How to Make a Moisturizing Facial Mask?

The hydration of the skin is something that we must all have in perfect condition, since it is responsible for ensuring that everything flows and goes well. Adequate and precise hydration is key to achieving a healthy and beautiful face.

Surely many times you have looked in the mirror  and you have seen that your face is flaky, with cracks or even itchy, all this is due to a lack of hydration, but not only this, but a face with excess fat, shine , pimples, etc. can also have a lack of hydration, so that not everything is always what it seems.

In short, we all need to balance our hydration and thus achieve the perfect and key point For this I bring you today an article about moisturizing facial masks.

The most famous when it comes to moisturizing are moisturizers, there is no doubt about that, but beyond them we can also find other cosmetics that perhaps have a much deeper absorption such as facial masks.

A facial mask is not applied every day, but its correct use is once or twice a week , due to the fact that it is a deeper treatment. In the same way, it is very essential, since with the only ones that offer us such effective treatments, especially when it comes to hydration.

In this article I will talk about how we can make a moisturizing facial mask at home, simply, quickly and cheaply, so don’t miss it! ?

Here I leave you the best masks on the market, so that you can buy them in those moments where making them at home is not an option: The 6 best facial masks.

Hydration is essential

Having hydrated skin is essential to achieve everything we want, but we are not always aware of it.

In our day to day we are in continuous contact with many factors that are responsible for worsening our skin, dehydrating it, irritating it or on the contrary, greasing it, making it dirty, etc., such as pollution, stress, sweat, heat, the sun’s rays?, etc.

Therefore, it is very important to get home and clean our skin very well, eliminate everything that hurts us and offer it the properties it needs, such as hydration and more. To hydrate it is necessary that before we cleanse the skin very well and finish the routine with correct hydration, with moisturizing creams and once a week a deep action mask.

But in addition we will not only have to take care of our skin on the outside, but it is also necessary that we do it internally, to get the correct nutrition we must drink at least two liters of water a day? , an aspect of the most important and to consume a lot of fruit and vegetables ( balanced and healthy diet ).

For all this, maintaining correct hydration of the dermis is essential to achieve a most wonderful and healthy appearance .

Benefits of keeping skin hydrated

We all know that hydration is necessary to have the skin we have always wanted, but do we all hydrate our skin correctly? Many times laziness and fatigue can do more than just the need to hydrate (or take care of the skin Either way), which is why we often overlook it.

So that from now on you do not overlook this important function and so that you understand how essential it is and all the positive factors that give us good hydration, I am going to talk about the benefits of it, so be very attentive! ?

Natural masks are possible and also offer countless properties, discover here some incredible recipes: 16 Best Natural Homemade Facial Masks: Anti-wrinkle, Moisturizing, for Acne, Blemished and Oily Skin

  • We will have a much stronger and more resistant skin

Keeping the skin hydrated is essential for our entire body to function well, so it is necessary to listen to our dermis and offer it the nutrition it needs at all times. When we manage to hydrate it as it deserves, we will also be balancing its parameters, thus achieving a much healthier and stronger protective barrier.

The fact that our protective barrier is much stronger and healthier will help us a lot to avoid suffering damage caused by various external factors such as those we have mentioned above and therefore all will be incredible results.

  • We will never have dry skin again (flaking, itching, irritation, etc.)

We think that the fact of having skin with characteristics of lack of hydration is only suffered by dry skin, but nevertheless all skin can suffer these characteristics at some point in their life, so it is necessary for everyone to hydrate their skin .

This happens especially with the cold , it does not matter the type of skin that if it is very cold we will have a dry face with redness caused by the lack of humidity in the environment and therefore in our skin, so at this time it is even more important to carry a complete and correct hydration.

Despite all this, it is true that people with dry skin need extra care in this regard, since they are the ones that have the most hydration and nutrition deficiencies.

  • We will get a more beautiful face 

I am sure that many times when you have looked in the mirror and have seen some other imperfection you have thought that it has no remedy, however it does and much of it resides in good hydration.

Each skin is different and each of them has different predispositions but what is certain is that we all suffer from hydration if we do not balance it in our day to day, for example, a person with very oily skin should not fall into the error of to think that your imperfections are due to an excess of hydration, since surely it is the opposite.

Once we all keep our face in good and balanced condition, in terms of hydration we can see how it will increasingly adopt a more beautiful and radiant appearance.

  • Goodbye to early wrinkles

Dry skin has consequences, not only for health but also for aesthetics and this is where the dreaded wrinkles come into play. The lack of hydration creates early wrinkles on the face, this is due to the lack of collagen produced by our body due to the lack of hydration, therefore it is clear that anyone who does not want to see early wrinkles should keep some adequate levels of water in your dermis and in this way you will say goodbye to those wrinkles that sometimes worry us so much.

Here you will find the information you need to be able to choose a mask with respect to your skin, correctly and appropriately: What type of facial mask to choose?

How will the hydrating facial mask help us?How can you see these are some of the benefits? that it has to hydrate our skin and keep it always in balance, so I hope that from today on you will never again miss the moment of hydration in your routines.

The mask is not a cosmetic like the ones we use in daily routines, it is more if you learn about the processes of daily facial care routines you will see that you find products such as cleansers, make-up removers, moisturizers, serums, etc., but you will never see the masks.

