How Many Times A Week Do You Have To Bathe A Baby?

For many parents, bathing their baby is a daily routine before bed , as bathing helps relax the child. But really , experts recommend not bathing your child every day . The reason? A baby does not get dirty like an older child, so it is not necessary to subject him to the bath ritual every day.

Does bathing cause allergies or skin problems?

In addition, we are all seeing how allergy cases are increasing in our environment. And many experts point out that this increase in human allergies can come from excess hygiene , since we eliminate the natural defenses that we have in our own skin. After all, their skin is thinner than that of adults, making it more delicate.

The increase in skin conditions in children also comes precisely from excessive bathing, by reducing the natural bacteria that live on the skin of children, causing children to be more receptive to skin infections.

In this sense, there are studies that affirm that children who were born today are up to twice as likely to have skin problems than their parents’ generation.

Obviously , not bathing him daily does not mean neglecting his hygiene . In fact, extreme hygiene must be exercised in the area covered by diapers, armpits or groin. Above all, remember that in the area covered by the diaper it does come into contact with feces, bacteria, and the humidity of the pee can cause the baby to suffer skin rashes or even infections .

Don’t forget about the neck, either .

In this area, the folds of the skin are the perfect place for dirt, and of course, bacteria to accumulate. In fact, many parents often forget to clean this area of ​​the baby’s body. The alternative to the bathroom, clean the areas that get the most dirty with a sponge, or with wet wipes or cloths, always gently and without pressing too much.

The million-dollar question, without a doubt, is how many times we have to bathe our baby.

As in everything, there is no single answer, since each child is different, and parents are the ones who best know the needs of your children. But it is true that there are many experts who recommend that with two or three baths a week, the baby is more than served .

If you decide to bathe him every day anyway, it is best to bathe him only with water, trying to avoid the daily use of gels and shampoos due to the damage they can cause to the skin. And in any case, if you want to use gels, always choose soft products to avoid irritating the baby’s skin.

And so when is it time to bathe babies more often?

About when he starts to crawl . From that moment on, the child becomes much more dirty in his eagerness to discover the world that surrounds him, and there it is necessary to bathe them more frequently.

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