Heliophobia: Complications, Symptoms And Remedies

Sunlight is useful for our skin as it provides us with Vitamin D , helping our body to absorb the minerals it needs for the formation of our bones, such as phosphorus and calcium. However, high solar temperatures can be a bit threatening, but don’t worry! Natural light is good because otherwise there would be no life on the planet.

Not exposing oneself to the sun because of illogical and uncontrolled fear is called Heliophobia , it is a problem that several people have. Fear of the sun has to do with osteopenia, that is, the loss of bone mineral density, which can be an initial condition for osteoporosis or simply the danger of suffering fractures.

You have to take into account that the vitamin D that sunlight gives us gives life to the blood vessels, the nervous system and strengthens the immune system, for better functioning.

On the other hand, if you do not receive sunlight, it can have consequences by reproducing some diseases such as breast, prostate or colon cancer. In addition, it only requires a little time, 10 to 15 minutes 3 times a week approximately to provide the natural vitamin that the sun gives us to our body.

Do not consider the sun as your enemy, we must know how to enjoy it without doubting how beneficial it can be, you just have to know what is the right time to expose yourself to the sun and that way you can overcome your fear of the sun’s rays.

What do we call heliophobia?

As stated above, we call Heliophobiathe illogical and uncontrolled fear of sun exposure. People who suffer from this phobia have an anxiety disorder that contributes to disgust and they do not dare to be in the sun for a long time and this causes a lack of Vitamin D, which is essential for the minerals that our body requires.

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The intense and irrational fear that one can have of the sun, leads us to suffer from certain serious and deadly diseases. While it is true that everything in excess is bad, the fear may be justified because the sun can also cause skin cancer.

But if you take the precautions, your body will thank you, for metaphorizing your fear I mention an example: eating a lot of sugar can produce insulin resistance, but your body needs sugar for glucose to work properly, your body also needs sunlight .

Origins of heliophobia

Phobias do not arise by themselves, surely the fear of a situation or thing makes you think about the consequences that it can produce and it is dangerous for you, causing that irrational and exaggerated fear of the stimulus presented. As for example If a person read that sunlight gives cancer, the response to that anguish will be not to be under the sun, and thus uncontrolled fear of the sun can arise.

Heliophobia and its etymological meaning

The etymological meaning of Heliophobia is fear of the sun in an irrational way , since its components are: Helios which means Sun and Phobos which is Fear, together with the suffix –ia which is an action or quality.

Causes of heliophobia

It can be said that phobias are an anxiety disorder thus producing worry or fear, generally there are no causes that can explain why phobias occur; It can only be said that it is an irrational fear of a situation or thing.

Among some possibilities that may be the cause of it, is: Classical conditioning, acquisition of instruction and behavior through observation. Surely the fear of the sun was caused by a negative action before a person, that is, he was exposed to the sun for a long time and caused a burn by serious solar radiation, arising a distrust of the sun.

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The fear of suffering from a disease can be the cause of the phobia; It was mentioned that if a person has information, that the sun causes skin cancer or blindness, they should stay away from the sun, but the Pacific Health Center says that perhaps it is not a heliophobia but a solution to that situation, in other words they take care of the sun in an illogical way to prevent those diseases.

The compulsive and irrational disturbance caused by the disorder, surrounding an accelerated fear of being affected and that your health is at risk from being in sunlight, can cause heliophobia.

The result of uncontrolled fear of sunlight can trigger other fears that are not very common, such as being alone or surrounded by other people in a public place, in addition to fleeing the sun, fear of any bright light, the person suffering from heliophobia will not feel very comfortable if he spends a whole day on the street when other people are, going out and not being comfortable can leave him in shock.

Heliophobia can be linked to keratoconus, which is a disease that is produced by an optic condition, making the eyes sensitive to sunlight and highly bright lights, which can cause severe headaches, as well as porphyria as the skin is sensitive to Sun causes blisters on arms and legs.

