How to Moisturize Hair at Home

Maintaining constant hydration is a great ally to keep hair healthy, shiny, silky and soft . Depending on the conditions of your hair, hair treatments should be done every week, every 15 days or every month.

What is Hair Hydration?

It consists of restoring the natural moisture of the hair , in addition to the nutrients and lost keratin. Treatments are usually based on vitamins, proteins, keratin, tissue extracts, vegetable oils, ceramides, silicone, and lanolin.

It is necessary to replace the water (humidity) of the hair, maintaining the balance and vitality in them.

Before we start, we must choose a good hydrating hair mask.

These can have one or more active ingredients: vegetable extracts of plants or fruits, panthenol, glycerin, aloe vera, silicones, vitamins, sugars and honey.

Check out our article on how to hydrate hair with Aloe Vera .

How to Moisturize Hair at Home

This is an option for those who are unwilling or unable to spend a lot of money. Use the recipes that we show you every 2-3 days and you will see that you get good results. We always recommend using freshly made home treatments , just after preparation, so that the hair absorbs all the properties.

How to apply the treatments

Before starting, the hair is washed with a shampoo that cleanses well (the most transparent), it does not necessarily have to be deep cleaning.

The water temperature should be cold or warm, never hot , since hot water dries out the hair and scalp , in addition to stimulating the sebaceous glands producing more oil and consequently leaving the scalp oilier the next day.

Next, we wash and dry with a towel, always gently and without rubbing.

Then we divide the hair into two parts and apply the mask from top to bottom, which helps to seal the hair cuticles , we always stop applying the mask 3 fingers from the root. Another tip is to keep the hair without application, partially damp with a towel on the head.

We continue to cover with aluminum foil and let it act for 20-30 minutes, then we rinse without leaving any traces of mask on the hair.

It is important to know how to distinguish quality moisturizing creams , at the bottom of the article we have put a few, but it is better to learn how to do it yourself, here is an article with a  The 5 best Repairing Hair Masks: do you know what? What do they do?

We must not exceed the marked time , because the hair may get greasy, in case of doubt, we better follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Finally, we let it dry naturally , but if it is very cold or the place has a lot of humidity, it is better to use the dryer on COLD to give shine and reduce frizz .

Moisturizing homemade recipes

We put here some effective and simple recipes:

Avocado, EVOO and Honey


  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil (EVOO)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

We cut the half avocado (we remind you that if we keep the bone in the other half avocado it remains without oxidizing). We put it in a bowl, bowl or any container and add 1 tablespoon of EVOO and another tablespoon of honey.

Mix well, until we get a homogeneous paste , spread through the hair, for this we can use a brush or simply with our hands, care that it can drip and stain in the area where we are.

We let it act for 20 minutes, after this time, wash and rinse with plenty of water. We must not forget to use our usual conditioner to seal the hair cuticles.

Yogurt, avocado and carrot


  • 1 natural yogurt
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 carrot

We take a container in which all the ingredients easily fit, we start with natural yogurt, you cannot use sugary or flavored yogurts, we pour it into the bowl. We peel the carrot and grate it, then we cut the avocado and use only one half, we crush everything in a mortar or better if we have a mixer.

Mix well and apply to hair . We let it act for 20 minutes, after this time, wash and rinse with plenty of water. As we have mentioned before, we must not forget about our conditioner.

Avocado, almond oil and Vitamin A

Ingredients of the homemade moisturizer recipe:

  • 2 tablespoons almond oil
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 ampoule of Vitamin A

Contrary to the previous recipe, in this one it is not necessary to beat it, just mixing it to obtain a homogeneous paste is enough. First we put the 2 tablespoons of almond oil in the container and add a vial of vitamin A , we cut the avocado in half and mash it with a fork and then mix until there is a paste that we will apply on the hair and let it rest 20 -25 minutes approximately.

Finally we can wash our hair and use our usual conditioner to seal the hair cuticles.

Banana and Papaya


This cream is thicker than the previous ones but also amazing results are obtained.

