Hyaluronic Acid to Eliminate Dark Circles

Just as the face is our letter of introduction, the eyes are the point of the same that receives the most attention, if we manage to eliminate the dark circles , sunken eyes or any other characteristic that bothers us with some treatment with Hyaluronic Acid , we can put the possible means to try to fix it.

Above all, we must think about being better with ourselves , if we have a self-esteem problem, unless solving it makes us worsen or deteriorate our quality of life, it will always be more advisable to do it than not.

Today, in this society the face is our letter of introduction. Looking different sometimes causes us to miss out on those opportunities that make the difference to be more successful.

We all know that looks are not important in the end, but unfortunately many people continue to trust first impressions and in an increasingly competitive world of work it is difficult to fight if we do not have the right weapons.

Types of dark circles treatable with Hyaluronic Acid

First we must identify what types of dark circles we have , even so the causes of dark circles are very variable and depends on so many factors that it is difficult to know for sure which is the main factor of our problem, although there are 3 very marked types that due to a repetition of the factors if you can estimate what these causes tend to be.

Genetic Dark Circles

They are the most difficult to remove, they usually require surgical intervention or hyaluronic acid injections , they are very marked and dark in color.

It is very common to find them in people with darker skin and rare cases of light skin. Prevention is always essential and a good sunscreen can delay the appearance of them.

Being dark circles due to sinking of the bone area, it is very difficult to achieve the desired results only with palliative treatments, so in this case they are the most prone to more aggressive techniques.

Dark circles produced by aging

The skin of the eyelid is 4 times thinner than that of the rest of the body , as we age, our eye contour loses hydration, firmness and elasticity, and if we maintain a correct weight, it can cause the appearance of dark circles.

If we use products that help us maintain hydration such as HA , to reactivate the body’s own collagen and elastin, we should be able to avoid these dark circles.

I recommend the Nezeni Cosmetics cream that has HA as the second ingredient, I have analyzed it in this article .

Stress dark circles

Our stressful daily routine is increasingly guilty of problems that affect the external and internal health of our body, in this case most dark circles are bluish in color and it is due to a worsening of the blood supply in the area.

Relaxing, resting well, eating foods rich in antioxidants and massaging the area helps greatly to alleviate this problem and regain proper blood circulation . The use of creams with hyaluronic acid helps to improve and soothe the area around the eyes and achieve amazing results.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

We have seen that each type of dark circles requires a treatment to try to correct the problem , to say that there is only one solution for everyone is to deceive yourself and people, therefore it is very important to correctly determine the reasons why we have dark circles to be able to apply the appropriate treatment.

In the case of permanent dark circles that are not caused by stress, lack of sleep, poor diet or extreme thinness, we must consider the option of using a facial filler to improve the appearance of the lower eyelid.

The best substance that exists right now for this type of treatment is the infiltration of hyaluronic acid , the main reason is because it is a resorbable substance that is removed over time and is generated naturally by the human body, therefore the chances of allergy or rejection are minimal.

Before applying the treatment, the eye should be inspected to determine if only with HA we would achieve the desired results or if we have bags, the appearance that will remain will be more similar to a continuous swelling of the eyes.

In amazon we have not found this product, but there is a Spanish laboratory that if it sells these vials of HA, you can buy them on this page.

Duration of injectable treatment

Many people who use this treatment feel cheated because after 6 months the results disappear . It is not a cheap treatment, although the results are usually very good. But it should not be forgotten that we are injecting a substance that the body reabsorbs , and precisely in this area, as the skin is thinner and therefore less protected from external factors, the level of absorption will be higher than in other parts of the body. .

If we have ever applied an injectable hyaluronic acid treatment to the face or neck , we cannot expect the time to be similar , in addition, the decrease in the amount of HA due to reabsorption will be more marked because the initial pigmentation will gradually reappear, therefore after 3-4 months we will not be as we would like.

Benefits of filling with HA in the lower eyelid

Although it cannot be considered intervention, but the application of HA injections, like most of the more aggressive methods that modify our appearance, may not be the expected ones after the application .

In this case we have two options to wait for the body to reabsorb it over time or to apply hyaluronidase, which is a molecule that dissolves HA for a reabsorption of less than 72 hours.

