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Cellulite has a great incidence in women, and it is one of the problems that worries us the most, especially when the good weather begins. This is due to the distinctive appearance of cellulite, which often resembles orange peel in its roughness.

Its main causes are genetics, hormones and, more importantly, an unhealthy lifestyle, and that is where we can make a significant change to completely get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite tends to worsen with age, so it is recommended to lay the foundations as soon as possible to prevent its appearance or delay it as much as possible. Cellulite treatment does not focus on something specific, but has to be addressed globally.

One of the simplest treatments to easily get rid of cellulite is using natural remedies to ingest or apply to the area with cellulite. Its properties will support the effects of the best anti-cellulite creams , a healthy diet, regular exercise and other effective treatments.

In this article we will show you how to get rid of cellulite quickly and naturally (both in the short and medium term), with non-invasive or painful treatments.

Dry brushing technique

Dry brushing is one of the easiest and most enjoyable methods to help reduce the appearance of orange peel, especially on the legs. Interestingly, very few people have heard of this highly effective technique.

Which has benefits? The dry brushing procedure improves blood and lymph flow , removing toxins from the body . This increased circulation makes the skin appear fuller, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite.

How to perform the technique? Before starting, the skin and the brush must be completely dry. Begin brushing the skin from the feet to the shoulders, concentrating more on the areas where there is accumulation of cellulite. Make movements from left to right to promote blood flow to the heart.

Perform this dry brushing technique for about five minutes, covering all the skin on your body. Lastly, take a shower to remove dead cells and dirt and toxins from your skin.

Repeat this once every two days, for a couple of months, to see a visible change in the surface and appearance of the skin.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is a fat burning spice. It has been shown to increase body temperature, increase blood flow, and improve digestion. In addition, it removes diseased skin cells and replaces them with healthy cells.

Its benefits to eliminate cellulite are derived from its property to eliminate toxins from the body .

For best results, make a detox drink by adding a couple of teaspoons of cayenne pepper powder, a teaspoon of ground ginger, and lemon juice to a glass of warm water and mixing well. Drink this drink a few times a week for a couple of months to see the results.

Juniper oil

Juniper oil has detoxifying properties and can help reduce fluid retention in the skin, thus effectively reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Mix 10-15 drops of juniper oil in 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Massage the mixture into the affected area for 10 minutes. Perform this massage twice a day. After a month, you will notice that the skin is smoother and firmer.

Coffee scrub

Ground coffee beans can be used as an excellent caffeine-laden scrub that has the power to remove dead skin cells and allow healthy new cells to grow. Furthermore, it can also increase blood flow to the skin.

To make a homemade coffee scrub, mix some ground coffee beans, three tablespoons of sugar, and two tablespoons of coconut oil to form a paste. Rub the paste on the skin affected by cellulite for a few minutes, with a little pressure. Lastly, wash it off with lukewarm water.

Try this procedure several times a week for at least 4 weeks, or to the point where you start to see the desired results. Keep in mind that this is a short-term solution, as it does not attack the causes of cellulite, only its signs.

Apple vinager

Apple cider vinegar is able to eliminate orange peel due to the presence of minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. All of these minerals play a key role in eliminating toxins and reducing fluid retention around the thighs and abdomen, potentially reducing bloating and cellulite.

In addition, apple cider vinegar also promotes fat loss, and lower body fat means less chance of cellulite appearing.

How to apply it on the skin? Mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water. If you wish, you can also include a touch of honey. Rub the solution into the cellulite area and leave it on for 30 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. Apply it twice a day for 2 weeks or until you achieve visible results.

Tip for faster results: mix apple cider vinegar and water in equal amounts and rub it on the areas affected by cellulite. Then wrap the area in plastic wrap and place a warm towel over the area for at least 60 minutes. Finally, remove the wrap and wash the area with warm water. Do this once a day.

Green Clay

Green clay has the ability to increase blood and lymphatic flow, remove dead skin cells, absorb fat and toxins, and repair and strengthen connective tissue , for all this, green clay is considered very useful to decrease the presence of cellulite.

How to apply it on the skin? Mix half a glass of green clay with a little lemon juice, three tablespoons of hot water and a tablespoon of raw honey to form a thick and smooth paste. Rub this paste on the area where cellulite is present in circular motions, then cover it with plastic wrap.

Leave it on for at least 30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Perform this treatment week by week until you achieve the desired result.

Tangerine oil

Tangerine oil improves blood fluidity and breaks down pockets of fat that cause cellulite. This oil also takes on a key role in detoxifying the body.

To apply it on the skin, add five drops of mandarin oil to a tablespoon of olive oil, and rub it on the area of ​​the body with cellulite, massaging it for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat it twice a day for several weeks to notice a decrease in the appearance of cellulite.

You can also take this oil orally to help decrease cellulite and improve digestion. Include a few drops of mandarin oil in a glass of warm water and drink it once a day until you see results.

Green tea

Green tea will help in the absorption of fats better than any other drink thanks to the theobromine, which is an excellent stimulant for the release of stubborn body fat.

It should be taken no more than 3 cups a day because too much green tea is known to reduce the absorption of iron in the body, which can lead to anemia. Do this for a month and you will notice amazing results.

Drinking water

Something as simple and basic as drinking water can help you in your battle against cellulite. Watery cellulite pockets are full of toxins that build up in the body over the years, and water is the most effective method of flushing toxins out of your body .

At the same time, you will keep your body hydrated, which will help give your skin a healthy glow and appearance.

Try to drink no less than eight glasses of water a day to make sure your body (and skin) is getting all the hydration it needs. And start the day by drinking a glass of water before breakfast.

If you don’t like drinking natural water, you can also squeeze a little lemon juice to give it a little flavor, alkalize the body and stimulate the metabolism. Lemon is one of the best detoxifying foods in the kitchen.

Also, try to eat foods with a higher water content, such as melons, cucumbers, and green leafy vegetables.

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