Hyaluronic Acid In Buttocks: The Big Lie

We wrote this article at BodyCarre mainly to try to shed light on a very large scam that exists about Hyaluronic Acid in buttocks.

If you are looking to improve your body appearance and specifically increase the volume of your buttocks, you have to take into account if someone has told you that it is by injecting hyaluronic acid, they have lied to you.

What is Hyaluronic Acid and where is it used?

It is a molecule whose main function is to retain water. Due to this, its main use in aesthetic medicine is in face and neck treatments to improve the appearance of the passage of time and inclement free agents.

Here are several links for you to obtain complete information that you should read before proceeding with your treatment :

Why can’t Hyaluronic Acid be used on Buttocks?

The main and simplest reason is cost. The manufacturing price of this substance is very high , this entails a sale price to clinics that means that it can only be applied in superficial or deeper wrinkles in small quantities.

Therefore any substance that they sell as AH for buttocks is a SCAM. Note that the price of a vial can cost as little as $ 100 / € and does not contain more than 5-6 milliliters, if it were necessary to buy 1000 milliliters (1 liter) of this substance, the price could reach between $ / € 17,000-20,000 each liter, and that’s just thinking about what it would cost the clinic to buy it, the prices of sale to the public and the price of the treatment are not included.

In addition to the mere financial issue, if it happens that you have a huge amount of money and you could afford it, the health factor comes into play.

Hyaluronic Acid is a resorbable substance, which means that over time the body ends up assimilating all excess of it. The problems derived from “trying” to absorb such an amount of HA are several.

We start from the basis of the problem that collagen and other substances that the body naturally generates to assimilate with such an amount of HA in a specific area.

If you have read the previous articles, you will have noticed that there are two types of HA , the reticulated and the non-reticulated. For this type of treatment, only cross-linking could be used, due to its higher molecular weight and gel-like appearance, said substance would have to be contained in a container with the desired shape, since based on injections it is impossible for such an amount to be distributed equitably And as we have in mind, being a gel it is very likely that it will end up being distributed in a bad way, creating very noticeable deformities at first glance .

The HA reticulated in such quantity would end up solidifying to a large extent creating granulomas and causing internal infections , all this would end in an operation to remove all the excess HA and a fairly long postoperative period.


Although they try to tell you that HA is a substance that the body generates alone, that there are no complications and that you are going to look very good, you should try to think that maybe all that glitters is not gold, and so much for Economic issues such as health issues is unfeasible , and the person or company that wants to do “this” to you is simply trying to scam you.

In many cases it is known that car oil and other similar products are used to deceive people, so be very careful with this issue that can be expensive both at the wallet level and for your health.

To have a buttock augmentation without surgery, there is only the option of fat transfer , that is, filling the area with our own fat. If we want something more durable, we can also consult the possibility of cosmetic surgery implants .

Please share the article as much as you can so that anyone who has raised it ends up seeing the reality.

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