Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream Q10 Night Of One Hundred, Analysis And Alternative

It is the complementary cream to the Q10 anti-wrinkle day cream, and offers practically the same results. The big difference is that the daytime one is applied in the morning, since it has sunscreen, and the nighttime one does not, and is somewhat more nutritious. It has the same price, € 2.99.

The active ingredients are the same: coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which manage to care for and hydrate mature skin, even the most sensitive.

Coenzyme Q10 together with hyaluronic acid form the Liftan INTENSIVE complex, an anti-wrinkle compound that works by improving the natural defenses of skin cells, minimizing existing wrinkles and preventing new lines from forming.

In addition, it has nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, which provide the skin with the care and hydration it deserves.

Analyzing the INCI we will discover which are those nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients, and in what concentration they are all found. You have more analysis of Lidl creams in this article with Lidl Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Creams .

Hundred night Q10 anti-wrinkle face cream review

Summary analysis of Cien night Q10 anti-wrinkle face cream

The ingredients used for this night cream are practically the same as for the day cream. It starts with lubricants, emollients, and softeners, but in this case, there are no sunscreens.

It is surprising that despite being a cream for sensitive skin (it puts it well on the packaging), the tenth ingredient is propylene glycol, an irritant and sensitizer; followed by phenoxyethanol, a toxic preservative.

It is not until 13th place that we find shea butter, the first active ingredient, followed by cocoa butter, two ingredients that are nutritious and beneficial for the skin, but not powerful enough to be considered anti-wrinkle.

Very often there is panthenol, which is a good moisturizer and anti-inflammatory; and vitamin E, an antioxidant. But you have to go a lot further down to find the two anti-wrinkle actives, coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid. As you can guess, its proportion at this point on the list is really low, as is its effectiveness in the cream.

Tannic acid, a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, also repeats again. And so far the assets.

I repeat it again, to be a cream for sensitive skin, it includes perfume, alcohol, various irritating ingredients, and various fragrances that cause sensitivity or allergies. So the cream has all the ballots to cause irritation, and even more so on sensitive skin.

The formula leaves much to be desired in terms of ingredients, being even harmful to some skin, something that is totally understandable if we consider that the price of the cream does not reach € 3.


I prefer to buy a cream that costs a little more, but has quality ingredients, and that really gives me some anti-wrinkle benefit when using it. That is why the one I am using right now is Nezeni Cosmetics cream, a safe bet.

Its formula is concise, and it only has ingredients that add something. Assets are in the top positions; And of course, it does not include toxic ingredients, or irritants, or alcohol.

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