How To Correctly Apply A Facial Mask?

Skin care is not only a facial cleansing or the use of daily moisturizers, but it also requires deeper treatments from time to time, such as a face mask once a week.

Facial masks are not cosmetic that we should use every day, but it is best to do it once or twice a week depending on the goal we want to achieve, but not more than that frequency, since being deeper treatments we could reach damage the skin or overload it.

Is it important that we choose? very well the mask we want to use and know the purpose of its use in order to take advantage of what it offers us to the maximum.

But it is also very necessary that we learn to apply them well, although in reality it does not have any kind of difficulty, it never hurts to inform us before about the correct process.

In this article we will talk a little about masks and in particular we will talk about what are the proper steps to do it correctly, get the most out of them and achieve the most surprising results.

With that said, it’s time for us to start talking a bit about face masks and everything that has to do with them, let’s get started ! ??

Here you can find the best masks on the market, in this way you will know that the one you choose will be respectful and good with the skin, as well as effective, because they are the best! The 6 best facial masks.

What is a face mask?

If you want to know everything about it, in this article each aspect of the masks is explained in detail, so before choosing and using one you must be very clear about what it says here: Facial mask: User guide.

We have all seen people wearing face masks on many occasions, in movies where they smear? all over his face and cucumbers are placed in his eyes, on social networks when someone teaches us their beauty routines, in stores when we go to buy a cosmetic, with friends, family, etc.

Facial masks are very famous and I am sure that you have even used them once or perhaps not, in one way or another, in this article you are going to know them enough to never doubt them again.

The mask is a mixture of ingredients (carefully chosen to obtain all the properties we need), united in the form of a paste that we place on the skin with a spatula or with our fingers and let it act on it for a few minutes, enough time to that our skin absorbs all the nutrients we need and achieve a dream face.

Years ago, skin care routines were much more “ sacred ” ?? ‍♀️, by this I mean that women (at that time it was mostly women who take care of their skin) prepared and spent hours taking care of their skin once a week, although the other days also did it but not for that long and not so deeply.

That day a week they chose a few hours where they dedicated them to them, to take care of their skin and to relax from everything accumulated during the week, that is why the masks (a product for weekly use) have been attributed so much that moment of relaxation that we imagine just talking about them.

Today we have lost that luxury of spending time with ourselves, even if only for a little while one day a week, but it is true that we continue to carry out routines (although faster), the mask is still valid in our day to day and continues to be a cosmetic that accompanies us during the care of our skin.

It is for this reason that it is so important to really know everything about them and how to use them to enhance results.

What will facial masks bring us with their use?

It is clear that we are not going to use them if we do not see changes and results, but in the case of masks it is more than that, it is not only an aesthetic issue, but they are also great for achieving changes in our health and improving our condition. of our skin.

The first thing is to know that there are many masks And that as in any other type of product, we can find them of good quality and respectful with the skin and others that are not at all suitable for use in the dermis, but we will have to check all that in the ingredients and in other factors.

The truth is that the ideal is to always use natural masks They are the healthiest, most respectful, appropriate and those that offer the most properties to our face. In this article you will find information so that you can make them at home: How to make a homemade facial mask?

  • The best of the best is that the masks are usually made from fruits and plant extracts,  so their naturalness and affinity with our skin will offer us incredible results.
  • Thanks to their natural origin, they are very pleasant to the touch and the smell is very pleasant due to their fruity and floral aromas.
  • As I have told you, due to the use of  natural ingredients , they will not be a danger to our skin in any case, on the contrary, they will work in tune with our body  and therefore the results will be more real and lasting.
  • They are products that, by penetrating deeply into our skin, achieve very satisfactory treatments, eliminating any type of imperfection  and improving the skin in all cases.
  • Possibility of choice when purchasing or making a facial mask, being able to choose those ingredients that offer properties that we need.
  • In addition to physically, they are also essential when it comes to relaxing and achieving inner calm, thanks to the smells they give off and the touch they offer.

As I have said, these benefits are from the masks with natural ingredients, the most recommended and used, so we must pay close attention to their formulation before purchasing them.

In addition to these ingredients, we find many more, but if I tell you about all of them the list would be endless and we would never end, since they are really essential cosmetics for everything they offer us.

For all those lovers of natural masks and homemade ??, in this post I am going to leave here you will find 16 masks that you’ll love: 16 Best Masks Natural homemade: Anti – Wrinkle, Moisturizing, Acne, Skin Spotty and Oily SkinOnce you know more about it, we know what it consists of and some of its benefits , it is time to know what really matters to us in this article, how do we apply it to make the most of all its properties?Apply the facial mask step by step

I repeat that the process of applying the mask is very simple? and that it does not have any kind of difficulty, but it is necessary to do all the steps well and not make small mistakes that later make a difference in the results.

