is a protection and protection mechanism , but it is also important to inform you that its use should be limited to two times a year maximum, directly towards the highs temperatures.

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Homemade heat protectors for natural hair

In the cosmetic industry there are many brands of thermal hair protectors , however, let’s make it clear that many women find it difficult to access them, therefore there is a possibility of creating a heat protector at home with products. natural mixed with other products. It is a great possibility and very easy to do.

In this case we mention that ingredients that have UV protection are used, to refer to shea butter with great potential to protect the hair from heat, due to its high content of vitamin A, D, E and F elements , which give its benefits by softening, nourishing and strengthening it.

Do you notice any difference between this and the one we have already described throughout this article? We imagine that its benefits are no longer the same or similar to the silicones that are on the market and that they use in the beauty salon, or that you buy and you apply yourself, to prioritize the protection of the hair against excessive heat.

It should be noted that this natural shea butter becomes hard and with a sandy texture, so they go to beat it to soften it and by changing its texture its use is much more practical; Once done, it can be incorporated with those natural oils such as olive, Moroccan argan, avocado, or the one of your preference, bind well and it is ready for use when you need it .

Method of use

Every product, whether natural or chemical, has a method of use and the thermal protector is not the exception, it can be mixed with masks , shampoo, combing cream, conditioner, or another, which differentiates its use according to the selected product. more if it is in a serum presentation , which is nothing more than a liquid or serum ideal for rapid and effective absorption of nutrients.

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For all this, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  • The application when washing the hair either dry or wet.
  • Distribute a little of the product by mixing it on both hands and then apply, especially in the area of ​​the ends.
  • Expose the hair to the dryer until it is completely dry
  • Its use should be done every time you decide to use irons or hair dryers
  • Any type of hair be it wavy, straight, frizzy, colored or in a natural way can receive its application
  • In general, the use of other products corresponding to the same brand is followed for better results

The best recommended thermal protectors

Your hair requires constant drying to give it shape and to always be well-groomed, this is understandable, however you must have consideration of it, that as you do it it deteriorates, dulling it, without realizing it, instead of having it beautiful, it could look dull and unhealthy from brittle and dehydrated ends.

The general recommendation in the beauty salon , as well as from family friends, will be that you do not abuse the use of irons and hair dryers due to the excessive heat temperatures that they provide and that in the long run damage the hair. But we also notify you of the existence of protective thermal products for your protection , which you must use appropriately for their effectiveness.

All this will favor the appearance and health of the hair for its better detangling and adaptation to hairstyles, feeling visibly smoother, more manageable and shiny. Its presentations are mainly based on creams, sprays, or gel , which provide an invisible protective film for the hair.

It should be noted that some of these products are indicated for use on dry hair, or wet as the case may be. Very particular for those times that you require a technical touch to handle it in a certain way, and you don’t want to get it wet when washing it.

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Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense

Philip Kingsley is recognized as a brand present in the cosmetic market for more than 55 years with a lot of experience and commitment to its clients, which makes it a favorite brand of favorite stylists specialized in the subject around the world. In relation to thermal protectors, this is a very powerful spray since the softness after application and easy detangling are almost immediately noticeable .

It is recommended for any type of hair , dyed, wavy, long, short, straight with highlights or natural with advanced ultraviolet protection and against external environmental factors that negatively affect your hair.

Kerastase Fluidissime Discipline Leave-in Spray

In the most demanding beauty salons it is regular to see cosmetic products from the Kerastase brand , a specialist in hair protective sprays, protecting it from excessive heat from tongs, irons or dryers, in addition to providing shine and manageability allowing it to be properly stretched and molded to the hair. time, apart from many other excellent products.

In this way it can be applied without problems on dry or wet hair as you prefer, in the same way it contains a formula with pro-keratin , which repairs any damage almost immediately, providing incredible benefits and a pleasant and delicate perfume , its texture is very acceptable is not catchy and will give a total beautification to your hair.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment

The Aussie brand is highly recommended, it could be identified that it is a reference of many stylists, since the presentation of thermal protector that it offers is in hair conditioner , unlike other brands that offer them in spray.

