How to Care for Wavy Hair

For a long time everyone wore straight hair , in various shapes but straight. Progressive straightening , Japanese, chocolate, strawberry. Trends change and waves and curls are starting to show up again.

Those with curly hair live in constant uncertainty as they may wake up one day with medium straight hair and the next day they wake up with totally curly hair.

You can choose to have softer, curler, wavy hair or even just use the right products to have your hair the way you want.

The wavy or medium hair disheveled gives a more natural appearance visually speaking compared to straight hair.

Studies (and simple observation on the streets) reveal that wavy and frizzy hair represent the type of hair that women like to wear the most.

Wavy hair care tips

If you have wavy hair, it is necessary to take some measures to avoid the risk that your hair ends up turning into a lion’s mane.

  • A haircut can be your great ally since the small layers control the way in which the hair is left, so you should avoid leaving your hair with too much volume or too smooth.
  • Comb your hair only after each wash , ideally doing it with your hands and always pressing with a towel to remove all the water that has remained after rinsing. Look at yourself to comb your hair only after washing.
  • For drying you have two possible options:
    1) Do it with a soft brush and with the help of the dryer and the iron , to finish with the application of product that gives shine to the hair .
    2) Let the hair dry naturally with the styling products , pressing the hair down until the water is removed, and of course, finishing with shine spray.
  • Try to shape the hair with the head down. The use of products for lightening is important, so we must have the habit of using them with the help of a barbed comb.
  • The wavy hairs tend to be somewhat drier than smooth because of this genetic material of the hair makes need more moisture.
  • Do you have curly hair from the roots? If this bothers you, with a flat brush and from the roots you can go combing your hair, this will eliminate the curl.

Best Wavy Hair Care Products

Women with curly hair have a wide range of products that they can use in the way they prefer, so they can have very careful hair, these products range from creams, foams, conditioners, leave-in, silicones and oils that define , hydrate, end goosebumps and help hide split ends . In this link you have all the products for wavy hair and we also leave you the most outstanding ones.

  • Schwarzkopf Gliss – Satin Curls – Defining cream for wavy or curly hair – 150 ml
  • inné, energy sorgent 250 ml – Shampoo for wavy and curly hair
  • Hair Care Set Bundle for Wavy and Curly Hair, Including Garnier The Tamer Straighten Frizz Tamer Shampoo and Conditioner, John Frieda Wand, Tangle Attack, Hair Brush Claws Clip
  • Brush- a detangling hair brush by Majestik, best quality from professional hairdresser, Dry & Wet Brush for Tangle-Free, painless – Great thick, wavy, curly or fine hair on women, girls and boys, must have detangling brush in red
  • Herbal Professional Care Curl Conditioner – 750 ml
  • Bionature Rizos Curls Conditioner – 350 ml
  • Shea Butter Enhancing Conditioner, Wavy to Curly – Beautiful Curls
  • Curly or Wavy Hair Conditioner – ORQUÍDEA STRATTI 300 ml
  • Bionature Rizos Boucles Styling Cream – 200 ml
  • [L’Oreal Hair Spa] repair creambath 500 ml Permanent Wavy and dyed hair massage cream / Damaged

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