How To Make A Delicious Coconut Milk

To learn how to prepare homemade coconut milk you must follow some very simple steps that I plan to describe below; Remember that canned coconut milk contains chemical additives that can be harmful to your health and it is best to make your own milk and do not worry, you do not have to go to knock the coconuts out of the coconut tree that would be a bit difficult , fortunately you can buy coconuts in any greengrocer.

You only need some fresh coconuts because the fresher it is, the longer the milk will last , to find out, shake them, you must hear that they contain a little water, if you do not hear anything, it is because they are not fresh . Fortunately, this fruit grows all year round, it will not be difficult to find them fresh.

There are those who sell packaged coconut pulp , this also serves you as long as it has not been opened in the last four days, because it should also be fresh. Depending on what you have bought, whether it is the pulp already removed from the shell or the coconut with the shell and everything, the steps to follow will vary because you will skip at least the first five steps if you have the pulp already ready.

There are eight steps that I want to explain in detail so that you can make a perfect homemade coconut milk, do not be scared because it is nothing to write home about. For its preparation you will only need a coconut, a knife, a spoon, a couple of containers, a blender and if you do not have it you can use a grader.

Step by step to prepare coconut milk

With a fresh coconut you can get from half a liter or up to a liter of milk approximately , which varies the amount is how thick or concentrated you want it , there are those who prefer it well concentrated to taste the flavor of the coconut pulp without the need for add sugar to it; it is much healthier if it does not contain sugar because this drink is quite caloric.

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This does not mean that because it is caloric it will make you gain weight, in fact it is the opposite if you take it in a controlled way, a thick coconut milk will provide you with all the necessary nutrients and will make you feel satisfied so you will not want to eat between hours, something that contributes a lot to obesity, snacking on any food you find in the fridge just because your diet makes you starve.

With coconut milk you will feel satiated and in addition to that you will be full of energy, you will want to exercise, and you will burn fat faster than you think . You can also prepare it a little more liquid, this will cleanse your body because it will help you eliminate toxins in a natural way; A concentrated or watered down coconut milk will be something you must decide personally, it will depend on your preference and the only thing that will vary will be the amount of water but not the amount of coconut pulp.

Step 1

For the preparation of coconut milk, if you have already gone to the greengrocer and bought a couple of fresh coconuts practically fresh from their coconut tree and ripe, then I congratulate you, because it is the first step that must be fulfilled.

In this first step, you only have to go to the nearest greengrocer, and choose the most beautiful, large and of course mature coconuts, because young coconuts contain a lot of water, this water is the one that largely becomes pulp when they are Ripe and therefore my recommendation, since for coconut milk you will need this meat or pulp.

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Step 2

In step two, you must choose one of the coconuts and peel it, remove the shell that covers it , and you will have the hardest shell. It may seem exhaustive at first, but it really is something easy and remember that there is nothing more beautiful than being able to prepare your own things, that indicates that you are in good health, that you have strength and vitality. And in the end the result is really beneficial and pleasant.

Did you know that coconut is considered the largest dried fruit? Although they do not decide if it is a fruit or a dried fruit, but at this moment what really matters to decide is how you are going to split the coconut, and how thick you want the milk, then let’s proceed with the third step.

Step 3

In the third step you are going to extract the water it has inside (this also has many benefits, do not discard it), to extract it you will place three holes in the coconut or as they call it ¨three eyes¨ these eyes really make it seem that you have in your hands a small ugly head; you are going to penetrate them with a pointed knife or better find a screwdriver so that you do not run the risk of hurting yourself.

Once you have penetrated these three holes, you are going to pour the water into a container , this water has the same or more benefits than the same milk, so keep it in the fridge and then I’ll tell you a little about what it can give you, let’s continue then with the next step.

Step 4

In the fourth step you will do something that I consider very fun, you must split the coconut to be able to access its pulp , it is something simple, you need a hammer , support it on a solid surface , but simply throw it with great force to the ground , it is not hygienic because a piece could fall upside down and the floor would come into contact with the white meat of the coconut. Then better break it with the hammer or smashed against the wall, the decision is yours alone.

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Step 5

When you already have the coconut pieces in your hands then you will go to the fifth step, that is, you must remove with a spoon or with a knife (be very careful, you will not want a coconut milk dyed red) the white meat , remove everything that you can of this pulp with all the patience in the world and place it in the container of the blender.

It is worth mentioning that if you want the milk to be very white, then you should dedicate yourself to cleaning the pulp so that there are no remains of the brown shell where it was attached, do it with the knife without removing so much pulp, just try to remove remains of the shell so that the milk looks very white at the end.

If you do not have a blender this is not a problem, you can use a cheese grater and proceed to scratch each piece of the coconut pulp. Once you scratch it, reserve it in a container so you can move on to the next step.

Step 6

In this step we will assume that you have the blender, once you have added the pieces of pulp in it, you can use the water that I previously asked you to reserve in the fridge, the one that you extracted from the coconut, and you should also use a couple more cups of water but this will depend on what we talked about at the beginning, that is to say on the consistency you want the milk to have, whether it is thick or liquid; Blend everything at high speed and there you go adding the natural water until it is as you expect.

If you do not have a blender, and you have already scratched the pulp as I indicated in the previous step, then it is your responsibility to soak it for half an hour in half a liter of water . You can stir it every ten minutes and apply a little pressure to squeeze the striped white meat.

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Step 7

When the half hour has elapsed, and also when you have liquefied the coconut pulp, in both cases you must proceed to strain the mixture, you can use a common strainer, or a cloth that allows you to squeeze out as much juice as possible , you pour liquid and the Pulp that remains on top, squeeze it by hand so that you can extract the maximum amount of liquid.

This liquid that you have strained in white and with a pleasant flavor is coconut milk ready for you to drink or to use in succulent recipes; even the meat that was left in the strainer can be used for delicious sweet dishes such as cakes or so-called cocadas.

Depending on the amount you have decided to make, when refrigerating it keep in mind that it will only last you in good condition for a couple of days , but there is nothing like drinking it fresh, it is the most recommended and you will get many benefits, many more than you imagine.

You have made coconut milk yourself, a really incredible elixir, you can simply drink it when you feel thirsty and hot, adding a couple of ice cubes, or you can use it to make fun cocktails, or for some recipes for fish, chicken or shrimp with coconut milk. The limit is up to you.

Step 8

Enjoy your coconut milk made by yourself, add sugar if you prefer , it is a personal decision although it really is not recommended. The daily consumption of this milk is 3.5 oz to 8 oz, you should not exceed it because you will regret it.

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Take it in moderation

Consuming too much coconut milk can cause some complications in your health , such as diarrhea due to the amount of fiber it contains, or you can also raise your cholesterol since fats, although they can benefit you, when you take it in excess will harm you. And among other side effects due to the abuse of coconut milk consumption may be obesity.

It is not in vain that there is the saying that “everything in excess hurts” may seem harmless, it is a natural product that should not cause harm, and it really does not, as long as you drink the dose that I recommended earlier, a glass that equates to 3.5 ounces, and should not exceed 8 ounces per day.

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