  • The first of all is to know how we are going to use the mask, if we are going to make it at home with ingredients that we have or if on the contrary we are going to buy it , in any case, we must know very well all the ingredients that are found in its formulation and always choose the most appropriate and healthy one.
  • The second thing is to know the needs of our skin and thus know where we have deficiencies and what mask we should use to remedy it, in this way we will always have a much more specific and satisfactory care.
  • When we are already very clear about the mask that we are going to use, it is essential to remove all the hair from our face, since if we have it without collecting all the hair they will go to our face making the process difficult at all times. For this you can make a bow, a tail or even wear headbands.
  • As you have been able to see, especially in the movies, many people use the same time the mask, slices of cucumber to soothe the eye area and relax even more, if you are going to do so now is the time to leave prepared the slices in a bowl.
  • Once we have all this prepared , it is time to clean the skin prior to using the mask, since if we do not have it well clean, the mask will not be able to work well. For this we are going to use our usual cleanser and an exfoliant (if the mask is not exfoliating, if so, you skip the exfoliating step)
  • The mask will penetrate better if our pores are open , also so we can remove all the dirt that accumulates in them, to carry out this we will need a soft towel soaked in hot water and place it on the face for 2 or 3 minutes .
  • Now it is time for our beloved mask, we are going to apply it with our fingers (or with a special brush), it is important that we reach all areas and cover very well.
  • To apply and penetrate better, we should be making movements very soft and firm up and down (ie, from the forehead down), should I be careful not to apply it in the area around the eyes and lips, as they are areas very delicate.
  • The neck is a part of our body that, like the face, is always in direct contact with everything that surrounds us, so it is highly recommended to take care of it in the same way that we do with the face, so you can arrive with the mask up to the neck and cover it.
  • Once we have the entire face covered with the mask, it is time to wait and let it act for at least 20 or 30 minutes , although all this will depend a lot on the mask and the manufacturer. It is important that you are not in a hurry and that you take this moment calmly.
  • Normally we know that we have to remove the mask because we notice that it is drying on our face and we may even feel tight with some masks (do not worry that it is normal), to remove it we will only need to rinse the skin with plenty of warm water and with very movements soft from our fingers.
  • When we remove the mask, it is time to dry the face, but it is essential that we be very careful in this step, since the dermis after such a deep treatment is usually much more sensitive. To do it well, we have to tap with the towel, simulating the typing of a computer with our fingers, with a soft and clean towel, no rubbing since we can hurt the face.
  • Finally, after the mask and to terminate the process of facial care, it is highly recommended to use a cream moisturizer and leave completely radiant skin.

As you can see, the steps are very very simple and although they seem like a lot when reading them, the reality is that at the time of practice it is nothing, it is more the time that we must wait for it to act than everything that the process entails, for which we will finish quickly.

Is it important that you do not skip any steps? and that you treat the skin with care and delicacy, since if we are too abrupt in the movements or when drying the skin, we will be spoiling the whole process.

Aspects to consider when using a facial mask

Whenever we are ready to use a new cosmetic, we have doubts and other questions, despite knowing how they are used and how we should apply them, there are other aspects that may be a bit lost, so we are going to address some of the most common so you have everything much clearer.

When should face masks be used?

Facial masks are not cosmetics for daily use , but are normally used once or twice a week, if we use them more frequently we can run the risk of damaging the skin, so it is important that we respect the frequencies.

Now, if you wonder what is the best time of day to apply the mask, there is no fixed answer, since the time of day is indifferent there is no time when our skin is more receptive, so we must use it when it best comes to us.

Should we exfoliate the skin before using a facial mask?

As I have already told you before, when we are going to use a mask it is important that the skin is unpolluted since otherwise, dirt and impurities will not allow the mask to penetrate well, so exfoliation is a great idea.

But we should not always exfoliate the skin? For example, when the dermis is too sensitive, we must use a very gentle exfoliation or even avoid it if we see that it harms us. On the other hand, if the mask that we are going to use is already exfoliating, it is not necessary that we exfoliate previously, since we could cause damage to the skin.

Can everyone use the same masks?

First of all I will leave you here an article that you will surely be interested in reading, in it you will find the masks that we need according to the type of skin we have or the various factors that surround us, so I advise you to take a look , it will help you guide at all times! What type of facial mask to choose?

There are many masks, all of them different with different substances and different objectives, but all with the same format and very similar ways of use, however not all of them are suitable for all skin types, not because it will cause damage, but because may it make some factors worse ?

Therefore, it is essential to choose the mask that we are going to use very well, since although everyone can and should use facial masks to take care of their skin, not all of us need the same.

With all this information we conclude the article where I hope you have learned how to use a facial mask correctly (I’m sure it has been very easy for you), now I just hope that you can always enjoy these wonderful products and that you get extraordinary results. You are all experts in facial masks! ???

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