Homemade Cucumber Mask ??

How many times have you seen the cucumber in beauty and facial care treatments ? I’m sure many times, especially in movies where beauty routines take over the entire screen.

This is because cucumber has great properties for our skin, above all it will be in charge of calming all the dermis regardless of the type, but we will also achieve many other functions with its use, such as hydration, nutrition, luminosity, etc.

Even though you have only seen the use of cucumber? In the care of skin in the form of slices in the eyes, the truth is that we can also find it in many other formats, creams, cleansers, masks, etc.

We are going to stay today with facial masks and cucumber, we all know that facial masks are wonderful for taking care of our skin and that they provide us with much more enhanced properties (thanks to their formulation and way of working) of all the ingredients. present in it.

On the other hand, we also know that cucumber is ideal for taking care of our skin, therefore can you imagine what we are going to achieve with the union of the mask and the cucumber? If you want to know what changes the use of this elixir, let’s start now!

To begin I leave you here the best moisturizing creams on the market: Dermatological Analysis: 10 Best Hydrating Creams on the Market.

Cucumber, a star substance

Cucumber is a fruit that has many properties for consumption, you will surely love to eat it in salads, it gives a fresh and rich touch to many meals, as well as providing many benefits for our inner health. However, it not only offers positive aspects for our internal organism, but it is also a true treasure for our skin.

Has it been proven that the composition of cucumber is mostly water? It is known that 97% of it is liquid, so it is clear that it will mainly provide a lot of hydration to our body and our skin.

I say to our skin, because the intake is not its only use, but for many years the cucumber has been used in facial care routines to provide properties to the skin, the most famous way of use is sliced on our eyes , but today we already find it in hundreds of different products.

In addition to water, in its composition we can also find other substances, among them we can say that it has a rich source of vitamins  A, B and C, so your care will be incredible.

For all this, the cucumber has been proclaimed as one of the most beloved substances to take care of the skin, that is why we find so many products with the cucumber as the protagonist, such as the masks that we are going to talk about today.

I leave you here an article full of homemade moisturizing masks , take a look at it that you will love: How to make a moisturizing facial mask?

Cucumber benefits for the skin

I have told you that cucumber is very good for our skin, but you still do not know what it will do in our dermis when we put it on, so I have decided to tell you about its benefits so that now we know for sure how wonderful this fruit is.

  • It offers hydration and protection to our skin : The fact that its composition is mostly water (97%), makes cucumber the faithful friend of hydration for our skin, but also not only that, but it will also be responsible for enhancing the production of collagen and elastin, thus achieving a much firmer, more elastic, youthful and radiant skin.
  • Goodbye to bags under the eyes and dark circles : Surely you have seen many times people using cucumber slices for their eyes and it is that no, it is not just a thing of movies, it really works and relaxes that entire area, comforting it and offering calm to the contour of our eyes. This helps reduce inflammation and renew that delicate area of ​​our face.
  • Great ally in the elimination of acne : People who have oily or combination skin or who are simply prone to acne, also teenagers who have pimples on their face due to hormones, should know that cucumber is a great Ally in the elimination of these pimples, since it contains astringent properties , so it will help enormously to control the production of sebum and thus achieve a much softer, smoother and cleaner face.
  • Relieves burns caused by solar rays : Direct sun rays are undoubtedly harmful to the skin, since if we expose ourselves to them we can suffer burns and other problems, in addition to drying our skin, that is why it is so It is important to always use sun protection when going outside or going to the beach. If we ever get burned by accident, cucumber will once again be our great ally, as it contains numerous cooling and anti- inflammatory properties that will relieve burns and reduce the burning they produce.
  • Prevents the appearance of cellulite : The photochemicals that cucumber contains will help our natural collagen to contract and therefore we will be preventing wrinkles from appearing before their time and the dreaded cellulite, which despite being natural and that everyone has , we do not like to see it in our body. Of course, cellulite will appear on our skin but in a more subtle way and not so predominantly thanks to the care of the cucumber.

As you can see, the benefits of cucumber for our skin are enormous? , will help to enhance the production of collagen and elastin, to soothe and calm the skin, in addition to preventing the appearance of wrinkles on the face at an early age.

Surely I leave many more benefits in the pipeline, but only with these is enough to understand how wonderful cucumber is for our dermis.

In this post you will learn more about cucumber and its benefits: Cucumber: Properties, Side Effects, Benefits and Uses

The facial mask

As you know, we are not only going to talk about cucumber in this article, but we are also going to talk about the facial mask, that old but necessary and beloved cosmetic .

Facial masks have been used for hundreds of years, women mostly used them by mixing ingredients that they had on hand to make their own potions at home and apply it to take care of their skin, little by little this was expanding today. We continue to use face masks, with the difference that now men also use them to take care of their dermis.

Normally the masks have always been natural and homemade? However, it did not take long for it to become, like all cosmetics, industrial products of the brands that were launched and are currently being launched on the market.

However, once again we can see that homemade facial masks have taken over and today they have acquired a huge boom , everyone wants to make their masks at home with substances that we all have in the fridge.

The mask is a product that penetrates deeply into our skin, reaches the innermost layers of it and provides all its properties in it, improving from there to offer much more real, true and lasting results.

If you do not know which mask is good for your face or which is the most appropriate to start with, I recommend that you take a look at this article: What type of facial mask to choose.