My recommendation is that we wait to see the results as time passes to determine if the amount we need of HA is less than what we have been injected , with this we will save in future applications the full cost of the treatment since clinics usually save the vial with the leftover product for touch-ups or in case it has not been completely completed.

After 3-4 days we should begin to notice an improvement in the inflammation and bruises caused by the needle and we will begin to visualize the final result with which we will stay until the body has absorbed enough HA to make the dark circles reappear a little. .

Side effects and complications

We can say that Hyaluronic Acid, being a substance of the body and found in all cells of our body to a greater or lesser extent, does not usually have permanent side effects .

For a much more complete information I refer you to this article in which we have already talked about the side effects that hyaluronic acid can produce in the body and some tips to eliminate dark circles.

The most notable complication that we must take into account is the possible granulation of cross-linked HA , this problem can generate an infection if it is not solved in time and, unfortunately, hyaluronidase cannot be used (which is sometimes the very cause of this granulation) but Granulomas must be removed surgically (immune molecules that the body has tried to eliminate but has not been able to, poor absorption of the product)

Even so, the chances of these happening to us are very small, my recommendation is that if we want to undergo the treatment, we have never applied HA to our face and we can afford it, first we apply the HA injections in a part of the face that is less noticeable to be able to appreciate after the months if we do not have any rejection, such as applying hyaluronic acid to lips or facial wrinkles.

Finding out about the type of brand that they are going to charge us, if the HA comes from animal or vegetable origin , the molecular composition, its weight, etc. should be something important to avoid future problems. Think that the cost of a liter of this substance is very expensive, it can be around € 20,000, so knowing this and with the idea that clinics will always increase the price of the product in order to earn money, you will know if the treatment in the chosen site is of higher or lower quality.

Failing that, if you have a family member with experience, ATS, etc., you can always try to buy the vials in an online pharmacy or in Amazon (which usually sell the same pharmacies) to get a much cheaper price from a correct first application without problems in clinics.

Use of Creams and Contours with Hyaluronic Acid to reduce dark circles

We have seen that there are several types of dark circles, although the definitive methods include cosmetic surgery or HA infiltrations , we can always try to reduce the effects with anti-dark circle creams with hyaluronic acid, also called eye contours, and we can also try these Tips to eliminate the dark circles .

We must rationally think that cosmetic products today are more used solutions to mitigate the appearance of dark circles for external reasons than the champion of our genetic problem.

Even so, the continued use of any anti-wrinkle cream, eye contour and similar, before the dark circles are noticed will always produce a mitigating and reducing effect. In many cases and depending on the person this will be enough, if we add an improvement in rest, diet and stress levels, we may be surprised with the results obtained.

In order not to be disappointed by the purchase and use of any cream that contains Hyaluronic Acid, I put the link for you to read an exhaustive article on anti-wrinkle creams and how to identify the best one for our skin, after that “little ”Reading too You may be interested in another about Best Creams with Hyaluronic Acid .

Even so, to make it easier for you not to have to read so many articles, I am going to summarize above the most important points to take into account when buying a cosmetic.

  1. Choose cosmetics with a closed expiration date.
  2. Low in preservatives
  3. Avoid the combined effect of harmful ingredients in high%
  4. Look for the active ingredients at the beginning of the INCI

With these premises, you can see that if you need an eye contour I would opt for the one from nezeni cosmetics , you can see the contour analysis in this article on the  Analysis of the 20 Best Eye Contours on the Market . It reduces dark circles, bags and is also anti-wrinkle, ALL IN ONE.

Food supplements with Hyaluronic Acid to reduce dark circles

In addition to introducing the compound topically, taking it in capsule or tablet form also works very well. This will not only help to enhance the effects of the cosmetics or treatments chosen to get rid of dark circles, but it also improves the quality of the skin.

Of all the nutritional supplements on the market, the best of them all are Nezeni’s Anti-aging capsules , which in addition to Hyaluronic Acid also include antioxidants as beneficial as Resveratrol, Coenzyme Q10, or Astaxanthin, which is 54 times more powerful than vitamin A.

With a single gesture – take a single capsule a day – you can benefit from the anti-aging effects of all these components. The skin will be more hydrated, fuller, healthier and with more elements to be able to develop properly.

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