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In general, it is very easy and practical to use, for this you only have to wash your hair normally and apply it, leaving it to act for about 3 minutes, and then rinse, it provides a rich and sweet perfume , as well as softness, shine and moisture.

In the same way it serves to safeguard your hair by fighting high temperatures, among its components this thermal protector has jojoba seed oil that favors the healing of the skin, beneficial for the hair cuticle.

Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Primer

pre-styler from this brand is particularly created to pamper thick, dry, brittle hair, giving way to super healthy and extremely smooth hair, from the hair area to the ends. This incredible product was made with few dense oils so as not to generate that greasy effect that many dislike.

With the use of this product, straightening is ensured, totally preventing wavy hair, as well as providing a pleasant sweet smell for your beautiful hair.

Lee Stafford Heat Protection

Lee Stafford is a famous professional styling artist , known for working with great entertainment personalities around the world. This time he has created a delicate spray to counteract damaging effects on the ends of the hair.

Its application is flattering on wet and dry hair according to your preference, the main idea is to protect it from the effects of the heat of the dryer or iron. Its fragrance is similar to that of green tea , this being a component of the product and it lasts a long time, as does its anti-ultraviolet activity, and it is a capillary antioxidant.

GHD Thermal Protector Spray

GHD Thermal Protector Spray is considered the best in this branch of the cosmetic industry with high experience in hair care, and recognized worldwide for the production of high-generation hair straighteners . It is essential to use it to moisturize your hair and leave it super soft before subjecting it to the effects of heat from irons and dryers.

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It has a pleasant smell that gives the feeling of having been treated in a professional beauty studio, it is applied to dry or wet hair depending on how you like it, in addition to strengthening it, giving it softness, shine, an excellent feeling when touched and seen .

What is a good heat protectant for hair?


Alcohol is used in beauty products so that its components are dissolved; They are not aggressive when applying the product the alcohol evaporates at once . It is important to mention that it is a protector, but it is not always an indicator that it is safe, because the effect of alcohol encourages it to dry out the hair even more and generate dehydration in it.

Therefore it is not recommended for dry hair, because instead of helping it causes the opposite effect by hardening it , and mistreating it before the effect of the heat of the dryer or iron.

Hydrolyzed wheat protein

First of all, we remind you that the body of your hair is sensitive and contains amino acids necessary for its care and that they are destroyed every time you expose the hair to the heat of the dryer or the iron.

Therefore Hydrolyzed wheat protein is a very efficient treatment to give extreme moisture to the hair. And being clear that it is the wheat protein that is going to disintegrate in this case and better still the natural protein of your hair is preserved .

Copolymer Pvp / Dmap Acrylates

It is a fast and effective product as a preview of what it produces, it is practical, functional and very effective for soft, manageable and nourished hair . It is similar to silicones.

Quaternary 70

It is a high-category product among cosmetics, its effect is visibly after drying as it effectively controls the frizzyness of the hair, maintains its smoothness for much longer or until the next wash.

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Natural heat protectants to prevent hair damage

The thermal protectors of the hair contribute to the sanitation of the same, incorporating nutrition, softness , manageability, pleasant appearance to touch and to see it. This type of natural protectors are the ones that should be used the most in beauty and care habits, for the prevention of damage and abuse from external temperatures and extreme environmental agents.

Choose an oil

There are many options and the selection of which product to use is on you or on what your beauty advisor suggests, the most advisable for hair naturally is coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, these contain vitamins and minerals necessary for hair.

However, the most important thing about these natural oils is that they can withstand high temperatures, which gives you security before the iron or dryer in the next session. Plates generally range from 360 degrees to a maximum of 420 degrees .


Argan oil is originally from Morroco, and offers a rich fragrance, which is why it has been progressively incorporated as a handbag and purse company of well-known brands for women.This oil is widely used for hair care due to its capacity to withstand high temperatures such as 360 degrees or more that hair straighteners usually have.

It is important to mention that that is not all, this rich and beneficial argan oil is composed of vitamin E , fatty acids such as Omega-3, Omega-6, important for a healthy and deep nutrition from the internal hair fiber to the points.