Heliophobia and affected organs

You have to take into account that the lack of vitamin D in your body can affect your body, consider that this natural vitamin is essential for a better development of your organs such as the kidney, and that heliophobia can be linked to chronic kidney disease, altering metabolism, which can lead to death, so take precessions for proper sunbathing.

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This is directly involved in the development of hypoparathyroidism (when blood levels drop) and Calcitriol (Vitamin D receptor). I indicate that the symptoms that you are going to perceive if you find yourself facing a chronic kidney problem due to a deficiency of Vitamin D will be:

  • Tiredness
  • Trouble breathing
  • Fluid retention in the legs
  • Swelling of the ankles, feet and legs
  • Oliguria (decreased volume of urine)

However, we have detailed analyzes that can tell us exactly if we are at the forefront of the disease that affects the kidney, for them medical tests such as biopsies, X-rays and blood evaluation are performed to truly diagnose the disease.

The biochemistry formulates that both cells and muscles accumulate and release enough energy when we carry out any activity, be it walking or running, that energy can be regenerated by creatinine, which is a nutrient suitable for muscles; that energy is known as ATP, creatinine is expelled through the blood, and in turn is filtered in the kidneys, the creatinine test is measured to see how the kidneys are working.

We are in difficulty when kidney function is decreasing and the kidney is not able to transfer creatinine from the urine to the body. Specialists affirm that creatinine is not negative, it is like an indicator that will tell us if we are facing a kidney problem, it is very helpful, for this reason in common that creatine agglomeration is measured in patients suffering from kidney function .

We have to be alert when the blood flow that goes to the kidneys is interrupted for about 40 to 45 minutes, in that course it can cause damage to our body.

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Our bones require Vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis and the weakening of our bones, the Vitamin that the sun gives us directly influences calcium levels, if we do not acquire this vitamin, the bones will degenerate in the same way as the muscles and nerves, take advantage and sunbathe, take care of your bones

Our body, thanks to the sun, provides natural vitamin D , it is a process that is linked with cholesterol and that, through the skin, causes a catalytic resistance (which increases or delays a reaction without participating in it) by sunlight, this form reaches the liver, being called calcidiol, which passes through the kidneys turning into calcitriol. If Vitamin D cannot do its job, Vitamin D levels tend to drop.

Symptoms of heliophobia

There is not much difference, compared to other phobias, they are similar in terms of: headaches, tingling, sweating and increased heart rate, although the main characteristic is anxiety, the person who has this fear of the sun, may suffer the symptoms mentioned above if you know, that you will be exposed to the sun, for example: if you are going to go to work.

Of course, not everything ends there, the phobic helium can present another symptom caused by anxiety disorder among them is:

  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Itching all over the skin.
  • Trembling in hands and legs.
  • Too cold.
  • Feeling of suffocation
    trouble breathing.

It is only enough that someone comes to your house, thinking that you have to go out and feel the sun on your skin, could lead to anxiety. But relax, the symptoms you may suffer from. They are easily tied up with therapeutic relationships.

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Effects of heliophobia

People who suffer from heliophobia, in addition to anxiety, have social, work and psychological problems due to which, when panic seizes that person, their rhythm of life changes, they can carry out their normal activities as long as the afternoon and the sun arrive fulfills its function of hiding, helium phobics are happy at night.

Yes, I repeat how important Vitamin D is for you, your body needs it, for this you must place yourself under the sun, otherwise, the skin will turn pale, and your body will weaken, that is why I insist, If you think you suffer from heliophobia, go directly to a specialist, he will help you overcome your fears, health is more important for your life and fears can be overcome with help. Around the world 8% suffer from any phobia, among which are heliophobia.

There are those who love to have fun, with a walk on the beach or going on an excursion, without giving so much importance to the sun’s rays, but there are also people who choose to get away from the sun, and go out to enjoy their way when night falls.

