How To Use Coconut Oil To Lose Weight?

Coconut oil is an alternative that overweight people can use to lose weight. Due to its high content of healthy heavy fats (almost 90% to be exact) it is phlegmatic to oxidize and remains for up to six months at 24 ° C without falling into rancidity.

Therefore, when including it in your diets you will notice that it will reduce the anxiety for products with high sugar content because it contains fatty acids that when in contact with your body accelerate your metabolism and provide you with a lot of energy and the best thing is that you will be satisfied and that will avoid suffering from hunger during the day avoiding anxiety and the desire to eat and eat.

Coconut oil for its detoxifying content, detoxifies your body and helps to release fat more easily, losing weight naturally.

What is coconut oil?

It is an oil that contains a high amount of saturated fat , used in beauty products (cosmetics) and in edible products (coconut milk, coconut butter)

It should be taken without exaggeration and with caution because it can cause heart problems if you take it in quantities.

But what happens if we use it in small proportions, that is where we want to go because it has benefits, and activates the metabolism making it faster.

Tips to take it during the day

During the day

It can be used during the day by taking a teaspoon and as the days go by, increase the dose if you have never consumed it.

Before every meal.

Another way to take it is to dress 1 or two tablespoons in a container of boiling water. Take it 15 minutes before each meal this will decrease your appetite and make you eat less.

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What else can you include

In addition, coconut oil should include food low in carbohydrates and calories, as well as physical exercises.

Swap your vegetable oil for coconut oil

Substitute vegetable oils (high in fat, soy, sunflower, corn) because they oxidize and make you fat; by coconut oil including fruits (apples, pears, almonds, pineapples) vegetables (asparagus, carrots, artichokes), and fiber. It is a valid and healthy alternative.

The benefits of coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut oil is one of the best natural alternatives when deciding to lose weight, and then we will see its benefits and benefits:

You will speed up your metabolism and fat will disappear at rest

Although it is true that each metabolism is different and that is why each organism processes the food that is digested in its own way.

Using coconut oil, even if it contains a high level of fat (healthy fat), activates thermogenesis in your metabolism (ability to produce heat in your body) and this raises body temperature and causes calories to burn much faster.

By including coconut oil in your day to day you will notice how you will burn the strains, how you will gain energy and how you will lose weight without so many complications.

Coconut oil reduces appetite

When your body burns or expends more calories, you reduce fat and this is how coconut oil intervenes by reducing the desire to eat and all this will lead to you consuming less sugar and fewer calories.

When coconut oil enters your body, it reduces fats because it is converted into ketone bodies (products to dispose of fats) using it instead of following strict diets or eliminating carbohydrates.

It is important to know that taking a tablespoon of coconut oil before each meal will take away your hunger for 5 hours . Product of the high degree of ketone bodies.

Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair in Cosmetics

Coconut oil for abdominal fat reduction

The fat located in the abdominal part is the most dangerous and the most difficult to eliminate, for this reason is that certain guidelines must be taken to reduce it or eliminate it completely from your body, without loss of time.

While it is true that a tablespoon of coconut oil before eating reduces your craving for sweets, sugar; but you must resort to the total elimination of sugars because it is useless to take coconut oil if the sugar intake continues.

Reduce sweetening beverages because they contain glucose (excess sugar) and fructose (excess sugar compounded with glucose) Fructose is metabolized by the liver and in excessive amounts are converted into fat due to its high level of fructose, ranking in the abdominal part.

To drink add coconut oil , hot water and lemon. Lemon for its high level of vitamin C promotes easy digestion, as well as detoxification because it flushes toxins from the liver and kidneys promoting natural weight loss, while water hydrates you and also It detoxifies you and together with coconut oil they provide you with an effective healthy remedy.

Consuming protein will help you lose fat, especially the abdominal one.

Do abdominal exercises. Doing sit-ups will not be the only ingredient to lower abdominal fat, you must add aerobic exercises (swimming, running, walking) this will disjoint your abdomen.

When buying coconut oil, which one should I choose?

It should be borne in mind that only virgin coconut oil is ideal, or necessary due to the properties it contains. In stores, supplies or supermarkets you can buy them being inexpensive due to its low demand.

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How to make extra virgin coconut oil?

  1. Split a brown coconut in half
  2. Remove the brown part of the coconut and cut the white part into small pieces and place them in a blender glass.
  3. Blend the white part at medium speed until all is united and mixed if you want, add a little water.
  4. Strain the liquid and separate the bagasse from the juice
  5. Filter and let the liquid obtained rest for at least a day, so that the oil and milk are separated.
  6. The next day you will notice that in the upper part there will be like a curd and in the lower part an oil, when you place it in the freezer the curd will freeze and it will be easy to remove it while the oil will be free at the bottom.

Can you lose 4 kilos by taking coconut oil?

Of course, taking into account everything you have learned so far, you will be able to lose weight first 4 kilos and then you will go down as you increase the amount of coconut oil in your diets, but first you must bear in mind the following steps:

  • Step 1: be patient as losing weight quickly leads to sagging and stretch marks on the skin.
  • Step 2: use coconut oil either purchased or manufactured, preferably natural. If you dare to do it, it will be the main author of what you eat.
  • Step 3: You must take a spoon before each meal. Morning afternoon Evening.
  • Step 4: if you drink coffee, add a spoon when you drink it.
  • Step5: include exercises in your day to day.

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Tips to keep in mind when consuming coconut oil

You should not exceed the recommended dose per day. Since you should not rush in a single day what will be done in a month. Example the ideal is three tablespoons per day, you must distribute them.

  • Once the goal is reached, you should continue eating low-fat, healthy food.
  • You should keep in mind that coconut oil is that it will help you burn the necessary calories.
  • Read the article a couple of times so that you have no doubt about everything that we have explained to you.
  • Take into account what really helps you lose weight as you want.

Coconut oil will eliminate your anxiety so you will lose weight without having to stop eating.

  • Coconut oil speeds up the metabolism and in 24 hours you will easily lose weight.
  • Coconut oil prevents cardiovascular disease
  • Coconut oil helps you hydrate your skin and hair.
  • Coconut oil takes care that your liver does not become oily.
  • Coconut oil converts stored fats into energy.

Is coconut oil effective for weight loss?

Coconut oil is a naturally efficient and effective product that helps you inside and out. Take advantage of it, start using it and be the one who reap the benefits.

I hope it has served you and that you have learned a little more about the benefits that this rich fruit provides.

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