How To Cook Kale In The Oven And Dosage To Take

Kale is a vegetable also known as cabbage or green cabbage, it is one of the foods considered fashionable at this time. Cabbage surpasses others in its group such as cauliflower and broccoli, even leaving behind preferences for spinach as the main green ingredient in cooking recipes.

The particular preferences for cabbage are not on a whim, it is a superfood that takes care of our body and promotes health. This vegetable is considered one of the most nutritious, which, in addition, its good taste makes it the preferred one to prepare delicious dishes.

By the way, if even in your country you don’t know its name, get it as brassica oleracea its real name and get ready to make baked kale.

Baked kale chips are an excellent healthy snack to snack on between meals and are baked in a preheated 180 ° oven for 8 minutes.

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There is no restaurant that offers healthy food and does not include kale in their dishes, even if they are not vegetarian, their possibilities in the kitchen are very wide, their flavor is exquisite and their properties are many and healthy.

What is baked kale?

Kale is the same kale that we find in supermarkets as fresh leafy vegetables. Although it can be used in countless recipes as it is a very versatile ingredient, the most common is that it is prepared in the oven. What is baked kale? A simple recipe to make in which the main ingredient is kale.

You only need three main ingredients, of course fresh, clean and washed kale, salt and olive oil. This makes up the baked kale, which we reduce in the preheated oven for a few minutes, making a delicious and crunchy very healthy snack.

Some people incorporate other ingredients like toppings, a pinch of pepper, and a family trick.

Baked kale is the best way to prepare this vegetable, without the need to fry the leaves, it is prepared as naturally as possible. You do not lose the flavor of the leaves and we maintain all their properties, although the amount of calories available in the dish is greatly reduced.

Properties of baked kale

Kale, a vegetable from the cabbage group, is widely used to make nutritious smoothies, various salads, healthy snacks and as a substitute for lettuce. This intense green leafy vegetable stands out for its low caloric content, which allows it to be considered a light food.

Its composition in vitamins and minerals is very high for being a leafy vegetable, surpassing in quality many of the foods that we normally consume. Protein is also part of the kale, its consumption being safe due to its low calories.

It is a concentrated food with very complete nutritional properties, which offers a wide variety of vitamins, being an alternative to choose over other foods and the best option to obtain these nutrients for those who do not tolerate food from animals.

The proportion of vitamin C in the body represents 200% of the recommended daily amount, for this reason, it strengthens the immune system, helps the absorption of iron, maintains cartilage, helps to have greater flexibility at the joint level.

High content of vitamin K preventing blood clotting, avoiding neuronal deterioration, being useful in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s.

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Benefits of baked kale for your health

A vegetable that has so many concentrated nutrients will help you reduce the risks of suffering some chronic and serious diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cholesterol imbalances.

It will also become your ally in the diet to lose weight, since its fiber content will satisfy your desire to eat uncontrollably. A good option for athletes and even to recover from illnesses.

Its recommended consumption is two cups of kale at least twice a week, in this way you will continuously be providing its nutrients. When buying it, observe that it has an intense green color, that is its main characteristic. Keep it refrigerated preventing it from oxidizing and losing its flavor.

Need more reasons to incorporate baked kale into your diet? The benefits of this noble vegetable are many, so much so that it has now been proven to have anticancer properties, as well as helping to detoxify the blood and also help keep the liver healthy.

It helps fight cancer with its different antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce oxidative stress and other chronic conditions such as cataracts, arteriosclerosis, and obstructive lung diseases.

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The fiber in kale helps control cholesterol and protect cardiovascular health.

Due to the high content of chlorophyll it helps to prevent the feeling of inflation by helping digestion.

Antioxidants are substances that make us reduce the oxidative damage caused by free radicals in our body and it is believed that oxidative damage is responsible for aging.

Kale helps lower cholesterol, having many functions in the body, since the liver converts it into bile acids that are then released in the digestive system when we eat fatty food. Steamed cabbage is effective.

It is a food rich in antioxidant beta-carotene that our body converts into vitamin A, baked kale contains a little potassium, a mineral that helps us maintain a reduction in blood pressure and with a lower risk of heart disease.

There are several nutrients in kale that can help us prevent our vision from worsening over the years.

The kale has properties that make it perfect to help us lose weight, because it is low in calories Yalta in water, having a low energy density.

It is a non-starchy vegetable and can be an ally for the person suffering from diabetes. Studies focused on alpha-lipidic acid also show that this antioxidant decreases peripheral neuropathy in people with diabetes.

It could help in the prevention of osteoporosis, due to its content of vitamin K, which acts as a modifier of the proteins of the bone matrix, improving the absorption of calcium and can reduce the urinary excretion of calcium.

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Not only is it a food loaded with nutrients and one of the healthiest, nowadays it is very popular, being very easy to incorporate it into our diet.

How to prepare baked kale correctly?

There are many ways to prepare baked kale, all of which are valid, it only remains to test each recipe that we find interesting. Kale doesn’t need a long time to cook, it just needs to take a little steam and seasonings. Simply add a point of salt to taste and drizzle it with olive oil. With this you will have a healthy snack, but first we need to follow some steps to clean and prepare the kale.

After buying fresh kale, it is washed with little water, without excess, and if it is not organic, it would be useful to add a little vinegar or lemon to neutralize the possible pesticides that remain impregnated in the leaves. You will always also have the option of buying organic products, you can find organic kale, make sure that it meets the standards of quality, health and nutritional values ​​of the vegetable.

Once clean, we separate the leaves from the stems and then cut the kale into pieces with our hands or with a plastic knife, to prevent it from rusting and changing color. Also, the pieces should be cut as evenly as possible, so they will all cook the same. The last step was the one that I had already shown you, place them in a bowl, add olive oil and salt according to your taste.