Like any other phobia, it affects you physically and psychologically . On the other hand, the life of the phobic helium is restricted, because it does not do everything it wants to do, it is important that both family and friends give their most sincere support to help the person who suffers to master their fear.

Believe it or not, heliophobia is very common, but it can still create teasing moments, there are people who may not understand your fears, and can often be harassed by strangers.

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If you suffer from this uncontrollable fear, to expose yourself under the sun, do not think that it is normal and that it is part of you. It can be detrimental to your life , take the precautions to overcome your fears, if you can do it, with the help of a Psychologist, but do not be sad, we all suffer from some fear, the ideal is to find a way to overcome them.

Heliophobia complications

If an inadequate diet is combined with a lack of Vitamin D, by not leaving your body in the sun it can cause various diseases in addition to rickets, osteoporosis and osteomalacia. You have to find a good way for you to provide your body with the natural minerals it needs, including an excellent diet.

Below I will define some diseases suffered by this disease:

  • Rickets: it is the weakening and softening of the bones mostly in children, but it can also occur in adults, it is caused by a deficiency of vitamin D, calcium or phosphorus, as a complement, endochondral ossification is the development where the cartilage is transformed into bone.

When in ossification a membrane is produced that forms the bone at the same time, the osteoid is produced is nothing more than the unmineralized proportion of the bone matrix, which is formed before the maturation of the bone tissue, then it can be say that rickets is an insufficiency of the mineralization of the osteoid.

  • Chitism: it can occur due to the absence of Vitamin D, which provides light as well as calcium and phosphorus deficiency, the disease has been defined as the structural abnormality of the long bones, which are combined with pain, hypocalcemic tetany and affected muscle fascicles
  • Osteomalacia: it is characterized by the softening of the bones caused by the loss of calcareous salts, that is, because the bone is demineralized due to a lack of vitamin D, generally occurring in adults.

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One of the first symptoms that you may feel is pain and weakness in the muscles, since osteomalacia is misleading, it is likely that at first you will not feel any symptoms in the same way you should stay alert, it is estimated that in the United States of America and Europe More than 40% of the Population manifest a vitamin D deficiency

To treat effectively, osteomalacia treat it with coleocalciferol (vitamin D3) is a primary variant of vitamin D, in amounts of 1000 to 50,000 per day, and of course you have to expose yourself to the sun at least 15 minutes, 3 times a week , This is how it is prevented in the elderly.

  • Osteoporosis: it is a disease that appears with age and is degenerative caused by the decrease in bone mass density, maintaining a normal histological appearance, it is also silent, you will not present symptoms until you present fractures in the bones, it is usually confused with osteomalacia, but keep in mind that they are different.

It is good to know that long-term treatment with 1,25- (OH) 2-D3 delays the onset of osteoporosis, vitamin D does not have any therapeutic effect on the disease, and it is very common in women who are in the stage of menopause. That’s why the more sun exposure you find, the more Vitamin D stores.

Therapies for heliophobia

There are treatments that are good, but I recommend psychotherapy because it is the most effective, it allows you to face your fear, they explain the origin of your phobia in a correct way, providing you with all the necessary information so that you can overcome Item.

Psychotherapy wants to make the phobic helium come to its senses, guiding it why it suffers that fear, and the reasons why it must overcome it, it is a very important help to overcome any barrier.

Among the treatments that can help you overcome the phobia are: Meditation, Relaxation, Cognitive Therapy, hypnotherapy, group help and live exposure.

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Healthy habits to treat heliophobia

1.- Vitamin from the sun

There are few foods that contain vitamin D, take that into consideration, therefore, receiving vitamin D from our star king, it only depends on how our body absorbs the vitamin from the sun’s rays, the lack of sunlight, causes us to lack of Vitamin D necessary for the proper functioning of our natural minerals.