In short, HSI of argan oil is incredible since it generates a fine and revitalizing layer to protect each strand of hair for much longer, try it and see the great results.

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The use of coconut oil has long been a total innovation for hair, cooking, skin and endless benefits. It should be noted that this oil has a high smoke potential, in addition to the excellent hydration it provides, it is also known by many that it works to safeguard our hair against extreme heat .

For lovers of irons and dryers as a mechanism for stretching the hair, however, hydration and use for fine hair is never too much, mainly, strengthening it, in addition to nourishing it.

In the same way, this excellent coconut oil has elements that act as antimicrobial and anti-dandruff, increases its healthy growth, provides a rich fragrance, its frequent use is recommended to revitalize the mane , after continuous use of high temperatures.


Rice butter is like shea butter, a great ally to revitalize the health of the hair, body and face, after exposure to temperature changes or exposure to environmental agents that negatively affect it.

This type of rice butter also has a thermo-protective activity, as does shea butter, which naturally favor the use of chemical products such as silicones, thus showing that it is not the only thermal protector that exists to take care of. The hair.

We have described throughout this post silicones such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone as the protectors most used by beauty experts to care for hair, making it difficult for heat to penetrate the internal part of the hair, therefore these other natural products have similar components and subsequent benefits .


It is important to find out about the natural oils that can be flattering and those that are not for our hair, such is the case of grape seed oil that cannot act as a thermal protector , at least it is not all hair.

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Because we say that it does not work on all hair, because this oil works at the point of smoke , and this mechanism is only favorable for those who have thick and abundant hair that constantly require the application of heat through the irons up to 460 degrees to shape. and stretch the waves on it.

By producing this smoke effect, it generates great protection against smoking , so it can withstand high temperatures.


For ladies who have strong and thick hair, grapeseed oil is ideal as we have described in the previous point, but what other oil is beneficial in this case? There is no other like almond oil , which can provide Heat protection with a 430 degree smoke point mechanism created by the plates, will protect you safely .

This almond oil contains vitamins of group B1, B2, B6, as well as vitamins E, D, and A essential nutrients for the health of the hair, strengthening it, and increasing its softness and growth, 3 drops are enough to apply it throughout the body of hair and feel its magnificent nutrition.


Avocado oil is widely known , characterized as a great nutrient and protector from extreme heat, repairing and strengthening it. Provides incomparable shine and great softness . In addition to providing protection against ultraviolet and UVB rays from the inclement sun.

It should be noted that avocado oil has a smoke support of 520 degrees before the hair straighteners, which determines that it is ideal for all hair, whether dyed or not , it can also be accompanied by grapeseed oils and grapeseed oil. argan for extra softness, everyone will want to know your beauty secret, to handle even the most unruly hair .

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Nine Tips for a Gentle Heat Style

  1. Do not forget that hair must always be very dry to be able to expose it to heat and give it shape. Since if it is still wet there is a risk of negatively affecting the cuticle and the general structure of the hair.
  2. It is very important to use a conditioner or protector beforehand and then mold by heat if you mistreat it.
  3. There are several options of products for thermal protection, which have been created to establish a pattern of defense against heat, and give better support when combing, whether it is smooth or when making waves.
  4. Take into account very well how to apply a thermal protector, whether for dry or wet hair and follow the instructions exactly .
  5. Sprays can be used with caution, preferably at a distance of at least 20 to 30 cm, since a kind of mist is formed that protects the hair without leaving it greasy and sticky, it is recommended to read the instructions well.
  6. When placing the thermal protection on your hair, it is advisable to use a wide tooth comb to comb it gently to ensure that it is spread throughout the entire body of the hair.
  7. There are many negative effects that afflict the cuticle area of ​​the scalp, therefore, it makes it much more sensitive to an upcoming heat incident.
  8. There are styling devices for the hair that can affect it in the part of the hair cuticle, especially, so it is recommended not to use them a lot , since they usually heat more than normal, that is why the use is recommended. ceramic plates, benefits you more than metal.
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