You will not have to wait long to enjoy your baked kale, 10 minutes will be enough for its preparation. If you notice that they are not yet crisp, you can leave them for another minute or two and wait for them to do so. At all costs, avoid that they change color at the end of cooking, if they burn, their bitter taste would be very intense.

It is important that you do not forget to add the salt during the preparation of the baked kale, with this little trick you will make a juicy kale. The salt will release the moisture that the kale itself contains.

You can also try this recipe for baked kale in the microwave, obtaining almost the same results. If you decide on this option, place your kale leaves already ready to take them to the oven, but this time place them on a plate, where it will take a cooking time of maximum 3 minutes.

If you wish, you can keep the baked kale without losing its freshness for a day or two. To do this, get an airtight container where to place them, but not before covering them with absorbent paper. You take them to the fridge and make sure you eat them as soon as possible.

How many calories does baked kale provide?

Kale in its natural state does not provide an excessive amount of calories, it barely reaches about 33 kilocalories per cup. This means that its health benefits come from the large amount of vitamins and minerals that its consumption provides, not the ability to directly provide energy to our body.

Baked kale integrates other foods that have different properties, such as olive oil, the amount of calories rises a bit, however, you must understand that this vegetable oil is one of the healthiest.

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Does baked kale make you fat?

Baked kale is a food rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that does not make you fat. A superfood with these characteristics will not be found so easily. What prevents baked kale from making you fat? Contrary to other foods, this is widely used to lose weight. Overall, kale is very nutritious, but its antioxidant capacity detoxifies the body of free radicals.

Its high fiber content improves the digestion of food, preventing you from continuing to eat excessively. This vegetable offers those who consume it many healthy properties, which, together with a balanced diet, will make you achieve your weight loss goals, without the baked kale being an impediment that makes you gain weight.

A different way to eat healthy and low in calories so as not to gain weight is to eat chicken with kale spices, aromatic herbs and a touch of vinegar that everyone will like.

Side effects of baked kale

Baked kale is a fresh and healthy food, its consumption is unlikely to have any side effects, unless it is not in the best condition. Therefore, in the following lines, we will see what we must do to preserve the kale before preparing it. Although each person, depending on their health condition, could experience stomach pain from the high fiber content it has or from consuming it in excess in a green salad. Of the rest, little damage could cause you the baked kale.

The kale is stored refrigerated, keeping it fresh for a maximum of 5 days, you cannot have it longer than this, otherwise many of the properties would be lost and you would even run the risk of poisoning yourself. Nor can you wash it before storing it, the outside humidity would degrade it to rot, wash only the amount of kale that you need.

Its storage does not imply major difficulties, but you must take into account some considerations. Always keep your ingredients fresh to prepare baked kale, and thus avoid any side effects that may cause you.

Some contraindications of kale consumption

  • Consuming kale can sometimes be toxic in people taking blood thinners. The vitamin K content in kale can interfere negatively, at levels of being toxic. It is better to prevent and avoid its consumption.
  • Due to the amount of fiber present in kale, its consumption is not recommended if you have symptoms of irritable bowel. You can try a little and see how it turns out or consult your doctor for his professional recommendation.
  • Suspend the consumption of kale if you have serious pictures of diseases such as the gallbladder,

kidneys or thyroid. Oxaloacetates present may interfere with both treatment and body function.

  • When you have a high potassium level, observing some muscle weakness, chest pain, attention should be paid to consuming in excess.
  • When dieting you can feel stomach cramps that can be derived from the consumption of this food.
  • The consumption of kale does not provide considerable calories, if it is not mixed with other nutritious and caloric foods it can generate an increase in blood glucose levels.

Nutritional value of baked kale

Kale contains calcium, vitamins A, C and K, although it also has other vitamins to a lesser extent. Counting all its properties in detail would take a long time, it contains more than 45 antioxidants, B-complex vitamins and other micronutrients such as manganese.

Another of its main nutritional properties is its great contribution of fibers that help regulate the digestive system and increase levels of satiety.

The olive oil with which the baked kale is finally seasoned also makes an important nutritional contribution that complements the kale. The vegetable does not make considerable contributions of energy, something that the oil does provide.

Fat does not come in the form of cholesterol, which is a healthy recipe. It helps to absorb the vitamins and minerals that we have consumed in other foods. Just with a few drops of this oil, you will be complementing your balanced and nutritious diet.

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Kale contains more calcium than milk

As a proportional value, comparing it to milk, baked kale contains a little more calcium, we would be talking about 15mg more per 100gr of food. But, I tell you that its absorption is achieved 100% thanks to its low content of oxalic acid. If you still think about it, baked kale is an excellent food that you can include in your fight against osteoporosis.

High levels of iron in baked kale

Following the comparisons, thanks to the fact that kale is less known … for now, I will tell you that red meats contain less iron than kale, a mineral necessary for hemoglobin and the proper functioning of cellular activities.

Contains the right amount of vitamin C

Unlike other foods, baked kale contains the recommended vitamin C as a daily intake. This is one of the reasons for its antioxidant and detoxifying properties.

High content of vitamin K and A

A vitamin almost unknown to most of us, vitamin K, is present in kale. With your help we can fight and prevent the appearance of serious diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Likewise, it has vitamin A, which, despite needing it in low amounts, intervenes in the nutritional balance for the optimal functioning of the organism.

If you got this far, you discovered that baked kale is a very light recipe, however, taking into account the few precautions that we mentioned, you can introduce this fabulous recipe to your regular diet and thus begin to enjoy its benefits for your health. .

This vegetable is used like any other, you can incorporate it into other recipes such as salads, you can eat it fresh and even use its stems.

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