How To Remove Bags From The Eyes

No matter how old you are, surely the last thing you want is to see bags appear right there, under your eyes. If this is something you are dealing with, you are probably going crazy figuring out how to get rid of puffiness and bags under your eyes.

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that will completely eliminate this problem (unless you want to resort to surgery), but there are some tips and products that you can add to your skincare routine to help reduce the appearance of bags. .

But before we can answer the question of how to remove bags from the eyes (or rather, how to diminish their appearance), it is necessary to understand what it is that can cause them in the first place.

What are the causes of bags under the eyes

The appearance of bags under the eyes is a common problem that many people experience as they age. Because the skin around the eyes is generally thinner than the rest of the face, it is more prone to showing signs of aging, such as bags under the eyes, sagging skin, and puffiness.

In addition, the tissues and muscles around the eyes tend to weaken as we age, leading to skin that is even more susceptible to wrinkling and sagging.

And that’s not all! Over time, the fat around the eyes that supports the area can begin to sag, which can also contribute to the formation of bags under the eyes.

Other causes of bags under the eyes can include anything from lack of sleep to eating too much salty food. And bags under the eyes can be genetic too !

How to remove eye bags

There is little or nothing to do when it comes to genetic inheritance or aging, but now that we know the most common causes of bags under the eyes, we can do something to delay their appearance, improve their condition and, in some cases, get rid of them completely (at least for a season).

We all know what we’re doing wrong, so be honest with yourself and try incorporating some of the following tips into your routine to help minimize the appearance of bags under your eyes.

Remember to be patient and persistent, otherwise your efforts will be of no use.

Sleep properly

Nothing prevents bags under the eyes better than a full 8 hours of sleep. A good night’s rest helps to repair all damaged tissues and cells during the day, and this also applies to the eye area.

But sleeping correctly does not only apply to the hours of sleep, the way you sleep is also important. Elevate your head with an extra pillow while sleeping on your back to avoid fluid retention that can lead to bags under your eyes.

Take off your makeup every night

If you have a habit of going to sleep with your makeup on (or half removed), it’s time to correct your bad behavior. Sleeping with your face full of makeup and heavy eye makeup can not only lead to acne, which you probably already knew, but it can also lead to eye swelling and irritation .

To make removal quick and easy, use a product suitable for the eye area. Soak a cotton ball with the product and apply it to the skin for a few seconds to dissolve the makeup. Then gently glide it over the area. Do not rub or drag the skin, as it will only create more sagging.

Wash your face properly

When you cleanse your skin, rinse your face with warm, not hot, water. Water that is too hot acts as an inflammatory agent and will only make your eyes redder and swollen. We definitely don’t want that.

Use a specific cream for eye bags

You deserve a pat on the back if you are already using eye cream, but that brings us to the next question: are you using the correct eye cream?

It is important to ensure that in addition to providing hydration, the product helps reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes. Try one of the options that we recommend in this article .

Retinoid creams can help, but they are not for all skin types. Use them sparingly, no more than twice a week, or you may risk causing redness, peeling, and dryness to the skin, which favors bags.

Keep the eye cream in the fridge

This cools the cream and when applied it can help to temporarily reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles thanks to the vasoconstrictor effect (that is, narrowing of the blood vessels) that it performs in the short term.

When you are going to use it, take it out of the refrigerator and apply it in small spots around the eye until it is completely absorbed.

Have cold spoons on hand

This is another way the cold can help you. Put a couple of metal spoons in the fridge and when you have a little free time (when watching your favorite series, for example), put them on the bags under the eyes.

The spoons will work in a similar way to cold eye cream, helping to deflate the area by increasing circulation.

Massage the skin of the eyes

Regular eye massage promotes blood flow to the under-eye area, and helps prevent fluid and blood from pooling in the capillaries under the eyes. You can perform a gentle massage with your fingertips, or use a professional eye massager.

You taste the cucumber slices

We have all seen the typical movie scene in which a woman appears with a rolled towel in her hair, a mask on her face, and a couple of cucumber slices over her eyes in a beauty session. But does it really work? Turns out yes.

The freshness of the cucumber can help reduce swelling. In fact, cucumbers have mild lightening and astringent properties , and it is rich in water. To try this method, cut a fresh cucumber into thick slices and then chill it for 30 minutes.

Place a couple of slices over each eye for 10 minutes. You can do it a couple of times a day.

Discover rose water

Not only does rose water smell great, it can soothe and rejuvenate tired skin around the eyes. Like cucumber, it is a mild astringent , so it can work as a skin tonic.

Soak a couple of cotton pads in rose water and let them sit on your closed lids. Leave it for about 15 minutes twice a day.

Put on a cold compress

And we continue to use the benefits of cold to help reduce swelling with cold compresses. You can use cold chamomile sachets on each eye in the morning and at night; the combination of temperature and chamomile can be calming and have a temporary deflating effect.

Use an eye contour mask

There are masks for everything: face, hair, lips and even for the eyes. Face masks are too harsh for delicate surrounding skin, so you need a mask specifically designed for the under-eye area.

Eye masks are generally shaped like an apostrophe and are made of fine tissue impregnated with the active ingredients needed to treat common skin problems. They are placed for a few minutes under the eyes, right where the bags are, and help to deflate them .

Protect your eyes from the sun

The sun’s rays are one of the main causes of aging in the skin, so protecting your skin from the eyes of the sun may be the best prevention. And in addition to defending against sun damage, proper sun protection can help prevent bags .

There are several methods that you can use. You can use an eye cream that is formulated with SPF (greater than 30); A light regular sunscreen, wear large sunglasses that provide UV protection, or wear a wide-brimmed hat.

Rediscover coconut oil

As a powerful natural anti-inflammatory , coconut oil is an effective method of reducing inflammation and bags. It also hydrates as it clarifies to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes. Smear it around the eyes, leave it on overnight, and then rinse it off in the morning.

Control allergies

When the seasons change, it is not unusual to wake up with watery, itchy, and puffy eyes. The cause: allergies. Controlling your allergies with antihistamines can help reduce puffiness and puffiness.

Additionally, allergies can also cause itchy eyes, and rubbing your eyes only makes the situation under the eye circles worse.

Make healthy lifestyle choices

Remember that eating too much salty food could be one of the causes of bloating and bags?

If you studied osmosis in biology class, then you will remember that the water in the body moves from places with more water to places with less. Parts of the body that are low in sodium (salt) contain more water, while parts with more sodium contain less water.

When the body does not have enough water but has too much salt, you will feel bloated. The skin around the eyes is especially thin and vulnerable to dehydration. When you take in too much salt, but don’t drink enough water, your body will literally “look” dehydrated, that is, with red and puffy eyes.

Reducing the amount of salt you eat could help minimize those bags.

Salt is bad, but nothing dehydrates you as much as alcohol. Do you remember your last hangover? This is why your eyes look red and puffy the next morning. Whenever possible, avoid alcohol . If not, drink a maximum of two drinks, drink plenty of water before bed, and apply a very moisturizing cream.

Find the perfect concealer

When all else fails, help cover your bags with makeup! Use a flesh tone concealer to apply to any bag. And since puffiness is often accompanied by dark circles, you may need a color corrector to help disguise the appearance of a dark, puffy under-eye area.

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