It is advised that the time you require for your body to receive Vitamin D is 15 to 20 minutes if you are in Summer, otherwise it will depend on each person and the season of the year in which you focus, the time, the altitude or if you use sunscreen. Remember that exposure to the sun must be constant to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

2.- Food

Of course, we have foods rich in Vitamin D and our body receives them successfully, each adult can receive per day amounts of up to 600 IU (international units) and we can find it in fish such as: mackerel (a blue fish), sardines a, sockeye salmon, herring and their derivatives (fish liver oil); tuna and cod oil.

There are foods that contain less vitamin D, but are very good at providing that vitamin intake that we need, such as: milk, eggs, cereals, meat, yogurts, mushrooms and mushrooms.

3.- Suppress bad habits

Vitamin D can be interrupted and will not be able to fulfill its function properly in your body, such as providing you with the calcium and phosphorus necessary for our bones, bad habits such as consuming alcohol and tobacco, delay or may even reject the vitamin more than anything if osteoporosis is present.

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I recommend that you reduce those bad habits of alcohol and tobacco, research indicates that people who consume tobacco have a lack of vitamin D up to 50%. Vitamin supplements should be taken if recommended by your doctor.

Can heliophobia cause death?

Yes, women are more likely to die, those women who never expose themselves to the sun have twice the risk, than those who take it daily, proven with a study. Ultraviolet light can be harmful causing skin cancer such as melanoma, it is advisable not to overdo the sun so much so that you also take care of your skin.

There is a new study that was carried out on 30,000 women over the course of 20 years, the results indicated that those who did not expose themselves to the sun have a higher risk of having skin cancer and are more likely to die from any cause. The study visibly pointed out that twice as many women died from not being exposed to the sun.

If you are a woman, not exposing yourself to the sun would be harmful to your health, but not only because of not being in the sun but because of the lack of Vitamin D, the sun’s rays passing through our skin creates Vitamin D in a natural way, if we do not receive the vitamin from the sun, we are developing diseases increasing diabetes, multiple sclerosis and tuberculosis

Research has shown that Vitamin D manages to increase survival rates for women who suffer from cancer, on the other hand, deficiency can increase prostate cancer in men, remember that the lack of Vitamin D is linked to skin cancer.

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In Sweden, the investigations were carried out in 29,518 women from the same country, they were isolated between 1990 and 1992, I request that they not expose themselves for a long time to the sun and control their tanning habits was observed, after the stipulated time (20 years) there were 2,545 deaths, that because during the summer they were not exposed under the sun

Women who were exposed to the sun during the summer time had a 10% lower risk of dying from skin cancer, however those who were exposed to the sun in a different country had the risk of dying from melanoma.

Nutritional treatment for heliophobia

It is impossible that with just some foods you can acquire the necessary vitamin D that your body needs because certain foods rich in this vitamin have very small amounts, the perfect complement for our body to be in good working order (especially our bones) is Sun, as the National Institute of Health showed, is that the most important source of Vitamin D is the sun and it cannot be denied.

We only need to expose 25% of the body for about 10 to 15 minutes a day at least 3 times a week, in the summer, spring and early fall season, in this way the body produces the necessary amount for the skin, experts assure that a minimum vitamin requirement is 1000 to 2000 international units.

Vitamin D that comes from the sun is essential to prevent fatal diseases taking into account schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis and heart disease, several studies have been determined to investigate the vitamin provided by the sun, and it is estimated that 47,000 cancer deaths could be prevented each year, the country that reaches sufficient vitamin D levels is the United States of America

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You can use sunscreen if used properly, those who are health specialists ask us to unconsciously use cosmetics with added SPF and lotions, this can prevent 100% in the development of vitamin D, and this helps thousands of chronic and terminal diseases, reproduce in your body. Do not allow it, take care of yourself with conscience

Be careful with the myths about sunlight, they can be somewhat distorted, they can be deadly, we need water, food and shelter as human beings; We also require the sun, it would be reckless if we do not get in contact with the sun to prevent skin cancer. You will not get skin cancer if you expose yourself for just a few minutes to the sun, but you can suffer the consequences with your bones and other diseases if you do not get in contact with the sun.

