How Do I Know What Type of Skin I Have At the Level of Fat?

How do I know what type of skin I have? This question is very common, since we usually do not have very well defined what our skin type is, this can cause certain confusion and our skin can be very affected when using cosmetic products that are not according to the type of skin.

For this reason, it is necessary to know what type of skin you have to be able to recognize what the necessary care is and avoid complications later. Do not stop reading this article so that you can know what the characteristics of each skin type are to determine which ones are most similar to the characteristics of your skin .

The first thing to know are the most common skin types: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin.

Normal skin type

Normal skin is skin that does not present imperfections , it has a smooth and soft texture, it is easy to keep healthy, since the care it requires is not as demanding as other types of skin. That is why normal skin maintains its balance in hydration and oil secretions well .

How can normal skin be identified?

Look at the small characteristics that define this type of skin, the pores are thin , the texture is smooth, it has minimal impurities , and its color is uniform thanks to good blood circulation.

If your skin is normal, you should be careful as this type of skin can be affected by a series of factors, among which we can highlight the consumption of medicines that cause allergies or certain hormones. A fairly common example is the use of contraceptive pills, which can cause a hormonal alteration and affect the characteristics of this type of skin.

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Napkin test to see if the skin is normal

To easily recognize if your skin is normal with a simple and quick test you can check it. Perform this simple test, look for an absorbent paper or a soft napkin, wipe it all over the skin area, especially the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) and check if there are any traces of fat , if there are no traces of fat it is a good indication. If after sleeping you notice that your skin is not tight, we are sure that you have normal skin.

Dry skin type

Dry skin produces less oily fluids than other skin types to maintain moisture and is less protected, because sebum production is low and a protective layer does not form , this makes the skin more vulnerable to external factors . Normally imperfections are more noticeable in this type of skin and it is drastically affected by changes in the weather.

How to identify dry skin?

Dry skin is easy to identify by its appearance since it generally has areas that show a kind of scales causing a rough appearance. The sensation that occurs in this type of skin is of tension, normally the nose and cheeks show redness caused by climatic factors, in the same way, tired skin is appreciated and it is very prone to presenting spots.

Test to identify if the skin is dry

This is one of the skins that has more characteristics to be able to identify it, especially since it is a type of skin that flakes easily, and any change in temperature has a negative impact on the skin immediately, in addition, its lack of hydration is remarkable.

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When using the method to check for dry skin with the napkin , absorbent paper or tissue test , you should start first in the T zone, passing the napkin gently throughout the area to identify if there is excess fat. Then you take another napkin for the rest of the face and check if it contains fatty liquids.

If in both cases there is no excess fat, there is no doubt that it is dry skin. These are characteristics of this sensitive and weak skin type.

Oily skin type

To determine the type of oily skin we can also easily locate ourselves, since it is generally a type of skin that is shiny and oily to the naked eye under normal conditions, it also has more imperfections related to acne, pimples or pimple problems .

How to identify oily skin?

The pores of this type of skin are normally open , since they are easily seen on the face, as well as a greasy liquid that gives the sensation of sweat on the face; Because accumulated fat is released especially in the T zone . Also, blemishes caused by a type of pimple or acne that may have left small scars are more noticeable .

Napkin test for oily skin How do I know if I have oily skin?

For oily skin there is no other better indication than the test of the napkin or paper cloth since when passing the napkin through the area of ​​the skin T Zone and the cheeks a dark spot is noticed due to the accumulated fat, there is no doubt being in the presence of oily skin.

Mixed skin type

This type of skin is very common because it is not a type of dry skin or a type of oily skin , it has characteristics of both types of skin because all the fat and characteristic skin imperfections accumulate in the T zone. Fat, on the other hand, in the other areas of the skin it is completely dry, especially on the cheeks, it is the area where dryness is most noticeable.

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How to identify combination skin?

As it is a type of skin that is a mixture between two types of skin, the common characteristics of this type of skin are: excess fat in the T zone, in the part of the cheeks it tends to present a feeling of a little tightness , the Pores are large and pimples or acne are constantly observed on the forehead, nose or chin.

Napkin test for oily skin type

To recognize if your skin type is mixed, we must use the previous methods using a napkin or large paper handkerchief to be able to identify the type of skin, it is advisable to use two napkins since one is to start with the T zone and identify if you have excess of fat.

Likewise, then with another napkin, go to the part of the births, cheeks and sides of the chins (not exceeding in the T part of the face), if you do not see any remaining fat, it means that it is a type of mixed skin.

Considerations to take before performing this simple test

Before doing this simple and quick method to know what type of skin, we invite you to take into account these simple recommendations is the best way to have a more accurate result.

  • You should have a large napkin or paper towel on hand.
  • The first thing that is recommended is to wash your face very well with warm water, preferably using a mild cleanser.
  • After washing the face you should let it air dry , it is important that the hands do not have contact with the face.
  • Wait for 1 hour to pass , and then with the napkin, start to wipe it over your face as if you were cleaning it. It is recommended to start with the T zone , with a napkin you can dedicate it to the T zone and with another for the other areas of the face. You can also use the bottom and top side to clean both areas.

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  • Then compare the results according to the napkin test according to each skin type, to finally identify what your type is and provide the appropriate care.

The test is one of the simplest methods that you can do at home and by obtaining your own results you can identify the characteristics present in the skin of your face. Now you can take into account many factors that you did not pay attention to before and that were damaging your skin .

It will be easier to apply the most appropriate products for your skin and take all the preventive and medicinal measures, wear a healthy face giving the best to your skin knowing its characteristics. You should also know that there are other tests or tests nowadays. Today we show you the one with the napkin because it is the most common and quick to identify the type of skin.

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