To start we cut half a papaya, we remove the seeds and we pass it through a blender or American glass blender , we do the same with the banana, having removed the skin before, and we crush everything.

It’s that easy, we apply on the hair and let it act for 20 minutes , then we wash our hair and to seal the hair cuticles we use the usual conditioner.

Deep Hair Hydration

This is the most efficient of all , as it includes additional nutrients compared to other types of moisturizers. To be 100% effective, it is necessary to use QUALITY products and follow the EXACT procedure. Check out How Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and rejuvenates the hair in this extensive article.

We also include some recipes for deep moisturizing creams to improve the properties that your regular treatment may have.

How to Deep Hydrate Hair

  1. Hygiene. We wash the hair with our favorite anti-grease shampoo. The hair cuticles will open to absorb the cream.
    After rinsing, we remove the excess water with a towel, then we use the dryer a little, since the drier the hair is, the better it absorbs the products we apply to it .
  2. Application of the cream. We separate into strands and apply in small amounts along the hair.
  3. After applying the cream, we must massage each strand to help the product penetrate better.
  4. Then we heat the hair with a hot and wet towel to let it rest for the estimated time established by the recipe or the manufacturer of the applied cream.
  5. After the time has elapsed, we remove the wet towel and wait 5 more minutes for the hair to cool down naturally .
  6. Rinse well with plenty of water.
  7. We finish with an acid pH conditioner, to close the cuticles . It is extremely important to close the cuticles well, so that the nutrients are not lost . If the cuticles are still ajar, the nutrients will leave, and the hydration will last less time.

Recipes for Deep Hair Hydration

  • Recipe 1: 3 tablespoons of moisturizer + 1 tablespoon of granulated brown sugar + 5 ml of liquid Bepanthol .
  • Recipe 2: 3 tablespoons of moisturizer + 1 tablespoon of olive oil .
  • Recipe 3: 3 tablespoons moisturizer + 1 tablespoon of honey + one ampoule of Vitamin A .
  • Recipe 4: 3 tablespoons of moisturizer + 10 ml of liquid keratin .

In all recipes we must apply the mixture as we have indicated in the instructions above.

Best Moisturizing Creams for hair

If you need advice to identify the best deep hydration creams on the market, we leave you a list with prices that we recommend:

  • L’Oréal Professionnel – Absolut Repair Lipidium – Instant rebuilding balm for very damaged hair – 500 ml
  • Redken Extreme Shampoo 300ml + Strength Builder Plus 250ml. This offer includes a shampoo for less than € 2 difference.
  • Silicon Mix Bamboo hair treatment – 200ml
  • Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, 1er Pack (1 x 200 ml)
  • Protein and Macadamia Hair Cream 1 Kilo INOAR

How to instantly hydrate

In these times, when we are always in a hurry and a short time to the sites, we leave you some products and tips that we recommend to keep hair hydrated but we do not have the time required for a deep hair hydration treatment.

First we must wash the hair and remove the excess water with a towel, then we apply the ampoule and let it act for the time established by the manufacturer to later rinse with plenty of water.

Here you have the product list for instant hair hydration:

  • Tresemmé – Tresemme Masc Intense Hydration 500 ml
  • Avon – Advance techniques, argan oil hair heat treatment, pack of 4 (15ml)
  • L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Restorative Mask
  • Kérastase Nutritive – Masquintense – Intense mask for fine hair – 200 ml
  • Natura Plant – Multi-benefit Hair Repair Ampoules For Dry Hair (4 x 20 Ml)
  • Pantene – Rescue Ampoules 1 Minute
  • LOREAL Absolut Power repair lipidium Powercell 10ml x 3 by L’Oreal Paris
  • Kerastase Nutritive Booster – Hair Care, 120 ml
  • AlfaParf Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Reparative Mask (For Damaged Hair) 200ml / 6.76oz by Alfaparf
  • Brazilian Argan Oil KIT for hair care at home INOAR
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