This is because they are products for weekly use , which means that we can use them once or twice a week, depending a little on what we want to achieve with them and how our skin is. If we increase the frequency of use, we will be damaging the skin, since they are high absorption products.

As they are deep care products , they reach the innermost layers of our skin to improve from there any factor that we are treating, therefore we must do it on a weekly basis as the experts advise.

When there is a lack of hydration, the hydrant creams They will help us to combat it daily but nevertheless they will not achieve very long-lasting results, since this cosmetic remains rather in the superficial layers (although they are necessary and we should never do without them).

The mask in this case, will hydrate from the depths of our skin, improving each dermal layer to achieve a really nourished skin in a safe, durable and very real way.

A mask is nothing more than a mixture of ingredients? (which we will choose depending on what we want to achieve), applying it to the face and letting it act for a few minutes (they will depend on the mask) to finally remove it with plenty of water and feel unique.

So that you better understand how the mask works and everything that has to do with it, I leave you here an article that will interest you: Facial mask: User guide.

Can we make it homemade?

It is clear that masks have never gone out of style and thank goodness! ? because it is really a wonderful product that no one should do without, but what is on the rise now is homemade, homemade cosmetics has returned stronger than ever and now we all want to make our own products at home.

Masks are one of the simplest cosmetics to make at home, since they do not involve any process outside of our possibilities. We all have ingredients at home that would help us make true elixirs for our skin, simply, cheaply and very quickly.

For this reason and for the many benefits that homemade and natural cosmetics contain (We must always use natural ingredients, since they are more respectful and healthy, as well as effective), I encourage all of you to make your own moisturizing masks at home.

Nothing happens if you do not have experience , since below I will talk about some recipes for moisturizing masks where I will detail all the steps that we have to follow so that the process is as satisfactory as possible.

Now, if you want to make a mask at home and are willing to live this experience , let’s go with the recipes!

In this post you will see very necessary information to make masks at home, I advise you to take a look: How to make a homemade facial mask?

Homemade moisturizing mask recipes

As I said, it will not be necessary for you to buy anything or if you have to buy something, will it be very cheap? and easy to find, since we are going to make recipes with foods and substances that we surely have in the fridge.

On the other hand, the preparation time will not be more than 3 or 4 minutes , so you can do it even when you do not have much time.

And finally, I assure you that the results you will see on your skin will be wonderful, so get to work! ??

First recipe: Avocados and olive oil ??

Avocado is not only rich in toast, salads and guacamole, but it also contains countless properties for our skin, just like olive oil, so this recipe will be fantastic.


  • Half ripe avocado
  • A tablespoon of olive oil

With these ingredients we will have plenty for the whole face, it is better to make small amounts , since it does not contain preservatives if we do more than necessary it will spoil us and we will have to throw it away.

Fabrication process

  • The first thing we will have to do is take a ripe avocado and open it in half, keep one for our skin and the other for a delicious salad?, We peel it and crush it in a bowl.
  • Then we pour the tablespoon of olive oil into our already crushed avocado and stir well until everything is completely mixed, once everything is mixed , we have our mask ready to apply on the skin!

The application can be with the fingers with a cosmetic brush, as you prefer. We cover the entire face well and let it act for about 15 minutes . After this time we rinse the face with plenty of warm water and you will notice how your face is smooth as silk!

Second recipe: Avocado and banana ??

We already know that avocado will be a faithful ally in the process of hydrating the skin, its benefits are infinite both for our skin and for our body, but the banana is not far behind.

The banana is a fruit that contains many properties , vitamins, minerals, etc., but it is also very highly hydrating, so you can already imagine what will happen if we mix these two substances.


  • Half ripe avocado
  • Half a banana (if it is small you can use a whole one) ripe
  • A tablespoon of honey

The honey is optional but I advise that you add because it gives you an incredible touch to our mask, much more fluid and hydration.

Fabrication process

  • The first will peel our ripe avocado and banana ours too mature a view that we will crush everything together parts or whatever you want.
  • When we have it crushed, we are going to add the tablespoon of honey, and we are going to stir everything until it is completely mixed.

To apply it we do the same as with the previous one, with our fingers or with a brush we cover the entire face, once covered we let it act for about 10/15 minutes . We finish the application by rinsing the skin with plenty of warm water and that’s it!

Third recipe: ripe cucumber, egg and powdered milk ???

The cucumber is not only used to soothe the skin, although it is its star function (of that there is no doubt) but it also provides freshness and hydration, the egg is also moisturizing although tensor, so we must know what to mix it with and finally milk contains large amounts of fat , so it will also provide nutrition.


  • A ripe cucumber
  • The white of an egg
  • A tablespoon of powdered milk

Fabrication process 

  • The first thing is to choose the most mature cucumber that we have at home, crush it and put it in a bowl, then we open an egg and we are left with the white, which we are going to pour over the cucumber and we are going to mix.
  • Finally, we pour the powdered milk into the mixture and stir everything again until it looks homogeneous.

To apply it, we repeat the usual process, cover the face and let it act for a few minutes, approximately 15 minutes and remove with plenty of warm water.

If you have doubts about how to apply the mask, I advise you to take a look at all the steps that are written in this article: How to correctly apply a facial mask?

Now I hope that you will never suffer from dry skin again and that thanks to your wonderful homemade masks you will hydrate your face like never before.So far all the recipes I had for you, are there many more? but these are very simple and quick to make, as well as containing very easy-to-find ingredients, so I have decided to tell you about them.

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