What Is Hcg Hormone And Its Weekly Table Of Values

Human chorionic gonadotropin, the famous HCG. The pregnancy hormone! When fertilization occurs , the zygote slowly lands on the uterus and endometrium, which if it is in good condition and the texture is thick, then it actually leads to pregnancy now.

HCG is one of the important responsible for pregnancy , because it prevents the corpus luteum from being destroyed. The corpus luteum is the one that excretes progesterone , and this is where the egg matures and after excretion it is taken to the fallopian tubes, where it will be fertilized by sperm.

This is a unique hormone of pregnancy and it rises very quickly at the beginning, since it is at this stage when it is of utmost importance, through it the pregnancy can be detected and also the approximate time since gestation . Pharmacy tests have a reagent that causes a positive line to appear when we have HCG in women’s urine. Laboratory tests have the same function and are very similar in the method of execution. The laboratory only exchanges the urine for the blood plasma, and if it is positive, the amount of HCG present in the plasma screens can be measured.

If the test result is REACTIVE, it was carried out just like the urinalysis, without a hormonal count: it is the qualitative HCG test . But if it is the picture below with the hormone score, it is a quantitative test (which measures the number of hormones).

So when do I consider the HCG hormone test positive?

This is a 307.2 mIU / ml quantitative result HCG lab test sample, and above 25 mIU / ml is considered to be already positive. I mean, I was really pregnant! And 3 weeks pregnant, according to a table that exists to compare the amount of HCG present.

The tables are there to help, but are sometimes not exact as it can happen that a woman has ovulated after the normal time based on menstruation. For example, the normal cycle is approximately 28 days and 14 days from the first day of menstruation, so:

28-14 = 14 days

Menstruation occurs around day 14 of the cycle, but since in my case my cycle was 31-33 days, I consider that the period could be around day 15 to day 17, causing a difference that is great at this stage.

Table with weekly values ​​of quantitative HCG Beta

Chorionic Gonadotropin – Beta HCGWeek Values ​​(mIU / ml)
1 week5-50
1-2 weeks50-500
2-3 weeks100-5,000
3-4 weeks500-10,000
4-5 weeks1,000-50,000
5-6 weeks10,000-100,000
6-8 weeks15,000-200,000
2-3 months10,000-100,000

There are several tables, but this was the one that gave me the most suitable result in my two pregnancies, although there are also chances that a pregnancy did not occur , but it is very rare. There are some types of tumors that can excrete HCG, but in such small amounts that a pregnancy test doesn’t even take it into account.

False positives and negatives of the HCG Beta test

My test gave an indefinite number a few times until it came back positive. Was she half pregnant? No, it is not uncommon for this to happen, the problem is that some laboratories have a somewhat high limit to give a positive, so it is advisable to repeat the test in 48 hours, because within that period it is expected that there will be almost double the value of HCG.

However, in some cases, it is best to consult a doctor, you may have had a fertilization and implantation at the beginning and there is a chemical pregnancy.

HCG – quantitative and qualitative What’s the difference?

These things really confuse us too much! Everything becomes very complicated when we talk about pregnancy tests when trying to find out if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. In addition to the anxiety produced by seeing the result, if all the expectations created were not enough, we find that the result can only be positive and negative, right? Well, no … you can also see a number and, yes, let us more confusing for not understanding it or because it is a false positive or a false negative .

Thus, in pregnancy tests, the analyzes record the amount of HCG in the blood that is called quantitative beta HCG , showing if we are pregnant and for how long.

It can tell us precisely if we are and more data depending on how it evolves. It is safer than the qualitative test as it can show a minimal amount of HCG, quite close to zero. In addition, since the HCG doubles every 48 hours, it is perfect for those who have opted for in-vitro fertilization or those girls who have problems getting pregnant and even only for those most anxious to find out if the pregnancy is going as expected. .

The unit used to count the amount of HCG is called mIU / ml, it determines the amount of the hormone per ml of blood, and therefore, if it exceeds a certain value it is considered positive. Look at the table above.

Molar pregnancy diagnosis with HCG test

Molar pregnancy cases can also be detected by this quantitative beta HCG test , which shows a huge amount beyond what it usually is during a certain period of pregnancy. As shown in the table below:

3-4 weeks9-130
4-5 weeks75-2600
5-6 weeks850-20800
6-7 weeks4000-100200
7-12 weeks11500-289000
12-16 weeks18300-137000
16-29 weeks1400-53,000

Already understanding, that the qualitative beta HCG pregnancy test is very similar to the pharmacy pregnancy test , while the latter is done at home with urine, the other is done in the laboratory using the serum in the blood that is processed to detect HCG. Super simple and the result is carried out in a short period of time, and can be done in any laboratory in our city or by asking our hematologist or gynecologist to perform it.

When should we take the HCG Beta pregnancy test?

To take the pregnancy test, some factors must be considered:

  • Menstrual delay; We must be at least 2 days without menstruation, and if it is done too soon, it is possible that it will have a false negative result.
  • If you are undergoing fertility treatment with drugs that contain HCG , Ovitrelle for example, it is advisable to wait a little longer to take the pregnancy test.
  • If you have irregular cycles, it is best to control the cycle to know what day you are fertile to be able to perform the test.

You do not need to fast to do the quantitative or qualitative beta HCG test . They can be done even at any time of the day and without problems, since both are very safe and only use the hormone present in the body to detect pregnancy. However, if you can order the quantitative beta HCG pregnancy test , it is more effective, but as good as the qualitative one. I hope I have helped!

Common doubts about the HCG Beta test

Currently I have received several very similar questions, so I decided to put the answers to some questions that always appear here. If the question is not so clear feel free to leave your comments and get it here.

Can the HCG Beta Test Give False Results?

You can, but the HCG beta test is very safe. It only gives a false negative if you have done it too early . To be much safer, it is best to take the test after 7 days of delay.

Can the amount of HCG hormones in the blood determine the gestational time of pregnancy?

Not always, but it is usual that the amount of HCG hormone in the blood can give you an idea of ​​what moment of pregnancy you are in, but it is not a sure way to ascertain the moment of pregnancy . As we do not always remember exactly the last menstruation, the most efficient way to know the gestational period is through an ultrasound.

Can the HCG test be substituted for pharmacy tests?

No, if you haven’t bought any pharmaceutical tests yet, it would be much better to confirm our result with the HCG Beta blood test . And much safer, there is also the problem of the amount of hormones and also the reliability of the pharmacy test that the woman uses. Some pharmaceutical tests are equal to or even exceed the efficiency in terms of sensitivity for detecting pregnancy, but no safer than performing a laboratory test.

How Much Can Low Blood HCG Be?

In some cases, the hormone may be lower than required to test positive for two reasons:

  • it can be a very early pregnancy and therefore there is a low amount of the hormone;
  • or it can be a case of chemical pregnancy .

But before continuing with the doubts, it would be essential to repeat the test to see if the hormone evolved. In general, it doubles every 48 hours and therefore we can check the evolution of the hormone in the blood.

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