Treatment for heliophobia

When our fears are always present and we cannot find a way to avoid them (much less the sun) it can seem like a constant and endless struggle, if there are help that is available for people who suffer from this fear.

When fear of the sun takes hold of people, so much so that it does not allow them to do their activities, and it is a bit disturbing, it is the right time to ask for help, to whom? Well, for a psychologist, the best help they can find is the common traditional therapy, this type of treatment relaxes, makes them think about the good and the bad; patients listen and understand the pros and cons of being in the sun.

When the psychologist manages to gain confidence between him and the patient, he begins to look for what factor led to his fear of the sun, and the patient can express his reasons, he makes him understand that just as the fear began, it can end.

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In addition to psychotherapy, anti-anxiety medications and benzodiazepines are prescribed, so that the patient can control their fears, sometimes people who suffer from this fear, before therapy have to use some type of medication, to feel more confident with itself. There is support group therapy that is very effective, where people exchange their experiences and help each other.

In the groups there is good communication and it can influence the recovery of patients when you tell their stories, and how they have been able to overcome it, exchanging testimonies, creating self-confidence.

Pharmacological treatment for heliophobia

Among the vitamin D supplements is concentrated and daily preparations that can be taken once a week, every 15 days or at the end of each month, in addition the supplements can be combined with calcium intake. Every 3 to 6 months it is customary to do blood tests to control the levels of vitamins D, so that they are regulated in any case. Only doctors can intervene in supplements.

When mostly people are in closed spaces, it causes the levels of Vitamin D to drop radically, the solution is to supplement with Vitamin D3, that is, with Colecalciferol.

It is required to ingest 70-80 IU / Kg of vitamin D (Council) daily, in order to achieve optimal levels of 40-60 kg / mL in adults who weigh 70Kg, they need a dose of 5,200 IU / day. Most doctors suggest a dose that helps as a supplement of the order of 400-800 IU / day, but they are not enough, which happens that among doctors there is the fear that a patient will be poisoned, which is rare, because poisoning will happen accidentally from consuming very high doses, as Michael expressed in Clinic Proceedings magazine.

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There is no difficulty if an adult consumes a dose of 10,000 IU daily, it does not require a single follow-up as long as there are no certain situations such as sarcoidosis, which do need clinical supervision.

It is analyzed after 2-3 months to readjust the dose if necessary, when obtaining the exact doses it must continue the same rhythm and redo an analysis every one or two years. Cofactors can be administered, to increase vitamin D magnesium (400-600 mg), vitamin K2 / MK-7 (150-200 mcg), vitamin A (5,000-10,000 IU), zinc (15-20 mg) and boron ( 3-6 mg)

Natural remedies for heliophobia

The sun that rises from the morning is the scoop that we receive, Vitamin D is obtained from the sun’s rays, and acts in mineralization, that is, by increasing the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the digestive system, achieving that levels in the blood increase, this is achieved by the acquisition of calcium from the bones.

Another way to get vitamin D is through food, such as: fish, cod and liver oil, Strawberry, oranges, tomatoes, broccoli, sockeye salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, cereals, yogurt, eggs, milk.

General recommendations for heliophobia

For you to be free of heliophobia, more therapeutic help and treatments are needed, some exercises are required to alleviate the anxiety or despair that fear can impart to you, it is present more than all the support of the family nucleus and friends, some phobias can provoke harassment and teasing by outsiders.

If you suffer from this phobia, have confidence in yourself, think about all the obstacles you can overcome, and that this fear is one of them, you only need self-control to overcome your fears and believe me you will achieve it, and if you know someone who suffers from Heliophobia offer your support and help her to overcome, There is no fear that cannot be overcome

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