How to Make Homemade Coconut Butter or Lard

Coconut butter is simple, healthy and very easy to prepare, you can use it to eat it with toast, to add it to your recipes and give it that little coconut flavor touch, or simply to add to stews and soups.

Coconut is a tropical fruit, with a unique and incomparable flavor, it has a high content of healthy fat, fiber and proteins that help accelerate your metabolism to prevent you from storing fat in your abdomen, without a doubt it is a very complete and healthy food. There are countless recipes that contain coconut (coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut butter) but in this case we are going to take coconut butter as a starting point.

Have you tried coconut butter? It is a rare product on the market and you may not even get it that easy, although it is not so important to get it since, easy to make, all you need is grated coconut.

Coconut butter is a complete food that contains coconut oil and the fiber of coconut meat that when crushed, turns into coconut butter, and this in turn gives you energy and a total diet

Next I am going to introduce you how you can make coconut butter, it is the same as a nut or peanut butter. The main thing is to grind the fruits to obtain the fat until it forms a paste.

Lard / coconut butter recipe

The main ingredient is grated coconut, when you buy it make sure it is natural because there are some that come with sugar included and that does not work for us.

We will need a whisk, it can be homemade, to help us turn the grated coconut into cream when placing it in that container, this food processor must have the strength to make a very fine mixture no matter how long, what we want is a homemade butter.

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500gr of grated coconut


Place the grated coconut in the food processor and begin to grind at speed 8, leave it for about a minute, lower the speed until it reaches zero, with a paddle, extract and lower from the walls what has adhered to the surface. Turn the food processor back on, about 25 seconds.

Once you notice that the cream is soft and light, proceed to place it in a bowl with a lid and leave it at room temperature, it will curdle or it will remain liquid according to the room temperature at that time.

Did you know

If the coconut pieces are very dry, they will take 10 to 20 minutes to disintegrate and turn into a butter paste. Be patient. Speed ​​up the process by adding coconut oil, minimum two teaspoons.

Benefits of coconut butter in the diet

The benefits of coconut butter are similar to those of coconut oil. As it is already known that coconut butter is made only from coconut, that is why it contains saturated fat. Likewise, it has nutrients that coconut oil does not count, the main one is fiber, therefore a tablespoon of coconut butter has 1 gram of dietary fiber. Therefore coconut butter in addition to that, is a:

  • Complement to add to vegetables
  • Antivirus
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • It is used in desserts to substitute other butters
  • Due to its fiber, it can be added to meals with vegetables.

Other foods that coconut butter provides are:

Iron, magnesium, potassium, protein and lots of fiber also contain a high level of healthy fat, which over time will give you energy and burn calories.

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Benefits of coconut butter in beauty care

Coconut butter provides a series of benefits focused mainly on aesthetic care , so you already have a new product that will take care of your external beauty, but first I will explain how you can use it and where you should use it to receive the benefits you are looking for.

When used as a cream or ointment, it will effectively fight bacteria and fungi lodged in the dermis due to its lauric acid content (it is contained in palm tree seeds) in such a way that today it is used to treat skin infections (mild)

It also fulfills another function and that is to prevent gum infections. It is recommended to use it at night in small portions.

Likewise, if you have it dry, mistreated by irons, dryers or chemicals or simply by the sun; because it contains fat in extreme amounts.

It is recommended that you add other nourishing and rehabilitating oils, use it once a week for a type of 10 minutes, rinse with warm water, remove it completely from your hair and take care that you do not get excess fat.

It is ideal for use on chapped feet, dry hands. It will help you to restore all the skin that is abused. The feet and hands are the reflection of a beautiful woman or a clean and neat man.

What can I add coconut butter to?

It is very rich and you can use it in any cooking recipe. It is used to make sweets as well as can be used in place of regular butter or vegetable oil. Provides a strong smell and flavor of coconut in your recipes, in a piece of cake it is perfect.

You can also use it in:

  • Cakes, pastries or smoothies
  • Baby porridge, homemade yogurt, oatmeal or rice gruel
  • In vegan food (food that does not contain ingredients of animal origin)
  • To the piña colada
  • To cocktails made with fruits and vodka

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Differences between coconut oil and coconut butter

Although they are similar, coconut oil and coconut butter are completely different in the making. A main characteristic is the color: coconut oil has a transparent, crystalline color as a final result, while butter continues its white color. It has a different flavor and its usefulness is also different for each one


You already have all the benefits to show off in coconut flavored recipes, show a slim body, silky smooth skin, and silky and manageable hair. And most importantly natural and without chemicals

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