Do You Want Highlights Or Highlights In Your Hair? Learn All About Them!

Blonde hair, whether fully dyed, with highlights, California highlights or balayage, is a trend that is increasingly being adopted by women . This technique emphasizes feminine beauty and attracts attention, but maintaining the health of bleached hair takes work. The bleaching process is aggressive: all hair cuticles are left open for oxygen molecules to act during the dyeing process. Therefore, hair deserves special care.

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Lights in hair

Highlights are a technique to lighten and brighten hair . They are very fine wicks that can be done all over the hair or just in small portions. Light shades give that “sunburned” look and make hair lighter.

About 50% of the hairs are bleached in this process, resulting in subtle highlights that blend into the original color. For dark hair, copper or honey tones are best suited. Learn how to take care of your hair with highlights .


There are several types of bleaching products on the market . There are still powdered bleaches, but now you find them with special ingredients to prevent hair from drying out or flaking. You will also find color changes in creams and oils that are better to keep your hair in good condition.

Before bleaching, check the type of bleach your hairdresser will use to prevent your hair from getting damaged and brittle.


The highlights are similar to the highlights, the main difference is that the amount of hair to be bleached increases . They are wider and can be made with bleaches or dyes, depending on the color of the hair. In general, highlights are more visible than highlights.

You reflect

The reflections are more contrasted than the highlights and highlights because the amount of colored hair is much higher. The colors are clear and well defined. Usually, the reflections are made fine and different shades are mixed in the dyed ones.


Balayage is a technique in which different areas are mixed with the original hair color. It is a more discreet process, as it is applied to a small amount of hair. Dyed hair is slightly thicker than the highlights and the shades used are close to the natural shade of the hair . The result of the process gives the idea of ​​a hair gently illuminated by the sun, since the fringes are not very marked.

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Californian Wicks

With the Californian highlights, the tips of the hair are illuminated in a lighter tone, keeping the roots dark . They brighten the edges and give the hair depth. Hair is left with a “sunburned” appearance. The end result is a mane with golden tones that gradually lighten from the roots to the ends.

Care after dyeing or bleaching

From the moment you decide to dye or bleach your hair , you must be very careful. Each technique uses chemicals that alter the structure of the hair, so you have to be attentive to the quality of the products you will use. The secret is to use a suitable, good quality dye.

Currently, most of the dyes have proteins, vitamins and keratin, which treat the hair and give it shine and flexibility.

Gentle colors are generally ammonia-free and are known as color baths , which are used to reactivate and brighten hair color. If your hair is too dry , it is not recommended that you dye it as it can break. Treat it first and, once healthy, you can dye it.

Bleaching is a bit more aggressive on hair than dyes. The pigmentation of the hairs is removed and in the process, basic nutrients for the health of the hair are lost. It is important that you do a good hair repair afterwards to replace the nutrients that were lost.

Discoloration enhancer

If you decide to go blonde, you probably won’t want to go back to your natural shade for a while, but it’s easy to lose that light color because bleaching often makes your hair very dry . For this reason, many women who have been coloring their hair for a long time choose to cut it more frequently to eliminate split ends.

A good solution to prevent color fading is to use a bleach enhancer . This product reduces the amount of discoloration required to achieve and maintain a blonde tone. You can bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide to a medium blonde, and by using the enhancer, you will get a light blonde. The result is less damaged hair.

Shampoo for hair with dyes

Use a shampoo for colored hair every 15 days. Sometimes discoloration results in a deep yellow. There are women who like that stronger shade, but most want a more natural look. This type of shampoo must have a gray background to neutralize the yellow.

Dryer and iron

If you use a dryer or iron, your hair can be damaged, whether or not you have bleached or dyed it. But it is necessary that you apply a heat protector (called thermoactive) and an anti-frizz product (anti-frizz) . Both help ensure beautiful hair by reducing frizz and preventing damage caused by excessive heat from the iron. But you must know how to use these devices: do not pass the iron on damp hair and keep the dryer at a minimum distance of 20 centimeters from the hair.

Tips to ensure healthy hair after coloring

  • Use specific products for colored hair or with highlights and reflections to improve the color, if you have any questions, read these tips on how to care for colored hair .
  • The most recommended is the shampoo with an acidic pH, avoid those with a neutral pH . On the other hand, a shampoo with a high concentration of keratin is also excellent for the health of our hair.
  • Moisturize your hair every week.
  • Do a reconstruction of your hair every 15 days. This process restores integrity to each hair damaged by chemicals.
  • Use a good hair mask with sunscreen to maintain hair hydration and protect color, which can fade or change in the sun.
  • Avoid mixing chemicals like dyes and straighteners. If there is an incompatibility, your hair can be damaged.
  • Avoid using excessive straighteners and blow dryers , as this will dehydrate your hair. Use thermoactive products for better protection.

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