Before talking about the cucumber mask and the recipes that I am going to give you so that you can make it at home very easily , I would like to tell you a little about the application of the mask and the aspects that we have to take into account, so that everyone you know how to use it correctly and thus benefit from all its properties.Aspects to consider when using a mask

I will talk about the application briefly, so if you have more questions or want to know all the details, here is an article that will interest you: How to correctly apply a facial mask ?.

  • To use the mask, the first thing we must do is have pristine face , since it will be the only way that all its properties can penetrate correctly into our dermis, otherwise dirt, sweat, makeup and hundreds of other factors will not allow our skin to completely absorb the substances of the mask and therefore the care will be incomplete and poor.

To clean the skin, we will carry out the facial cleansing routine that we are used to carrying out, a cleanser, a make-up remover, a toner, etc. It is not necessary to use anything other than what we already use every day, but it is important that the skin is free of any type of residue for the mask to work satisfactorily and thus obtain wonderful results.

  • The hair can get in the way when applying our mask, since if we have it loose it will tend to go forward and get on our face, getting dirty from the facial mask and interfering in our application, so it is important that we pick it up well in a queue  or as you prefer.
  • When we get ready to apply it, it is important that we do it well and spread the mask all over our face, reaching all areas of it. If we leave areas of the face uncovered, it is possible that we will not achieve the desired results, since areas will remain untreated.
  • It is essential to comply with the waiting times in each of the masks, we must not remove it prematurely since we would be leaving the process incomplete, nor leave it longer than necessary, since the mask will dry out and can irritate our skin or spoil everything we had achieved with its use. Therefore, leave the mask on for the exact time that the recipe or the brand tells us.
  • Its usual use is once a week , they are not cosmetics for daily use, since being such a deep treatment, if we use it every day we can overload the skin and it would be a nuisance. So choose one day a week and dedicate it to applying your beloved mask. In exceptional cases you may be able to use it twice a week, but it should indicate this on the product.

With these aspects that you must take into account, can we say that you are already more than ready and prepared? to know the recipes that I am going to share with you, to make them at home and to start enjoying the benefits of the cucumber mask.

Recipes: Cucumber Facial Masks

Now, we are going to start with the recipes that I bring you today, I am sure that you are going to love them and that you are going to enjoy them a lot, both at the time of making them and at the time of using them and seeing the results.

Do not worry if you have never made recipes at home , this article explains all the details that we must take into account so that it comes out as best as possible: Homemade masks for our face.

Even so, I will explain each step that we must follow when making these masks, I assure you that it will not be difficult for you, but on the contrary, they are very simple to do, cheap and fast, so enjoy! they! ?

Cucumber and lemon mask ??

Lemon is very good for treating our skin, but we must be very careful and not expose ourselves to the sun after applying it, therefore I recommend that whenever you are going to make this mask you use it at night , so you do not run any risk.


  • 1 ripe cucumber
  • Juice of one lemon

Fabrication process

  • The first thing we are going to do is cut the cucumber into slices or small pieces and then liquefy it more easily. Once cut, we liquefy it and reserve it.
  • Then and once the cucumber is blended, we are going to squeeze a lemon and pour the juice over the cucumber, we stir everything very well and that’s it!

To apply it we must do it with a brush , since being so liquid, doing it with our fingers is not an option. We must cover the entire face very well (be careful with doing it with the eyes and lips) and let it act for about 15 minutes . After this time, we rinse the skin with plenty of warm water.As you can see, this mask will hydrate our face in an extraordinary way, so it will be great to compensate and balance a lack of hydration.Cucumber, honey and olive oil mask ???


  • Half ripe cucumber
  • Two tablespoons of honey
  • A tablespoon of olive oil

Fabrication process

  • We choose the ripe cucumber, cut it in half and save one of it (we will only need one half) and crush it.
  • Once crushed, pour two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of olive oil over the cucumber , stir everything very well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

To apply it we do the same again but this time if you can apply it with your fingers if you prefer, being more solid we have this option. Of course, if you finally decide to apply it with your fingers, it is essential that they are clean before doing it, since otherwise we could spoil the whole process.

We let it act for about 20 minutes and finally we remove it with plenty of warm water, to dry the skin we must do it with very soft touches.

In this post you will find what you need to be able to hydrate your skin safely and effectively: Facial Hydration: Benefits, Tips and Homemade Recipes.

This mask will be ideal to treat the most oily skin , since the clay is wonderful to control the production of sebum and eliminate the excess of it.Cucumber and clay water mask ??


  • A tablespoon of powdered clay (you will find it in health food stores and it can be any type of clay)
  • 2 fingers of a glass of cucumber water

Fabrication process

  • The first thing we do is cut some cucumber slices (2 or 3) and put them in a glass with two fingers of water, we let it rest for about 30 or 60 minutes (half an hour or an hour).
  • Once that time has elapsed, we remove the cucumber slices and we are left with the water in which we are going to pour the tablespoon of clay (it should not be much, it is best to use a small spoon, so that it is not so doughy and we can extend it well)
  • We stir everything very well, until a homogeneous mixture is created and we would have our mask!

To apply it we can do it again with the fingers with a brush, it is important to cover the entire face well and let it act for about 20 minutes. Finally we remove it with plenty of warm water.

So far he has come full information on masks of cucumbers home, I hope you liked it and that you may find help in your skin care routines. Surely they are very easy to do and you get the rhythm of doing them at home on your own. Now you just have to enjoy them taking care of your skin! ?

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